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"Big space" and "7 seats" are becoming more and more important to consumers, and even become just the need of some consumers. Then, how to buy an economical seven-seater car with a large space under the premise of ensuring a low budget?

In this issue, Che Ming wrote, let's talk about three models of multi-purpose vehicles starting at more than 60,000 yuan, which I believe will be a good reference for some consumers.

The three models selected in this article are SAIC-GM-Wuling-Baojun 730, Changan Automobile-Ling Xuan, and Dongfeng Qichen-Qichen M50V. What are their respective performances? Let's take a look.

Baojun 730 is definitely a hot product in today's domestic multi-purpose vehicle market, and it is also one of the products that set foot in this market field earlier.

After the launch of the 2017 model, the exterior and interior have been greatly upgraded, becoming more refined and more textured.

Counting the 2016 and 2017 models, Baojun 730 has three engine powers, namely 1.5L, 1.8L and 1.5T, and there are three gearboxes to choose from.

In terms of power feeling, the 1.5T engine is undoubtedly better, with more torque, faster speed and better fuel consumption than those two self-priming engines.

The chassis is still comfortable for home use, and the overall ability to filter shocks is good, and it can also ensure good ride comfort when crossing ditches and ridges. However, the filtering of fine vibration needs to be strengthened.

In terms of seating space:

The editor with a height of 173 sits in the front row, adjusts the seat to the lowest, and punches +3 fingers in the head space; At this time, come to the second row, adjust the seat to the end, with one punch +4 fingers in the head space and more than one punch in the leg space; Finally, in the third row, there is a punch in the space directly above the head, but there are only two fingers in the space next to the headrest, and the legs just push against the back of the second row. That is to say, if the second row of seats is properly adjusted, all three rows of passengers can get plenty of seating space.

Generally speaking, the third row of the 730 is not a chicken rib, and both the space and the comfort performance are acceptable.

Ling Xuan is a pioneering work for Changan to enter the field of domestic multi-purpose vehicles, and it will also appear in everyone's field of vision as an opponent of the 730. Although the design is not good-looking, it is also atmospheric and looks not cheap at all.

Compared with various powertrains of the 730, the Ling Xuan is much simpler, and only the combination of 1.6L+5MT can be selected, which can save a lot of worry for patients with displacement selection entanglement.

Chang 'an Ling Xuan's throttle is very light, the front section is very sensitive, and the torque is abundant at low speed, which is very suitable for driving on urban roads at medium and low speed. It takes a little effort to accelerate halfway over 80km/h, considering its displacement and the mass of nearly 1.5 tons, this performance is not bad.

The clutch joint is easy to master, the stroke is moderate, the gear box is in clear gear, and there is a certain sense of suction. The suspension system adopts the semi-independent suspension of the former McPherson rear torsion beam, which is very common at this level. The adjustment level is quite high, the driving quality is excellent, the support is good, and the bump filtering on the road surface is handled appropriately.

In terms of seating space:

The height of the experiencer is 173cm, and the front seat is the lowest. After adjusting the sitting posture, you can get more head space for one punch. The second row of seats can be manually adjusted back and forth, and the adjustment range is relatively large. At the front, you can get the leg space of one punch and four fingers and the head space of one punch, and adjust to the last position, and all the spaces are very abundant.

The leg space of the third row of seats is based on the adjustment range of the second row of seats, and the maximum leg space can be more than one punch, and the head space is one punch, so the third row of seats in Ling Xuan is not a decoration, and it is not a problem to sit three adults firmly. You can rest assured.

Qichen M50V is the first MPV product launched by Dongfeng Qichen. In recent years, major manufacturers have been "bright treasures". It seems that the MPV market is really a big cake.

The design of the front air intake grille is very auspicious, and the overall line direction of the car body is not much different from that of other brands' MPVs, so there is nothing special about it.

Qichen M50V has two kinds of engine power to choose from: 1.5L and 1.6L. Among them, 1.5L is only a manual version, and 1.6L is only a CVT model, which is very easy to distinguish.

The smoothness of CVT gearbox is not bad, and the usual speed can be controlled at a low level, but the response is still not fast when accelerating rapidly, so you need to step on the accelerator pedal in advance when overtaking.

The noise control in the car is relatively general, especially the tire noise, which is more obvious after the speed comes up.

In terms of suspension structure, it adopts the former McPherson independent suspension and the rear torsion beam non-independent suspension, and the overall adjustment is mainly comfortable. During driving, the suspension can filter out some trivial vibrations and bumps. However, if you face the deceleration barrier, the back row can feel a certain sense of jumping.

In terms of seating space:

The experiencer with a height of 170cm sits in the car, and the head space in the front row is two fists, which is relatively abundant;

When you come to the second row, you can get the space distance between two fingers and three fists by adjusting the seat, which ensures the ride comfort;

When you come to the third row, you can get the space distance between two fingers and three punches by adjusting the seats in the second row, which is close to the performance in the second row, and the leg space is still quite abundant.

These products have good cost performance and practicality. If you are going to buy a 7-seat MPV model for home use, then these three models will be your good choice.

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