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Is there a water temperature display on Xekron RXS (the water temperature of Xekron RXS is somewhat normal)?

On August 17, 2019, Sekelon held its Beijing debut and pre-emptive test drive of its retro streetcar RZ3S and small-displacement trolley RX1S at the karting yard in Lisui Town, Beijing. As a domestic motorcycle manufacturer, SEKELON has made continuous efforts in recent years, and has successively launched a number of motorcycle models that have been well received by consumers. The retro streetcar RZ3S, which debuted for the first time, is a popular model that people expect, while the small-displacement rally car RX1S, which has been selling well, performs better in vehicle performance after being redesigned. The two cars will be officially released at this year's Chongqing Mobo Fair. The retro street car RZ3S is expected to sell for about 26,000 yuan, and the small-displacement rally car RX1S is expected to sell for about 15,000 yuan.

Before the test drive, the Volcano Cross-country Institute trained the riders on the spot, mainly to explain how to make themselves safer when riding, and the transmission of some riding skills will also make riders understand riding knowledge more quickly.

After the indoor explanation, the riders came to the racetrack, and the riding instructors continued to show you how to control the vehicle better with their body movements, especially how to obtain safer riding skills on unpaved roads.

The first experience of sekelon RZ3S:

Let's briefly talk about the outstanding features of these two new cars. If there is an opportunity later, it will bring you a more detailed test drive experience.

RZ3S, a retro streetcar of SEKELON, has some characteristics of European streetcars in appearance. The compact body design gives people a feeling that it is more conducive to handling. The rear rocker arm made of aluminum alloy effectively contributes 100. RZ3S to vehicle weight reduction. Equipped with the third-generation OBD intelligent technology system, the vehicle can be moved and positioned with the positioning error less than 2m. The trajectory tracking function can play its own riding trajectory at any time, which is beneficial to the rapid tracking of the vehicle. When the vehicle moves illegally or vibrates, the safety alarm will give a double alarm in the form of an application and a user's mobile phone short message. Through the mobile phone application, the vehicle operation can be checked at any time, and the vehicle fault can be known in time.

The RZ3S car uses a higher-cost LED light source, and the inside of the circular headlights is also equipped with daytime running lights in the form of LED light strips.

High-position rear brakes can play a good warning role, and the rear shape is more dynamic than retro cars.

The full LCD instrument can display the functions of vehicle speed, speed, water temperature, fuel quantity, time and gear.

It is worth mentioning that the fuel tank volume of RZ3S is as high as 20L, and it is not afraid to look at the upgraded streetcar. When the vehicle needs maintenance, this fuel tank can be lifted and opened at the front, and a series of operations can be carried out on the vehicle without taking off the fuel tank. This function basically only appears in some imported models.

RZ3S is equipped with parallel two-cylinder water-cooled engines, and the actual displacement is 380cc. The specific parameters will be officially announced at the Expo.

The dynamic feeling of Sykelon RZ3S is almost the same as expected, with light vehicle control, smooth power connection and remarkable vibration suppression. However, the lower vehicle side brace will rub against the ground when the cornering angle increases, which will affect the vehicle's cornering performance.

Seclon RZ3S front brake adopts dual-disc opposed four-piston calipers with Bosch ABS anti-lock braking system, and the braking effect is worthy of recognition. The original CTS brand tires provide reliable grip performance for the vehicle.

The first experience of Xekelon RX1S:

The appearance of the Xekron RX1S has not changed much from that of the previous generation. There will be two versions in the later release of the car, one is the luxury version in the picture, and the other is the standard version with lower price. Like RZ3S, RX1S is also equipped with the third generation OBD intelligent technology system, which is convenient for vehicle owners to monitor their vehicles and effectively ensure property safety.

RX1S vehicle headlights adopt the traditional halogen form. Officials at the scene said that this halogen headlight can still achieve good lighting effect, and there are two LED width indicators under the headlights.

Vehicle taillights are all in the form of LED, and shield taillights can better set off the sense of strength at the rear of the vehicle, and the rising exhaust pipe is consistent with the temperament of the trolley.

The vehicle instrument adopts the combination of pointer and LCD screen, which has comprehensive display function. In addition, the right side of the instrument is equipped with USB power interface, which is convenient for consumers to charge portable electronic equipment.

The new RX1S still uses a 200cc displacement engine, but it is changed from the previous air-oil cooling form to the water-cooling form, which greatly improves the durability of the vehicle when driving and the long-distance driving effect is obviously improved.

The dynamic part of RX1S is not much different from the old one. The comfortable and soft seat provides a good riding experience. Thanks to the upgrade of water cooling and heat dissipation, the hot weather continues to gallop on the track, and the power attenuation problem is hardly felt. RX1S, as a hot-selling model of Secco, is still worthy of recognition in vehicle stability.

The RX1S vehicle has a low ground clearance, so it is easy to rub against the vehicle brace when cornering. I hope everyone will pay more attention to this when riding. The RX1S car weighs only 146kg, and its handling is very light. The heaviness of the pulling car is not reflected in it at all. RX1S is a very good choice for a novice and travel-loving consumer.

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