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How much is Suzuki gsx250 (how much is Haojue Suzuki gsx250)

Foshan Nanhai successfully won Suzuki GSX250.

A new car is allowed, and a scratch is 500. Go and find it. Get out of here!/Really? Really.

Today, I came to Nanhai, Foshan, to set up a Suzuki GSX250, and then a Darth Vader version. Is there any defect in your car? You find a scratch on the whole car, and I'll give you 500 yuan less. Are you really so confident?

Look at my brand-new hand. It's true that you haven't backed up here. Did you just wash this car so new? Yes, I cherish it. No wonder you are so confident! This car is not willing to drag. It is said that Suzuki cars have maintained their value, and they all lost 8000 yuan. I don't want to sell them. Fortunately, I don't want to be so impulsive.

Landing 30 thousand yuan, now worth 22 thousand, everyone wants to smash it and cherish it.

Now it has run for more than 2300 kilometers, and the whole vehicle is flawless. It can be said that it is a quasi-new car. How about a new car? You should get a black windshield, a bracket with a bumper to vent, and a mobile phone bracket with wireless charging. This should cost hundreds of dollars, more than 300, and a mobile phone bracket costs more than 300, which is quite willing to invest.

This car was shipped from the factory in September of 22, and then it was licensed in September. The first hand protection must also be over-protected. It's just like the owner said, it's a brand-new car, and the formalities of the car are all right. Show it!

The only disadvantage is that it is more meaty (powerless), and everything else is an advantage. I'm going to try to get off the car. The road and anti-lock braking device are all normal. After all, a new car is allowed. The rack is 22,500 as we said, so add a little. It depends on whether you add a little to other people's cars. My car is so new, so I can add 300 to you. I can send it on February 28, so we finally won it with a rack of 22,800! Then a Darth Vader's, see if there are any favorite brothers to arrange. Remember to like it!

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