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Secco rx1s Travel Edition (Secco rx1s Travel Edition just added three boxes?)

The largest travel version of Sykelon RX1S was born by Zongshen for "building a small and medium displacement recreational vehicle suitable for citizens". Its charm lies in its rich configuration, abundant power, perfect combination of beauty, technology, warmth, comfort and safety, and the realization of the big dream of birds. Let's enjoy it together.

Configuration: LCD+mechanical pointer, international six-gear, double-cable throttle, universal serial bus charging port as standard, windshield as standard, three boxes with aluminum alloy, halogen lamp & turn signal LED with shoulder guard, gear display, danger warning light (double flashing) as standard, front and rear dual-channel anti-lock braking device anti-lock system, front and rear disc brakes and sliding clutch as standard.

Performance: equipped with PY250 engine with small vibration, low fuel consumption and low noise, the top speed is 125 km/h, the fuel consumption is 3.2 liters /100 km and the battery life can reach 400 km.

Dissatisfied: the halogen lamp of the headlight is not bright enough, the LED needs to be changed and the spotlight oil meter needs to be installed, and the refueling cost is 95.

Technical parameters:

Single cylinder water-cooled four-stroke with displacement of 249 ml

The compression ratio is 11:1 and the maximum horsepower is 24.5 horsepower.

18kw/9000rpm 21N.m/7000rpm

The minimum height of the seat is 785mm, and the ground clearance is 175mm.

The curb weight is 184 kg and the top speed is 125 km/h.

The front wheel 100/80-R17 and the rear wheel 130/70-R17 are cast with aluminum rim vacuum tires.

The fuel tank volume is 14L, and the fuel number is 95

Cruising range is 400 km, and fuel consumption is 3.2 liters /100 km.

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