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Super sports utility vehicle models (what are the super sports utility vehicle models)

The new generation of Starway Moon Tour was officially launched in April, and six models were launched, with the price range of 193,900-233,900 yuan. The new car is positioned as a "protocol-class seven-seat SUV" with a wheelbase of 2,900 mm. It is equipped with a brand-new integrated super-large triple screen and the Queen's exclusive co-driver, and offers two spatial layouts of 6 seats /7 seats. In terms of power, the car is based on M3X Mars architecture 2.0, equipped with 2.0T+8AT power combination, and with the sixth generation four-wheel drive system of Borgwarner.

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Starway has set a benchmark for luxury brands such as BBA overseas, and it is also a rare brand whose overseas price and sales exceed domestic ones. At present, Starway has been exported to 8 countries, and its overseas business will be further expanded to 20 countries in 2023. As the flagship model, the new generation of "protocol-class seven-seat SUV" with the positioning of Starway Moon Landing not only has a wheelbase of 2,900 mm and a number of luxurious, technological and safety configurations, but also its 2.0T+8AT power combination and Borgwarner four-wheel drive system make it more competitive.

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