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Seclon 400rg3 (Seclon 400re3)

What is the hottest motorcycle category in recent years? You can know that ADV is on the list only by what you can see with the naked eye in the street. This kind of recreational vehicle caters well to many people's car buying psychology, and they want to spend a share of money to do several things. They don't necessarily go for a long-distance motorcycle trip, but they always want to go for a motorcycle trip. This phenomenon is just like the popularity of SUV models in the automobile market.

Sports wagons are also developed from the demand of "one car with multiple functions". Of course, the target groups of sports wagons and ADV models will not overlap to a great extent. Sports wagons pay more attention to the sporty appearance that young people like, but they are usually not as comfortable as most ADV or road wagons in driving posture. Therefore, sports station wagon is more like the product of the integration between sports vehicles and ADV/ road station wagon. If you want to break through, you must have your own direction.

Appearance should be sporty, technology should win.

If the sports station wagon can't attract its positioning crowd in appearance, it can basically be declared a failure. The creation of a sense of movement can also be clearly seen in RG3, which conforms to the general design rules of the current sports wagon. The design of a large enclosed fairing is adopted, and the frame is also wrapped. The shape of the whole vehicle is mainly full of big lines, and the large side plates also make the visual center of gravity more inclined to the front half of the vehicle, which looks like an anticlimactic feeling. At this time, the role of the side box is more prominent, and after the side box can break this sense of imbalance, it will look more harmonious.

The design of the lamp group in the front of the car is relatively sharp, which is officially called "Dragon Tuzhu", with combined daytime running lights on both sides and layered headlights sharing a circular lens in the middle. The design of this part of the headlight is very similar to that of the top sports wagon H2 SX. The lighting part has a very good configuration. After the light switch on the right handle is turned to the automatic position, the vehicle can automatically turn on the far and near lights and the backlight of the handle according to the ambient brightness, which is very humanized. At the same time, this set of light sense can also be associated with the instrument, and the brightness can also be adjusted and the day and night modes can be switched according to the environment.

The instrument is not just that simple. The car we got is a Zhixing version with a price of 34,800 yuan. Compared with the ordinary version, the extra price of 2,000 yuan can be changed to the functions of screen projection, tire pressure monitoring and front and rear dual-camera driving recorder, which is quite cost-effective. This 6.75-inch full-color TFT instrument also has a lot of fun. The instrument is large enough to display all the information, and you can also check the driving data, tire pressure and even tire temperature.

However, the biggest highlight of this instrument is the screen-projection navigation function. The car-machine interconnection needs to go through the third-party APP. You need to turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and modify the hotspot of the mobile phone to the style of "ZS ...". After the connection, the car-machine navigation and interface screen projection can be carried out. After practical use, the navigation function is very convenient, with accurate information display and timely response. At the same time, the navigation interface does not delay the routine information such as speed, speed, gear, oil quantity, water temperature and time, and it also avoids the damage of the traditional bracket method to the mobile phone due to vehicle vibration and sun and rain.

As for the screen projection function of the interface, it is a bit redundant. The vehicle itself can't make sound, and the screen resolution is far less clear than that of the mobile phone. It is also difficult to see fonts in some vertical screens. I really didn't expect application scenarios other than navigation. In addition, it is inevitable that the power consumption will increase because Bluetooth and hotspot need to be turned on at the same time when the mobile phone navigates on the screen. However, RG3 has two USB-A interfaces and a 12V interface on both sides of the instrument, so there is no need to worry about power supply, but the design with the charging port facing upwards is also a slot.

In addition, the shift lever of RG3 also has the ingenuity of designers. The position of the crossbar has two adjustable holes at the front and rear, which is convenient for riders with different foot lengths or shoe types to find the suitable length of the shift lever. This humanized design is very rare in domestic cars and must be praised. The windshield area is quite satisfactory, the angle is slightly smaller and the top wind guiding effect is not obvious. For riders over 175cm, there is no head wind resistance protection. In addition, the structural design of the windshield is not considered, and the lifting structure of the windshield is complicated. It is necessary to loosen the locking knobs on both sides first, and then control the lifting through the meshing of the other two gear knobs with the windshield. The operation is not convenient, and some of them are redundant. Here, only the sliding structure and locking knobs can be kept, which is simpler in structure and lower in cost.

Optional side box is easy to assemble and disassemble, and the capacity can hold half helmet.

Control should be steady and power should be enough.

The power unit of RG3 adopts Zongshen's TC400 engine, which has evolved again on the basis of the previous TC380. In terms of data, the actual displacement is 401mL, the maximum power is 31.5kW, and the maximum torque is 34n m.. In terms of internal structure, the connecting rod bearing bush is widened, which improves the bearing capacity of the bearing bush and improves the performance limit of the engine without losing its reliability. The application of forged piston can reduce engine vibration, and the piston ring is treated by DLC, which improves the wear resistance of piston ring and reduces unnecessary fuel consumption. Under the servo of Bosch EFI system, the output of the engine can be more stable and linear. The addition of sliding clutch can also make the gear shift smoother, and at the same time, the gear ratio of the gearbox is connected smoothly, and the power output is more linear when shifting up and down.

RG3 didn't give full play to its strength in the acceleration test. First of all, the maximum power and maximum torque speed were on the high side, and the engine would run out of oil when it turned 10,000, so it was difficult to catch the best shift point in the test, and such maximum power speed was basically not used for RG3 in daily riding. This car is also equipped with original factory modifications such as vehicle side guard box and side guard bar. In the state of half tank of oil, the weight of the whole car also exceeds 220kg, and then considering the wind resistance factor. 0-100km/h acceleration of 7.7s is a good result, especially 0-60km/h, which is 3s, and it is also excellent in the same level, and it has some sports feeling. Moreover, as a sports station wagon, the linearity of power output is more important than the power level, and RG3 performs well in this respect. Because of its engine speed tonality, RG3 also has good high-speed ductility in power.

RG3 adopts double opposite four-piston calipers with floating brake discs for front braking, and single-piston calipers for rear braking, with Bosch dual-channel ABS as standard. The braking force of front braking is sufficient or excessive, and the sudden braking has obvious "feeling of hitting the wall", but it is slightly insufficient in braking feel. The front-wheel anti-lock braking device is easy to trigger, which affects the braking level. The braking distance is 60-0km/h, and the braking time is 2.7s The braking performance belongs to the middle-stream level.

As a sports station wagon, RG3 has raised the handlebars in consideration of the comfort of travel, but the handlebars are far away from the cushions, so shorter riders still need to bend over. The cushion is generous and supportive, the pedal position is moderate, the leg space is abundant, and the vibration control of the whole vehicle is good during riding. Although the quality of the whole vehicle looks great in handling, it turns lightly and does not feel heavy when riding. Even the streetcar with the same displacement in Kelon is lighter and conforms to the positioning of the station wagon.

The damping system is vertical front fork with central rear damping, and the rear damping supports damping adjustment, but the adjustment position is hidden. Although this car has many optimizations for travel, the feeling of riding is equally obvious, especially in shock absorption. The adjustment of the vehicle damping system tends to be sporty, and the front damping performance is acceptable. When braking, the front of the vehicle will not be pressed down excessively, and the damping feedback is relatively soft when passing through obstacles. However, the rear shock absorption gives more consideration to the support and manned loading. The spring preload is hard and the rebound damping is not obvious. When the rear wheel passes through the speed bump, the shock is very obvious, which shows that no matter whether it is single or double riding, there is a lack of comfort.


The recognition of sports station wagon in the market was not high before, and the reason may be that its positioning is vague, and it can only please a small number of people who take into account the sports appearance and short-distance travel needs. In the past two years, there was also a spring breeze to launch 400GT in this market segment, but the response was flat. This year, Secco launched RG3 again, which has made more progress in some configurations and technological attributes, and the domestic road conditions are getting better and better, which is expected to attract more attention. However, in this year's background, the arrival of Honda 400X will also compete for cakes in this market. RG3 has opened a gap with it in terms of selling price and is richer in configuration. It's 400 times more expensive and thousands of dollars, and it's blessed by Honda Dafa. If RG3 can further increase the configuration differentiation, such as adding the configuration of travel attributes such as handlebar heating and seat heating, it may be more leisurely.

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