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Dodge srt price (latest quotation of Dodge srt2018)

Hello, everyone! The car inspector is here to meet you! Welcome everyone to watch this interesting story about used car inspection. I am a used car inspection technician who has repaired a car, and I am also an adviser to a problem car.

Many fans are always complaining that strict environmental protection laws and policies make large-displacement engines "cornered", which makes the once mechanical charm gone forever, only for simple electrification and cylinder reduction and turbine addition. From the perspective of future trends, it is true to contribute to the blue sky, and I am also very supportive of environmental protection, but I believe that every big boy will have a "hot blood V8" in his heart, and the unique charm of this "old-school environmental rebel" can make fans scream for it! In this case, let's say goodbye to the "megatrend" for the time being today, and look back at the stunner that makes every big boy excited, the American V8 masterpiece: 6.4-liter half-height engine.

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT is one of the representatives of American large-displacement performance cars, but its reputation is really too small, and it may only be rumored in some American car circles, so few people know it. First of all, SRT is an independent brand of a high-performance department of Chrysler. At this time, the Dodge Viper is no longer a Dodge brand, but an exclusive model of SRT. In 2011, the 6.4-liter Hemi V-8 engine was replaced, and the power was increased to 475 HP and 637 Nm, making this SRT the first naturally aspirated off-road vehicle in the world with an acceleration of less than 5 seconds per 100 kilometers. In 2012, the Grand Cherokee SRT-8 was imported into China as the first SRT model, and it was obvious that Chrysler Group also took a fancy to the demand for high-performance products in the China consumer market.

The car above is the protagonist of our test today, a 2014 Grand Cherokee SRT:

Model year: 2014 6.4-liter SRT8

Date of licensing: April 2014

Apparent mileage: 2w km

Guide price of new car: 120.49w W.

Seller's quotation: 45w

Testing location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

The 2014 Grand Cherokee SRT is the latest model in China. Compared with the 12 models and 13 models, the 14 models abandoned the previous 5-speed gearbox and upgraded to an 8-speed automatic manual transmission, adding a limited slip differential at the rear axle. In terms of comfort, the sunroof was changed to a panoramic sunroof, the steering wheel memory and xenon headlights were added, and the sound was upgraded to Harman Kardon.

Don't say anything, start today's test. First of all, check the appearance and paint surface. Generally, the paint surface of American cars is higher than that of other cars, and it looks rough.

However, if you look closely, you can still tell whether there are any repair marks on the paint surface. For example, this rear bumper can obviously see the frosted lines produced after the second painting.

It can be seen that the original paint surface value collected from the roof is about 200 μ m.

However, the value of the paint surface of the machine cover is only in the early 100μm m. If there is secondary painting, the value will definitely exceed the original car paint, which is so much lower than the original factory value.

The value of the right front fender is even lower, less than 100μm m..

The value of the left front fender is even lower, less than 80μm m. According to Xiao Gaogao's previous experience, nine times out of ten, the left and right front fenders and cover of this SRT have been replaced.

In addition, the whole body paint of this SRT is still normal, in which the left rear door is repaired by sheet metal, and the repaired area is not large, so there is basically no possibility of cutting and welding.

There is an obvious scratch on the right front door, but it doesn't hurt the primer. Just do some polishing.

The production date of the windshield is February 2014, which is in line with the factory date of this car. There are no traces of re-gluing around the edges of the glass, which can be confirmed as the original glass, and all other glasses in the car are OK.

Because the previous appearance inspection found that the paint surface of the hood and the fenders on both sides were abnormal, the following focuses on the engine compartment, and we can see that the engine compartment has not been deliberately cleaned, and the dust on the surface is still very thick.

Let's take a look at this engine. This V8 naturally aspirated engine named "392 HEMI" first appeared in 2005, with a displacement of 392 cubic inches, which is approximately equal to 6.4 liters. The word "HEMI" stands for Chrysler's hemispherical combustion chamber top cover design. It is said that this shape makes the cylinder body have a smaller surface area, more complete combustion, and reduces heat loss. The maximum power is 344 kW and the maximum torque is 624 Nm. In addition, MDS intelligent cylinder closing fuel saving technology can close four cylinders at low load to save fuel.

When you open the cover, you can see at a glance that the fixing bolts of the cover have been removed beyond recognition, the place where the paint has fallen off has been rusted, and the sealing glue at the edge has been daubed again in the later stage. It seems that this cover must have been changed later.

Unsurprisingly, the left and right fender fixing screws have obvious removal marks, so it can be confirmed that the left and right fenders were replaced later.

The water tank frame is also disassembled and replaced, and the installation is sloppy, and the fixing screws are not tightened.

The production date of the headlights is October 2014, which is obviously later than the factory date of this car, and the headlights are also replaced later.

The test also found that the brackets of the cover hinge have been re-welded. It seems that this SRT has collided in front of the side and can hit the position of the cover hinge, which only shows that the impact is very strong.

Because it is a vertical engine, it is impossible to see the engine bracket from above, but this SRT engine can see that there are many accessories with disassembly marks, and the generator fixing screws are removed.

The water pipes, thermostat and other parts in the front of the engine have been removed. It seems that the accident has hurt the engine. According to Xiao Gaogao's experience, such a big collision accident will definitely trigger the airbag. Let's go into the car and check it out.

The interior of this SRT is still as American as ever, wild, rough and informal, lacking the texture of Japanese cars and the precision of German cars, and adding some muscle strength unique to the United States.

SRT's exclusive large steering wheel has a very comfortable grip, and the enlarged shift paddles are also eye-catching.

The vehicle starts normally, except for a little loud noise, and there is no extra abnormal noise jitter. At present, the mileage of SRT is 20592KM.

But when Xiao Gaogao saw this main driver's seat, I found that something was wrong. This leather seat was covered with wrinkles, and it didn't look like a car that was only 20,000 kilometers. There was an 80,000-90,000 car.

Check that the exposed steering column is not rusted.

There is no trace of rust or sediment accumulation in the seat frame and slide rail, and the carpet in the car is clean and tidy, and there is no hardening after soaking in water, which basically eliminates the possibility of water entering the car.

However, it was found that the instrument panel skeleton was disassembled in many places, and it seems that the instrument panel has been disassembled.

Sure enough, the test found that the main driver airbag of this SRT had been disassembled. The airbag disassembly hole of this car was sealed in the original factory, and it would only be punctured if it was disassembled, so it was very easy to identify.

There are also disassembly marks on the ceiling, which should be a series of disassembly caused by replacing the airbag.

The following is the road test. The company stipulates that you can't take photos for safety. I have a feeling that this 6.4L Grand Cherokee SRT is high and low, and it makes sense to work hard to make a miracle. In general, this SRT did not find anything unusual when driving, and the engine operation, acceleration, braking and chassis steering were all normal.

Back to the cooperative repair shop, the chassis was finally tested, and it can be found that the chassis of this SRT is relatively regular, and there is no large-scale bottom dragging and oil leakage.

As a performance SUV, in order to ensure the lateral support of high-speed cornering, Bilstein's adaptive electromagnetic shock absorber with spiral spring is adopted, which can be adjusted according to different driving modes, but even in AUTO mode, the overall strength is still higher than that of the ordinary version.

There are no signs of disassembly of the suspension, arm, half shaft and caliper.

However, the wear of the brake disc and brake pad is not like 20 thousand kilometers at all, and the situation of adjusting the watch can be hammered.

There are traces of oil leakage in the engine oil pan. After careful observation, it was found that the oil pan was damaged. It had been repaired simply before, but it may have recurred later. Only by replacing it with a new oil pan can the problem be solved.

The rubber sleeve of the steering gear began to leak some oil.

Oil leakage also exists in the oil seals of the front and rear transmission shafts of the transfer case. Fortunately, the situation is not very serious, and it can be used for some time.

However, the test found that the fixing screws of the subframe were removed.

Seen from below, the engine bracket also shows signs of disassembly.

In addition, the gearbox bracket has also been disassembled. It seems that the engine gearbox of this SRT has been hoisted and repaired. If nothing unexpected happens, it is also caused by an accident.

There are many rubbing marks on the wheel hub, which affects the appearance, but it has no effect on normal use.

At this point, the inspection of the Grand Cherokee SRT is completed, and the car condition is summarized:

Appearance inspection: front bumper, hood, left and right front fenders were replaced, and the left rear door was painted with sheet metal and scratched locally;

Engine room inspection: there is a collision accident in front of the side, which leads to the replacement of the water tank frame, the welding of the cover hinge and the hoisting and maintenance of the engine gearbox;

Interior inspection: instrument panel disassembly, airbag replacement, meter adjustment marks;

Road test: no abnormality;

Chassis inspection: subframe disassembly, oil leakage in many parts, and wheel hub rubbing.

On the whole, the car condition is a little bad.

Seeing this, I believe everyone guessed that the buyer gave up the plan to buy this car. At present, the market price of this 2014 Grand Cherokee SRT is around 430,000, but because this model is relatively small and the maintenance cost is high in the later period, the used car of SRT is not popular, and the price is also high and low. However, the SRT car I tested today is in poor condition, and it has little value in itself. It is roughly speculated that it is below 30w. However, considering that the structural parts of the car body are damaged, there are hidden dangers to the safety in the later period, so I suggest you avoid buying this kind of car as much as possible.

Today, Xiao Gaogao successfully helped customers avoid the risk of buying a car, which reflected my value as a used car inspection technician and made me very happy. Through this matter, Xiao Gaogao, I want to tell you that before buying a used car, you must check the condition of the car first, and then pay. It is best to find friends who know about the car, or find an independent third-party testing agency like our car inspector to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the car, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles in the later period.

Well, that's all for today's testing sharing. I'm a second-hand testing technician Xiao Gaogao from the car inspector. If you have any questions about your favorite car or used cars, please pay attention to the car inspector. Maybe I can solve the problem for you. The car inspector is willing to be your friend who knows the car best!

Editor; Boluozai

Audit: Long

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