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Haojue usr125 plus what number of gasoline (Haojue usr125 plus what number of gasoline)

Haojue 23 USR125 is coming! Power optimization, configuration upgrade, high price of 9380 yuan.

I am a knight to share. This year's Haojue is a bit strange. Some models launch the latest models without official announcement at all, and they are directly pulled to the store for sale, which makes some friends who pay attention to the official dynamics have no idea that the new models have been listed.

There is only one reasonable explanation for this behavior. Haojue is holding back a big move. As for how big this move is, 350,500 ml should be available, but don't worry, let them take their time. After all, slow work makes fine work.

Recently, the Cavaliers shared that Haujue USR125 has a new model. As the first brand-new model independently developed by Haujue and Suzuki, USR125 showed its own advantages when it debuted, making it a dark horse model of the year.

Nowadays, USR125 claims that there will be many upgrades, and it will once again make a strong debut. Whether it can win the first place forever depends on the performance of the later market, because it requires users to vote with real money. But it is necessary for us to know about this car first.

Appearance aspect

There is basically no change in the 23 USR125 models, but the design concept and overall style of the 22 models are continued. Some people like the shape of this car, but objectively speaking, it is still good in Haojue's series of models.

After all, the overall face value of Haojue's series of models is quite satisfactory, but this USR125 can still show a more recognizable shape. In terms of design techniques, it incorporates a certain sense of layering and lines for embellishment, making this small pedal have its own unique model language, which is no longer static.

Power aspect

It is said that 23 USR125 models have optimized the powertrain, which will improve the acceleration ability to some extent, but its book data has not changed, with a maximum power of 6.6KW and a maximum torque of 10N·m, so this upgrade still needs a real car to experience, and it cannot be shown by data at present.

Body aspect

As a mature model with distinctive frame, USR125 has not changed in data level, and it will still maintain the advantage of paying attention to handling, so the wheelbase of two wheels, seat height and fuel tank volume have not changed.

However, like the new AFR125, it will be integrated into a 32L quick-release tail box, and it will also be integrated into a carbon steel guardrail, but this is not standard and should only be available in the high-end version.

Configuration aspect

It can be said that the new USR125 is a visible change. In addition to the fender and trunk mentioned above, it will be integrated into the open storage space with a small hook in the middle. At the same time, it will also adopt an external 5V2AUSB charging interface, Philips LED headlights, high-humidity anti-skid tires and four-color magic instrument. So the change is obvious, but some of them seem to have 22 models, so you need to compare them yourself.

It's time to announce the price of this car here. According to the store information, the price of the new USR125 high-end version is 9380 yuan, which is an upgrade without price increase, because its 22 models are priced like this, but please note that the quotations of Haojue models are different in different stores, so the local stores should prevail.

Through the above introduction, we can see that the new USR125 mainly incorporates some practical and intimate configurations and optimizes the powertrain. As for other aspects, there is little change, so do you deny the possibility before the upgrade screen?

(The picture in the article comes from the official map of the brand)

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