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Fuel Consumption of Toyota Ultraman Guoliu (Toyota Ultraman Guoliu)

Recently, the most lively thing in the parallel imported car market is the news that the overbearing 4000 passed the National Sixth B and was officially listed. As a representative SUV model of Toyota family, Toyota overbearing has become the backbone of Toyota family with its tense appearance and strong dynamic performance.

In particular, the overbearing 4000 model perfectly combines the body design of sports cars, the power and sensitive handling of colleges and universities, and can provide real off-road capability. More importantly, the fuel consumption is relatively low, which is an SUV with excellent performance in all aspects. In this issue, let's take a look at the 2022 overbearing 4000 that is currently imported in parallel. What is it?

In appearance, the Toyota Overbearing 4000 still maintains the domineering appearance of the land cruiser, and the expanded wheel arch and the raised engine cover form a solid shoulder shape, full of strength. The net was upgraded from inverted trapezoid to hexagon, and the classic five-vertical banner became more design-oriented. The chrome-plated kit has increased the brilliance of the car body, and the design of the whole car is more prominent. The headlights and front fog lights have also undergone brand-new designs.

On the side of the car body, the side of the overbearing 4000 is very tall and burly, and a V6 logo is also provided on the fender; In terms of wheels, it is equipped with a 19-inch two-color wheel hub, and the visual effect is excellent. In terms of body size, the overbearing positioning is the lightweight version of Land Cruiser, which is also reflected in the body size. The overbearing 4000 has a length of 4.78 meters and a wheelbase of 2.79 meters. It is a very standard medium and large SUV.

In the rear part, the 22 overbearing 4000 models have not changed much, but the internal structure of the taillights has been replaced by a C-shaped design, and a dark red configuration has been adopted in color matching. In addition, like the previous models, Toyota overbearing will still provide bottom-mounted spare tire and backpack spare tire versions.

There are two openings in the trunk, and the rear windshield can be opened, so it is not necessary to open the wide tailgate to put some small things; The tailgate is designed with a side opening, which makes it very convenient to take things.

In terms of interior, 22 Toyota Overbearing 4000 models have hardly changed, only the layout of the center console has been fine-tuned, and wood grain decoration has been added as an ornament. Although the interior materials are general, the overall workmanship is very detailed and the design is very humanized. The design of the central control area is reasonable and compact, and the audio-visual entertainment system, automatic air conditioner and four-wheel drive function buttons are arranged on the central control panel from top to bottom, orderly, and the square design complements his tough appearance.

In addition, since it has reached the end of the life of this generation of cars, the configuration of the overbearing 4000 is also very comprehensive, with cruise control, four-zone automatic air conditioning, remote start, car refrigerator and other configurations available.

In terms of space, the overbearing 4000 adopts a 7-seat layout of 2+3+2. The riding experience of the second row is superior in the off-road vehicle, and the space of the third row is limited by the fact that the body size is not as good as that of the Land Cruiser, but the three rows of seats adopt the bottom storage method, which can not only fold the seats into a flat storage platform, but also carry people.

It is worth mentioning that the storage space inside the Toyota Overbearing 4000 is very considerate. The front and rear doors have large enough cup holders, and there are not only storage compartments in front of the shift lever, but also 12V power supply. The central armrest in the back row and the inner lining plates on the left and right sides of the third row are very considerate to provide cup holders.

In terms of power, 22 Toyota Overbearing 4000 models are equipped with a 4.0-liter V6 naturally aspirated engine with a maximum horsepower of 275 and a maximum power of 183/5600 (kW/min), and are equipped with a 6-speed automatic manual transmission. In addition, this car is also equipped with a 150-liter large fuel tank, which has a more lasting endurance.

Overbearing 4000 pays more attention to the active safety design and configuration of vehicles while giving full play to abundant power and showing off-road dynamics. The parallel imported Toyota Overbearing 4000 still maintains the non-loaded body and rear full bridge suspension, low-speed four-wheel drive, all-terrain tires, middle and rear differential locks, and excellent approach angle and departure angle. Toyota Overbearing 4000 has all the hard indicators necessary for a professional off-road vehicle.

At present, there are 23 models and 22 models of overbearing 4000 imported in parallel for sale, mainly in the Middle East. At present, the models on sale are TX-L two-gas, GX River Dubai version, TX-L nine-gas version, VX external single-difference leather version, VX River Dubai version, former R Dubai version, VX-L adventure version and many other versions on sale, and the current price is 64-87W, and all of them are on sale in the whole country.

That's all for this issue. If you want to know the details of configuration and quotation, please go to Parallel House for enquiry.

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