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Haojue usr125 uy125 ('Haojue df150 modified)

Who is more suitable for AFR and Utah 125 in the United States?

I'm a knight. Thank you for the flop. According to the description, this cyclist's later use is still relatively routine, basically based on practicality, but he also wants to take people to run mountains in his spare time. Of course, running mountains here is more of a demand for sightseeing, not a radical experience.

So under this demand, how should the three target models that the subject is optimistic about choose? Or which of them will be more suitable? Let's take a look at their respective performances first!

1. Haojue USR125 is currently priced at 8780-9380.

USR125 is the first brand-new scooter owned by Haojue. Compared with the old models, it has changed from the inside out, and now this car has also launched the latest optimized and upgraded model, so it has more versions at present.

USR125 has two outstanding points, one of which is the letter S engine carried by this car, which is a model optimized by Haojue. It has the characteristics of sufficient power, low fuel consumption, ideal running quality and stable performance. At present, it is the pillar of Haojue's new generation of scooter and has been applied to many models.

Another point is the frame structure of USR125. Although its structure is not too bright in data, the control of this car should be more brilliant among all 125 scooters of Haojue at present.

Therefore, it is more likely that USR125, which pays more attention to the dual performance of power and control, will become the first choice. Of course, with the application of open storage space, its practicability has been obviously improved. Combined with the appearance, the current shortage is the emergence of higher configuration.

2. The current price of Haojue AFR125 is 10380-10680.

AFR125 is the highest-priced scooter in Haojue 125 series at present. The reason why it broke through a new height in price is that the setting direction of this car will be different from USR125, and it belongs to the enhanced access scooter.

With this positioning difference, AFR125 will also have two outstanding points. One is the USR125 ESS engine with the same model. This engine has an actual displacement of 124cc, a maximum power of 6.6KW and a maximum torque of 10N·m, and its book value is quite good, and its performance is actually not much different from that of the joint venture model.

The second point is that the wheelbase of this car will come to 1300mm, which is relatively rare in the current 125 scooter, especially in the model of about 10,000 yuan. Its advantage is that the whole vehicle will be more comfortable to ride, and the floor space will be more sufficient, which will make it easier to highlight the practicality of this type of vehicle. In addition, AFR125 is the only one of the three models equipped with CBS brake linkage, so it is expensive for a reason.

3. The current price of Suzuki UY125 in Jinan is 9380-10580.

This is a small pedal from online celebrity. Some people say that it is deserved, while others say that it is an unexpected popularity and it is purely luck. But objectively speaking, UY125 has become a phenomenon, especially its appearance has formed a style, which makes many friends want to imitate it.

But in fact, the most brilliant thing about this UY125 is neither its online celebrity identity nor its appearance, but the powertrain with a soul under the beautiful skin; UY125 is equipped with the super-core EFI engine of Jinan Suzuki, so it will have certain advantages in power performance, which makes this car have the ability to dominate the crowd and become a model with both face and lining.

After briefly introducing the characteristics of the models, let's see who will be more suitable under the demand of the subject. In fact, according to the direction of use of the subject, these three cars are competent, and the so-called choice entanglement is more directly related to the imperfection of these three cars.

But if any of them can balance the performance of other models, it will not make our lovely subject in a dilemma, so at this time we must know how to choose, not want everything.

Therefore, USR125 is the most worthy of consideration from the mountain running demand, AFR125 will have more advantages from the manned demand, and UY125 will be more worthy of choice from the dynamic performance, so it is easy to choose from this point, and the subject should consider AFR125 more.

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