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Test drive Tiggo VII video (test drive Tiggo VII video)

As one of the best-selling models of Chery brand, Tiggo VII is in the market of compact sports utility vehicles with the most serious "involution" of 100,000 yuan. Facing many powerful competitors such as Haval H6, changan CS55 and Geely Binyue, Tiggo VII has achieved good market performance, a large part of which is attributed to Tiggo VII Plus. Chery brand has a good insight into the needs of users. In order to continuously strengthen product strength, At the same time, the diversified vehicles that meet the needs of users have been listed for only one year, which has brought the first major change of the Tiggo 7 PLUS. Next, let's see what new changes have taken place in the new Tiggo 7 PLUS.

On October 26th, the new Tiggo 7 PLUS officially opened the new car pre-sale. We also brought you a static interpretation of the new car in the first time. The missed friends can click on the picture below to learn. This test drive focuses on the dynamic performance of the new Tiggo 7 PLUS.

The power system of the new Tiggo 7 PLUS has not changed. The engine is equipped with a 1.6T turbocharged engine powered by Chery Kunpeng, with a maximum power of 145kW5500rpm and a maximum torque of 290Nm/2000-4000rpm. Engine parameters have certain advantages among engines below 2.0L at the same price level.

The transmission system is matched with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, which still adopts electronic gear shifting, but the new style of crystal gear lever enhances a certain sense of exquisiteness.

Chery has always attached great importance to the research and development and adjustment of the power system, which is also confirmed on this new Tiggo 7 PLUS. All the engines and gearboxes from Chery have become the highlights of this test drive, and the matching degree of the whole power system is very high compared with those models with imported power components.

The combination of small-displacement turbocharging and dual-clutch gearbox seems to be the first choice of independent brands, but for the adjustment and matching of the power system, after trying the Tiggo 7 PLUS, you will find out how utilitarian Chery is in terms of power. You can tell how far the competing products at the same price are from it with a start.

The output of the engine is very linear, and engineers can adjust it perfectly to cope with driving in the city. Whether starting from a standstill or accelerating in the middle of different speed ranges, the 1.6T engine is very calm, and the dynamic response will not hesitate, and there will be no sudden feeling of small-displacement turbocharging, which will bring drivers a very relaxed and calm experience.

Although the maximum torque output speed of this engine is 2000rpm, which is higher than that of the general turbocharged engine, it does not mean that the low torque of the Tiggo 7 PLUS will disappoint you. Even when the 1200rpm gearbox is not downshifted, the engine can provide enough power output, and there is no sense of vibration on many models.

The 1.6T engine on the Tiggo 7 PLUS has good enough dynamic response and linear power output characteristics, and some even make me forget that it has a turbine. Besides the adjustment characteristics of the engine itself, the throttle setting of the Tiggo 7 PLUS is also a factor contributing to this illusion. When you step on it, you will find that it is not like many autonomous models. The initial power of the pedal has no response, and the engine will explode like a nerve after half of the journey, especially in congested road conditions. The accelerator and brake pedal of the Tiggo 7 PLUS can provide corresponding acceleration and braking effects according to the change of pedal stroke, which has certain influence on the controllability and comfort of the vehicle.

The gearbox has a good match with the engine, and its logic setting is smart enough. The ride comfort is excellent. According to the driver's control of the throttle and the power output of the engine under different road conditions, it can choose the shift timing reasonably. For example, in the process of vehicle climbing, the gearbox will delay the upshift to maintain a high speed, so that the vehicle has enough power.

However, Tiggo 7 PLUS does not provide S-gear and manual mode. Perhaps Chery's engineers are confident enough to keep the gearbox in the best working condition at all times. Indeed, during the test drive, the gearbox did not bring me a strong sense of existence, and it was always quietly completing everything it needed to do.

Tiggo 7 PLUS provides three driving modes, namely economy, standard and sport. In economy mode, the response of the throttle will obviously be delayed, and the response of the engine and gearbox is not very positive. There is no obvious difference between the standard and the sport mode. The only difference is that in the sport mode, the shift timing of the gearbox lags behind.

The establishment of steering feel is very light, and it will even give you a very flexible illusion in the initial stage. The overall setting is far from sports, and the high speed has a certain gain effect with speed, and the force feedback of the steering wheel is slightly stronger.

Comfort is what car owners need most at this price. The tiggo 7 PLUS chassis has good toughness, and the initial damping of the shock absorber is soft, which has a good effect on filtering vibration. The middle and rear parts are a little tight, which is more conducive to providing some support to the car body when the center of gravity shifts in many directions, but it will bring some bounce when dealing with large ups and downs.

The NVH control of the whole vehicle is reasonable, from the vibration of the vehicle body to the suppression of noise, within a reasonable range. The noise isolation of the engine is excellent, and even at a very high speed, it will not be noisy. The only fly in the ointment is that the wind noise will increase with the increase of vehicle speed.

New Tiggo 7 PLUS: Dynamic Test Drive

On the basis of the old models, the overall shape of the new Tiggo 7 PLUS has been upgraded for details, and the new design elements show the new Tiggo 7 PLUS with more dynamic, young and exquisite visual effects. In a short time, we will use fresher and diversified designs to meet the diverse needs of market consumers.

The front part of the car, officially called "the front grille of Jingrui blade", is different from the dot matrix design of the old model. The new car adopts straight waterfall longitudinal lines, and the size of the grille has become much larger. The lines of the front bumper have also been newly designed, which makes the three-dimensional sense more prominent. The change of the front face of the new car has greatly improved the recognition.

The interior of the headlight group has been optimized, and double L-shaped chrome bars have been added inside. The integrated light source is used for far and near beams, and the turn signal is designed in dot matrix. The fog lights on the old models were cancelled on both sides of the bumper, and the daytime running lights were longer and merged with the front lines.

The body size of the new car has not changed much, and the body lines are consistent with the old models. Instead, the details are changed, such as the new "T" logo on the front fender, the red and black roof rack, and the D-pillar position texture design. Every detail is used to increase the recognition of the new Tiggo 7 PLUS.

The rim is still 19 inches, but the style has been redesigned, which makes me feel better than the old one. The test drive model used tires from Cooper EVOLUTION CTT series, and the front and rear wheel specifications were 225/55 R19.

The tail is also optimized for details. The "CHERY" tail is integrated into the taillight, and the "four exhaust" can be seen at the bottom of the tail. Although this is only a decorative effect, the real exhaust is hidden in the bumper, but it does achieve the effect of creating a sense of movement.

Compared with the appearance, the change of the interior is more obvious, the overall style is more concise, and the new red and black color scheme and the decorative board on the right side of the center console that looks like carbon fiber make users get a stronger visual impact in the interior of the new Tiggo 7 PLUS.

The steering wheel has adopted a brand-new shape, the central LOGO has been replaced with the word "CHERY", and the hollow decoration has been used at 6 o'clock. A lot of paint materials have been used to improve the texture of the cover, which is a bit like the steering wheel of a performance car.

The 12.3-inch full LCD instrument has the same UI design and functionality as the old one, and the covered functions and related functional data are comprehensive, so the owner can switch modes according to different preferences.

The central control multimedia system has been upgraded to Lion5.0 Lion Zhiyun system. Compared with the 4.0 system of the old model, it can only be said that it has changed from powerful to more powerful. For functionality and human-computer interaction, the new Tiggo 7 PLUS can bring you a very good experience.

Under the multimedia screen, a large number of function buttons on the old models are cancelled, and only the functional operation area of the air conditioner is reserved, which not only optimizes the integrity of the interior, but also retains the convenience of functional area control.

The seat of the new car adopts an integrated sports seat, which not only looks good, but also has good softness and wrapping feeling. And the front seat of the new car has also increased the seat ventilation function.

In terms of space, the experiencer with a height of 170cm can adjust the front seat to the lowest position, and the head can get more than one punch.

With the driver sitting in the driver's seat, the rear row can get leg space close to three punches and head space up to two punches. The seating space of the Tiggo 7 PLUS performs well.

Editor's comment:

As a major change, the Tiggo 7 PLUS has brought more novel changes in design to enhance the visual freshness of the new car. After the test drive, I feel that the biggest competitiveness in its market segment is Chery's own power system. Whether it is a car or an SUV, the Tiggo 7 PLUS is mature enough and good enough for drivers. Comfortable enough driving experience, compared with those products that rely solely on individual design and configuration to attract users, I recognize that people like Tiggo 7 PLUS, like Chery, make more efforts to build a good car.

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New Tiggo 7 PLUS: Static Review

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