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Can only one Bluetooth key and car key be used (car Bluetooth key and car remote control key)?

Let me talk about why I want to install it first:

1. It can be installed in situ. 100. C11 is a frameless door. After disassembly, it can be seen that the position of the National Football League sensor board was reserved in the B-pillar, but it was not configured later. If it is a framed car door like a certain one, it can only be installed in a place like a rearview mirror.

2. Benefit the owners of 23 entry-level versions. This device also comes with a Bluetooth sensor switch lock, so the mobile phone does not need to stay in the APP. After using it, you don't need to use the zero-running Bluetooth key, so the mobile phone is more power-saving and more sensitive to unlock. The 23 entry-level versions of C11 don't have the function of Bluetooth induction key, which is more than 200 yuan, which can make the vehicle even more powerful.

3. In summer, I often go swimming and water sports. With the National Football League's inductive unlocking, I can use the National Football League ring, bracelet, watch and so on to unlock, even without carrying my mobile phone.

4, in fact, the main cost is not high, you can toss it.

Introduce the working principle of this equipment:

Unlocking, locking and tailgate key of welded car keys are used to trigger actions such as unlocking and locking of original car keys through set conditions. The trigger conditions are as follows:

1. NFC inductive triggering

2, low power Bluetooth RSSI ranging, triggered when it reaches the set value.

3. Short-range triggering by applet via Bluetooth protocol.

Preparation steps:

1, pry the key from the tail, can see the key motherboard, mechanical keys, and batteries, take out the key motherboard.

2. After purchasing the equipment, weld the key motherboard according to the prompts. Car owners who have no hands-on ability can send the key motherboard to the equipment seller in this step, or spend 10 yuan to ask a street phone repairer to do it.

3. The equipment is intended to be installed in the B-pillar, and the NFC antenna is not long enough. You can cut the line from the middle and connect it with a network cable about one meter long.

Auxiliary parts and tools:

1. Needle-nosed pliers, Phillips screwdriver and crowbar;

2, cable ties, flannel tape, 3M glue, adhesive hook and loop;

3. Door buckle;

4. Clean gloves;

Modification steps:

1. Dismantle the decorative board of the welcome pedal: Dismantle the decorative boards of the front and rear pedals and pull them upward. The decorative boards are fixed by buckles, and the front door pedal has no screws; The rear door pedal does not need to be completely removed, just lift it near the B-pillar;

2. Dismantle the inner lower trim panel of B-pillar: unscrew two fixing screws of the inner lower trim panel of B-pillar, pull out the lower trim panel of B-pillar and exit the seat belt. This decorative board is just fixed by two screws and a common buckle;

3. Dismantle the upper decorative plate on the inner side of the B-pillar: fix it with 3 screws, screw out the screws, and pull it down gently, and it will come out without buckle;

4. Dismantle the outer glass plate of B-pillar: Open two doors, break the bottom rubber strip, remove two fixing screws, and then apply downward force to remove the glass plate. This board has two upward fixing buckles. The glue block above the glass decorative board is glued with 3M, and then it can be torn out.

5. Dismantle the left decorative panel of the center console: fasten it with the buckle and tilt it open;

6. Dismantle the door post decorative board: fasten it with a buckle and pry it open;

7. Dismantle the leg trim; The upper and lower fixing screws and three buckles are fixed, and the screws can be removed by applying force towards the rear of the car;

8. Dismantle the left A-pillar: First, break the part above the A-pillar, and you can see two plastic buckles and one metal buckle. Turn the plastic buckle 90 degrees with needle-nosed pliers to exit the card holder. Then separate the metal buckle. After all the three buckles are separated, you can exit the A-pillar by upward force, and the connection between the speaker and the camera can not be released.

9. Fix the Bluetooth antenna on the A-pillar harness with a tie, wrap some wires around the tail wire with a flannel plastic bag to prevent abnormal sound, and then extend down to the vicinity of the OBD port, and fix it with a tie at an appropriate position.

10. Stick the NFC sensor board on the original design position of the glass plate outside the B-pillar with 3M double-sided adhesive tape, and wrap some wires with flannel plastic bags to prevent abnormal sound. Pass the wire through the camera hole, and then pass through the hole of the decorative board under the B-pillar, and fix it with the original line with a tie, and then extend the end of the wire to the vicinity of the OBD port, and fix it with a tie at an appropriate position.

11. Insert three wires into the box and connect the OBD port to test whether it works normally.

12. Screw the box to the upper cover, and attach hook and loop to the back, which can be attached to the flannel position of the car body. The excess thread is fixed with a tie and finally put into the leg trim.

13. Restore the decorative panels in the following order: A-pillar decorative panel, leg decorative panel, door post decorative panel, left side decorative panel of center console, glass decorative panel outside B-pillar, decorative panel above B-pillar, decorative panel below B-pillar and two door pedal decorative panels.

Note that the buckle of the decorative panel under the B-pillar is very fragile, and it will be damaged if it is not disassembled skillfully. It is recommended to purchase some buckles and replace them first.

Finally, say a few places that need attention:

1. Take care of the NFC unlocking tool. If it is lost, it can be reset on the device to generate a new NFC key. Don't lend your mobile phone or other NFC to others easily, it is easy to be copied.

2. If you don't want to enable Bluetooth sensing, just leave NFC unlocked. You can turn off the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone in the D gear or open the door, or cancel the pairing at the Bluetooth pairing place.

3. Unplug the OBD connector, and you can completely stop using the equipment.

4. The applet can also set the sharing date and share it with others to temporarily unlock it.

5. There are many kinds of NFC unlocking tools, except for Apple Android phones, other things such as NFC rings, smart watches, IC cards, and IC chip bracelets with 13.56MHz can be used for writing cards.

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