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Seclon ra2 new configuration (Seclon ra2 new)

Among the young fans, there are naturally a large number of fans of sports cars. However, in today's increasingly diversified world, the tastes of fans can certainly not be "single", and some cars known for their "taste" are also favored by young people. The Seclon RA2 that we are going to test drive next is such a model ...

A finely crafted "taste" car

RA2 is positioned as "the first retro sports cruise for young people". In fact, in the motorcycle circle, young people are the most difficult to "send away"-they are the most critical, their pursuit of performance and fashion is endless, and their desire is the most difficult to satisfy ... A model, without two "brushes", is difficult to attract the attention of young fans.

RA2 is obviously prepared, and this car is trying to approach the needs of young people in terms of shape and configuration-front and rear disc brakes+dual-channel ABS anti-lock braking system; Bold high load-bearing sports suspension; Full-size LED instrument with complete functions and rich display information; Provide SECCO Longzhi locomotive OBD; which can be interconnected with mobile phone, check the vehicle status with one button, provide vehicle positioning, mobile alarm and improve safety performance; Newly designed and elaborately made leather material widens retro contrast cushion; The rear flat fork adopts needle bearing structure with low friction resistance, high mechanical efficiency and more flexible rotation; Colloidal batteries with larger storage energy, straighter discharge curve, longer service life, better high-temperature and low-temperature characteristics and more advanced technology can meet different environmental needs; The aluminum wheel vacuum tire is added while retaining the configuration of the stringer wheel, which brings more choices for drivers. The front wheel specifications of both versions are increased to 110/80-18; Adopting new lightweight components, the texture is higher and the riding quality is greatly improved; Taking American retro cruise aesthetics as the outline, it incorporates popular color philosophy and technology configuration, which is both classic and modern, wild and exquisite, and meets the comprehensive needs of a new generation of locomotive users for modeling, technology, color and texture; Provide original modified parts such as backrest, shelf, side bag, side bag bracket, etc., so that drivers can enjoy freely modified and arbitrary motorcycle life …

The engine of RA2 should also be mentioned. PR250 engine adopts new technologies such as silent timing chain, automatic compensation of valve clearance, staggered teeth and anti-backlash teeth, double buffering balance shaft, roller rocker arm, direct cooling injection lubrication, lightweight piston, new transmission, efficient combustion, etc. The maximum power is 14kw, the maximum torque is 18N·m, and it has the advantages of smooth starting, strong torque, stable operation, fast acceleration, small vibration and smooth shifting.

In a word, RA2 has successfully interpreted the classical charm and fashion taste with the retro version and the urban version, and has touched a large number of young drivers. Since its listing in May 2020, the car has sold more than 10,000 vehicles.

Texture control

Since May 2020, we have faced RA2 more than once, no matter the retro version or the urban version of our road test. With its appearance alone, RA2 is a "beautiful car" that people can't ignore, with a high "eye-catching degree"-a classic small round lamp, a beautiful drop-shaped fuel tank, a shiny muffler with brand and displacement printed on it, a suspended crescent taillight and a showerhead-like LED turn signal, simple and smooth body lines, and solid workmanship ... There is nothing wrong with this value!

This full-bodied single-cylinder air-cooled engine carried by RA2 is really great. The "stick" here does not refer to its dynamic performance, but its overall performance. In fact, a 250 ml civil single cylinder engine is definitely not "strong" in terms of power performance. Even a high-speed and violent two-stroke professional off-road vehicle engine is realized at the expense of low torque. No way, the basic displacement is left here, and we can only locate it according to the vehicle type, either choose or try to balance 106. RA2 has obviously taken the "balanced" route.

In the common speed range, RA2 gives people the feeling that it is light and cool, the throttle response is sensitive and the acceleration is smooth, and the suppression of running vibration and acceleration noise is at the same upstream level; In the 5th gear, continue to increase the speed to more than 6000 rpm, and the speed will be over 100 km/h, and I feel that the running rhythm is still decent, but the speed increase is obviously slowed down. Generally speaking, this single-cylinder engine has abundant power, delicate performance and outstanding overall texture. It pursues stable and reliable performance instead of the extreme speed. This is the right way for a city car that emphasizes taste.

RA2' s cruise car frame makes the sitting height very friendly, and the height of 715mm makes it no threat to any adult driver. Even the female driver who just got the driver's license can't feel the pressure of manipulation. The solid body and braking system are more than enough for the design purpose of this car. As long as you don't control this cruise car as a sports streetcar, all you can feel is a comfortable and light sense of control.

In a word, RA2 is a car that looks very tasty, suitable for novices, and can cater to the maverick of young people. This car can fully meet the needs of urban commuting, leisure and even short-distance motorcycle trips.

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