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Recently, Toyota found such a declaration information in the latest catalogue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is a joint venture mainstream brand FAW Toyota 2021 brand new Corolla declaration information, and this model is equipped with a three-cylinder engine. After the listing of Corolla, it is definitely a big sale of FAW Toyota, and it is highly popular in the consumer market. However, the current Toyota Corolla uses a 1.2T engine. According to the application report, the new Corolla's engine is equipped with a 1.5L three-cylinder engine with a maximum horsepower of 121Ps, which is enough for family use. If it is a four-cylinder engine, no one will doubt its market performance, but for the three-cylinder engine, there are Yinglang and Lingling before it.

Let's hear what Bo Wen says:

Bo Wen: I think the sales of three-cylinder Corolla will definitely decline, but the problem is not big, and there will be no subversive changes.

First, tracing back to history, Toyota has been making three cylinders since the 1990s, and Xiali's sales at that time can prove that at least Toyota's three cylinders still passed the customs, not to mention now?

Second, referring to the example, this m15 three-cylinder 1.5 has been tested in overseas markets, with low fuel consumption, sufficient power, good jitter and noise control, and there is no problem in terms of the engine itself.

The third is brand reputation and model reputation, which can greatly change the three-cylinder endorsement for Corolla and provide a certain degree of word-of-mouth buffer for this three-cylinder machine. However, Lei Ling may not be so lucky, because of the car pedigree problem, unless the price difference with Corolla increases.

Fourth, Toyota's three-cylinder engine is a series, followed by a three-cylinder 1.5 hybrid engine. Once the three-cylinder 1.5 self-priming fails, it can be used as a repair plan B. See Honda, which ate crabs first. The sales volume of Lingpai's three-cylinder 1.0T fell sharply, and the hybrid rescue was launched in time.

The fifth is to look at the marketing strategy and the attitude of the manufacturer to launch this three-cylinder machine. Although the machine is good, it is also against the world. Therefore, manufacturers should take a correct attitude, and don't put gold on their faces with the banner of advanced technology, environmental protection and low energy consumption, and then raise prices. It's true that consumers don't know how to count. See Ford Buick, blindly advocating advanced high-tech content is too high. I have a prejudice against the three-cylinder machine itself and will never speak again. To put it bluntly, the cost of a single 3-cylinder 1.5 self-priming engine is lower than that of the 4-cylinder 1.2T currently on sale. The manufacturer has already taken advantage of the economic account, so it's good to have fun, and don't be an idiot over consumers.

Sixth, the follow-up market feedback. If this three-cylinder 1.5 performs well, the noise jitter is similar to that of the four-cylinder, and there is no obvious difference. Combined with the above points, I think the sales volume of Corolla will not change substantially.

Bo Wen: The change from four cylinders to three cylinders is the same as the sudden change from 1.6 with perfect performance to 1.2T with small displacement. Although it is a historic change, Toyota has always been striving for stability, and the things it takes out are finally basically controversial. This is the brand characteristic of Toyota, and it can't be more stable. How tolerant domestic consumers are of Volkswagen's burning engine oil, Honda's multi-engine oil and Audi's asphalt interior, and the final sales volume has not been delayed. Toyota's three-cylinder is not a big defect, and criticism is indispensable, but I predict that as long as there is an advantage in price, the market will not be greatly affected.

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