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The latest model of Seclon 250 (how about the latest model of Seclon 250)

On the morning of February 16th, Sekelon released three new products, including the pedal RT1 and the RC401 track version, and the American cruise RA250 was also updated. In addition to the improvement of appearance configuration, the power has also been upgraded, and the price of 17580 yuan can not be said to be cheap but it is also worth the money.

In appearance, the new RA250 is more exquisite than the old one, and the handling of body details has also made a lot of progress. Still use the old classic American retro style, American retro cruise design, round LED full-color instrument, round LED headlights and drop-shaped fuel tank.

The use of a straight handlebar with a wide horse cushion also makes this car more domineering. For riders who prefer American retro, there are only a handful of Chinese-made models at this level.

Power is also the focus of this upgrade. Compared with the old model, the new model is equipped with PY250 engine, which adopts single-cylinder water-cooled four-valve design, with the maximum power of 20.5kw and the maximum torque of 22N meters. The Federal Communications Commission sliding clutch is standard, which has less vibration and strong power than the old model in running performance. In addition, with the 15-liter fuel tank and Bosch EFI system, there is no need to worry too much about battery life.

In addition to the above upgrades, this new model has also improved in workmanship. High-performance aluminum alloy components are used in many parts of the vehicle, which makes it lightweight and improves the texture of details. The sitting height of 745 mm is still close to the people. Equipped with dual-channel anti-lock braking system and front 300mm and rear 240mm large-caliber disc brakes, driving safety is also guaranteed.

As a small and medium-displacement American retro model, the new RA250 may be able to meet the riders who like more traditional American styles today, which is also a good difference between the retro models such as Jinjila and Flash 300 currently on sale. If the riders who were waiting for the upgrade of RA250 can do it.

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