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What is the price of Toyota Tacoma (Toyota Tacoma 2022)

If you have a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck in your hand, then the following information is good news for you.

Recently, Toyota officially said that it will launch a TRD lifting kit for pickup trucks in Tacoma Port, Toyota (a port city in western Washington, USA). The applicable models include 2020 and 2021 Tacoma V6 4X4 versions. Although there are many Tacoma ports in the market, the pickup truck department of defense; Modern youth modified parts, but Toyota has never launched the official TRD modified kit among chassis lifting accessories, so this one in this paper is the only lifting kit that has been certified by TRD and has safety certification.

After installing the kit, the front axle is raised by 2 inches and the rear axle by 1 inch. The kit includes specially adjusted Billstam Besten single shock absorber. Compared with the old 1.5-inch diameter TRD lifting kit, the diameter of the shock absorber of the new lifting kit is increased to 2 inches, and the words "tuned by TRD" are marked on the body to increase the sense of exclusivity.

After the lifting kit is installed, the ground clearance of the car body will be increased by 43mm, the approach angle will be increased by 3.1 degrees, the passing angle will be increased by 1.6 degrees and the departure angle will be increased by 0.5 degrees.

In addition, the kit also includes some changes in appearance style, including a front grille with TRD professional style, including millimeter-wave radar bracket and panoramic image front camera bracket, which is compatible with Toyota's latest automatic driving assistance system. The front bumper is reserved for fog lights, and the black plastic plate can be cut off when it is used.

If you live in North America, you happen to have a Toyota Tacoma port and want to modify it. Then the corner master will tell you the price of this kit. Toyota priced it at $1,350, which is not expensive at all, and it also includes a three-year or 36,000-mile warranty. More importantly, the price package is installed. It is worth noting that if you are a long-axis version of Toyota Tacoma (a port city in western Washington, USA), you cannot install this TRD professional upgrade kit.

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