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How to add water to Sekelon rx3 water tank (Sekelon rx3s water tank)

On January 1, 2022, at the beginning of the new year, Seclon released a big red envelope: the discount range of three popular models was 3-4 thousand yuan. Every wave of holiday discounts is the routine operation of major brands, and riders are also happy to see it.

Because of the abundant production capacity of motorcycle manufacturing in China, preferential price reduction is the old normal in each period. However, because the same-grade and similar products of various manufacturers have formed a "linkage" mechanism in the competition, the price reduction is also active and passive. The last wave of price cuts was initiated by Honda's middle platoon, the localization of CM300 and CB400 series, and the price announced immediately was a bit touching. The Honda wing without "dream" greatly narrowed the distance with riders, and the heat kept rising. It was a long-planned intention to come to Honda.

When Honda's sales system is still under construction and the new car has not been supplied in large quantities, most domestic brands also want to attack it by reducing prices. Among them, Haojue, the old rival of "Two Books", took the lead, and then several main manufacturers also reduced prices.

In April, 2021, at its annual marketing meeting, Sekelon expressed his firm determination not to reduce the price. First, he was unwilling to dance with Honda. Second, the heavy products launched by Sekelon at that time, such as RX6 and RG3, would not be fully supplied to the market until the second half of the year or even 2022, and the timing was not right.

Sekelon did not join the sniper team, but chose a difficult positional battle and died for a year.

Sekelon's "You hit yours, I hit mine" still won praises from many people in the industry. But at the same time, it puts him under considerable pressure. In 2021, the epidemic situation was repeated, and the US dollar kept releasing water. "Double carbon" should become a prominent phenomenon for a while, which led to the sharp price increase of energy, steel, aluminum, copper and other commodities, as well as the chip crisis that has continued to this day. Therefore, from a macro perspective, the motorcycle industry has no specific conditions for price reduction.

From the perspective of the whole industry, the profit rate of motorcycle enterprises has always been very low, and they have always been very humble to the market. The state has reduced or exempted the purchase tax and consumption tax, and some manufacturers will soon give dividends to consumers. Therefore, the price of Honda's products in the middle row is extraordinary. On the one hand, it makes domestic enterprises somewhat stunned, on the other hand, it is also somewhat fearful, and they can't figure out what big tricks Honda is holding back. At one time, manufacturers are flustered.

While everyone was speculating, it was later discovered that Honda was also a human being and could not go against the global trend, so it suddenly announced that it would raise the prices of its four models, with an increase of 1500-2500 yuan, and then other domestic cars followed suit. Although everyone was influenced by the big environment, they all felt that Honda had put them together.

In 2021, Sekelon's own operation rhythm should be brand year and image year. From the annual marketing meeting in April to the Mobo Fair in September, more than ten new products were released, especially in the Mobo Fair in September, when heavy new cars such as RX9, RX850, RX3C and RT2 were unveiled. Subsequently, Sekelon also held a brand-level large-scale motorcycle test activity "Great Country Scenery" This time, Sekelon released three cars, relying on welfare prices, in order to take the initiative to wave their own marketing waves and become the protagonist of the New Year topic.

From a tactical point of view, the price adjustment is mainly to stimulate consumption, further expand the market, and appropriately alleviate the pressure brought by huge R&D investment.

However, this is the off-season of the motorcycle market, and the market performance is sluggish. Whether this wave of welfare activities can work depends on the results of subsequent market operations. Price reduction has always been a double-edged sword for enterprises. There is no absolute right or wrong, but it is an operation based on time and emotion. It remains to be seen whether this operation of Seclon will trigger other enterprises' linkage.

In addition, from the welfare activities of three popular models, it can be seen that Sekelon has at least intermittently solved the industry problems of low production capacity and chip shortage, because this is the first preferential activity of Sekelon in the New Year, and it is one of the key points for the success of the activity to ensure that users can deliver their cars quickly after purchasing.

For consumers, there is no need to consider too much. Considering their actual situation, it is right to start with it. The following is the author's comparative analysis of three preferential models of Seclon, which I hope will be useful to you.

RE3 can be said to be the car with the highest attention and the most tonality in Sekelon's current product series, which is also related to its strong British café appearance style. Since the appearance of the 2019 Mobo Fair, the attention has continued unabated, with a cumulative sales of more than 10,000 units, and Sekelon has spared no effort to upgrade and optimize it.

At present, the 21 RE3 models on sale use the latest 401 twin-cylinder engine of Seclon. The whole system comes standard with FCC sliding clutch, Bosch EFI and ABS, with a maximum power of 31.5kw and a maximum torque of 34N.m. The smart TFT LCD screen was upgraded, and the retro leather cushion and several aluminum alloy parts were also upgraded to improve the texture, and the technical configuration and detailed workmanship of the vehicle were further improved.

RE3 not only meets the needs of young riders for modern configuration, but also meets the preferences of old guns for appearance. It is also a good modified embryo, and there are many excellent cases of riders on the Internet. It is an excellent modern British retro car, and there are almost no direct competition models at present.

The Excelle 400F of the same level is similar to Honda's modern retro style, and the price of 25,980 yuan has a certain price advantage, but the engine is still the old Seclon TC380. This New Year's Day welfare, both the modern version and the jazz version of RE3 are given a welfare of 3,000 yuan, which can basically save the purchase tax and the money for licensing, which will make RE3 more attractive.

RG3 is also one of the most popular models of Seclon at present, mainly because it is a rare road station wagon on the market at present, that is, a so-called high-performance sports car model. It not only has the handling and sense of movement like a racing car, but also has the comfort and carrying space of a long-distance recreational vehicle, which is suitable for a wide range of scenes and has more affinity than the popular long-distance pulling car at present.

At present, RG3' s direct competition model is Chunfeng 400GT, and the Spring Breeze 400GT has hardly changed much since it was launched in the early 19th year, so it has a low sense of existence. This wave of welfare RG3 Elite Edition and Zhixing Edition both send benefits of 3,000 yuan, which will make RG3 more attractive.

RX3S is a veteran of Seclon's long-distance leisure travel series, and it has also upgraded Seclon's brand-new 401 engine. It has 17-inch wheels in the front and rear of the whole system, and ABS can be turned off. There are 790 mm and 820 mm seat heights to choose from, and the fuel tank volume has reached 20L. It also has steel spoke vacuum tires, adjustable front windshield, engine guard, high exhaust and intelligent thin film transistor LCD screen. It is a long-distance leisure travel vehicle with certain off-road performance and comprehensive consideration.

At present, Honda's CB400X, with a price of 42,500 yuan, and the motorcycle version is 48,500 yuan, which is more than 10,000 yuan lower than that of Secco RX3S. For this benefit, RX3S flagship version and Zhizun version are all given three aluminum boxes worth 4,000 yuan. If the price of CB400X motorcycle version is calculated, the price difference is as high as 18,000 yuan.

RXS3' s direct competition model should be 400 times that of Excelle, with a price of 29,800 yuan and three boxes as standard. However, like 400 degrees Fahrenheit, RxS3 still uses the Secco TC380 engine. It seems that these two cars are no longer in the focus of Excelle, and Excelle does not seem to have the intention to upgrade them. Relevant publicity information is also rare, and it is weaker than RX3S in body configuration.

However, at present, the three generations of RX3S have been collecting colors and should be launched soon. What we can know now is that the new appearance has changed greatly. If you like the cash "big and small eyes", now is a good time to start.

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