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Red Flag e-hs9 Fuel Vehicle Price (Red Flag e-hs9 Fuel Edition)

Speaking of Hongqi E-HS9, I believe everyone is familiar with it, especially when you see the real car, you will be shocked by its design. The incomparable design makes it easy to become the focus on the road, coupled with a huge body size.

Even if it met Rolls-Royce Cullinan, it didn't fall in the wind in the sense of gas field, which is one of the reasons why it has attracted consumers' attention.

Let's talk about the basic information of the new car. As a large-scale luxury pure electric SUV, the price of the new car is 509,800-779,800 yuan, including 8 vehicle versions, and it provides multiple endurance versions of 460 km, 510 km, 660 km and 690 km. In addition, the new car offers three seat layouts: four seats, six seats and seven seats. Interestingly, the fewer seats in the car, the higher the price of the car.

As for the appearance design of the new car, in fact, this design of Hongqi has been on the market for a long time, and I believe everyone is familiar with it. In one sentence, it is the first class in the atmosphere, and E-HS9 is also the second model equipped with this front face. In addition, this highly recognizable front face design has gradually spread to its products.

As a luxury product, its interior is also a high-end route, and it can get a high score in both interior materials and splicing work. In addition, the new car is also excellent in configuration level. As a pure electric product with a price of 509,800 yuan, basically all the necessary configurations will be fully equipped for you.

It is worth mentioning that at present, the new car also has multiple optional packages, for example, all versions can be equipped with wireless charging function; Qiyue Edition and Qiyue Edition can be equipped with air suspension+CDC, advanced assisted driving system and co-pilot entertainment screen; Qi Yue Edition, Qi Xiang Edition and Qi Chang Edition can be equipped with AR head-up display, car fragrance and 16 speakers.

As for the power system, the whole new car uses the power layout of dual-motor four-wheel drive, in which the total power of the low-power version is 320kW and the total torque is 600N·m, while the maximum power of the high-power version is 405kW and the maximum torque is 750 N m. The former accelerates for 6.5s seconds and the latter is 5 seconds, so it benefits from the natural advantages of the motor itself, although the kerb quality of the new car has exceeded 2.5 tons.

Personally, I think Hongqi E-HS9 itself is a product with excellent comprehensive strength, and we also found through intelligence channels that the discount of new cars at the terminal can be said to be quite powerful, and some versions have a maximum discount of 150,000 yuan.

Specifically, let's take the six 460km flag-enjoying editions with a guide price of 539,800 as an example. At present, the new car discount has reached 140,000 yuan. In addition, new energy vehicles don't need to pay purchase tax. Counting the basic insurance fees and licensing fees, the landing price is basically in the price range of 410,000-430,000.

Therefore, it is quite attractive to spend about 400,000 yuan to have a million-level experience, but friends who want to start still need to pay attention to the following key points!

  1. At present, there are 21 models and 22 models of Hongqi E-HS9 on sale, but they are only different in endurance, and the rest are almost the same. Simply speaking, there are 21 models with endurance of 460km/510km, and they are also the most favorable versions.

2. The color matching of the car body has a great influence on the discount, among which the black car body has the greatest discount, while the two-color car body has the least.

3. Hongqi E-HS9 rarely arranges 7-seat versions, and basically sells 6-seat versions. Therefore, no matter whether it is 21 or 22 models, the entry 7-seat version with the cheapest price can hardly be found.

4. The biggest pain point of the new car is the battery life. After all, it is large in size and high in quality, and the actual battery life discount is quite obvious, especially at high speed. The measured data is basically calculated at 50% discount, which is not suitable for long-distance travel.


For this product, Hongqi E-HS9 obviously belongs to a product with unequal gas field and price. Although it looks expensive, the price is not as expensive as expected. In addition, Hongqi brand plays an important role in the hearts of Chinese people. No matter how you look at it, powerful bosses are still worth considering. After all, you really can't find a product that can rival it in gas field at the same price.

However, personally, if the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to start with 22 models. Although the incentives are relatively small, for new energy vehicles, the endurance is like bank deposits, and the higher the better, at least in the future. It will be more worry-free.

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