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Sagitar steering wheel hitches (sagitar steering wheel hitches)

Sometimes, when we are driving, there will be strange noises in the car, which is very annoying. Because cars are composed of tens of thousands of dynamic parts, there are many reasons for abnormal noise. Let's not talk about those who are too professional. Let's briefly summarize a few common abnormal sounds. If you encounter similar situations, you can check them. Most abnormal noises come from the following aspects:


Abnormal sound inside the car


The low-speed bumpy road will ring

The sound of knocking on the goods in the storage compartment in the car, the goods in the glove box or the wires with electronic equipment installed later. Sometimes this kind of sound will be reflected back through the ceiling, and you will feel that the ceiling is ringing.

Reason: In this case, pay attention to check whether the storage compartment, the inside of the hand-held box, the sunglasses nose frame in the glasses box will also ring, and whether the wires of the newly installed driving recorder are loose.
This abnormal sound inspection method: make a fist with your hand, and knock in some areas of the car. When the sound of knocking on a certain part appears, make sure that there is something around the whole part nearby, take it out or fix it one by one, and confirm it by knocking. If the sound disappears, it means that what you take out or fix is the source of abnormal sound.


The second situation

If there is abnormal noise at both low speed and high speed, and the faster the speed and the faster the frequency, it means that it is related to the transmission mechanism, so it is necessary to check the transmission parts outside the car, such as tires and ball cages.
Reason: This kind of noise is accompanied by transmission or vibration, which is different from the fragmentary clatter in the car. It's easy to tell the difference. Go to the repair shop and turn the tires on the shelf after confirmation.


The third situation

It has nothing to do with the speed, and the noise is irregular, like the sound of knocking outside the car.
Reason: in this case, pay attention to dealing with scattered items around the door frame and trunk, or check the chassis of the car. Check whether there are fallen leaves or sundries under the front windshield that are blown by airflow to produce knocking sound, or whether it is the shaking knocking sound of scattered objects at the bottom of the car body or the trunk; Or there are plastic bags or other sundries hanging under the car.


The fourth situation

The vehicle with turbine hisses when accelerating.

Cause: The sound of turbocharging in this case. Normally, the racing car will specially amplify this sound, which will make the racing driver feel very exciting.


The fifth situation

After stopping and turning off the engine, you will hear a regular hissing sound from the engine compartment, like a tire venting, but it is very regular.
Reason: This kind of sound is the sound of oil pump pressure relief, especially for T-belt and in-cylinder direct injection vehicles. You can ignore it.


The sixth situation

When idling, stand in front of the car and make a loud noise with the engine speed.

Reason: If you have changed the motor pulley, or haven't changed the motor pulley for more than 80,000 kilometers, you should go to the repair shop to check the motor pulley. It is likely that the motor pulley is aging or just changed unqualified.


When turning, there was a bang from the front of the car.

Reason: Generally, there is something wrong with the cage, so go to the repair shop for inspection as soon as possible. If the jacket is broken and leaks oil, you can replace the jacket and clean the ball. If the oil is dry and the balls are worn, the whole cage needs to be replaced. This abnormal sound will be accompanied by acceleration, and the front wheel will feel the "Zeng Zeng" friction sound whose frequency is proportional to the speed.


The front wheels of the car "clanged" when passing through the shock absorber.

Reason: Most of it is because the top glue or steering rod ball head is loose. When sagitar and magotan's top rubber, also called plane bearing, has problems, abnormal noise will appear when turning, which is a bit like the sound of tire rubber grinding the ground. After the vehicle is put on the shelf and lifted off, it will make a regular "bar" sound when turning to the tire and bearing. This is basically the sound of balls inside the bearing.


After parking, the bottom of the car crackled.

Cause: Three-way catalytic converter expands with heat and contracts with cold. Normal phenomenon.


The squeaking noise in the engine is regular with the speed, or the frequency is even when idling.

Reason: The sound emitted by a transmission wheel needs to be checked in a repair shop or detected by a stethoscope, which is generally related to the single pulley.

Basically, the common abnormal sound can be checked from the above aspects. If you haven't found out the problem, you can go to the repair shop to find a professional master to listen to it, and then do the elimination method to determine the noise part.


There are several cases of abnormal brake sound.


New cars and brake discs are all new, so they need to be worn away. At this time, the brakes will have abnormal noise, which can be divided into vibration friction and sharp filar silk sound. But it will disappear after hundreds of kilometers.

Treatment: As long as the brakes of a new car are abnormal, don't worry about it. If you don't deviate, the car will not sway when you brake suddenly, and it will be fine if you don't deviate.


Sandstorm weather or dusty time: At this time, sand or dust particles will enter between the discs, causing the brakes to hiss and sound abnormally.

Treatment: slam on the brakes a few times, or leave him alone, and the noise will be gone in two days.


Brake pads wear to the wear area. There is a hard tip, and it is filar silk sound at this time.

When the brakes hiss continuously for several days, and the noise is getting louder and louder, it means that the brake pads are almost gone. Brake pads generally have some hard metal chips at the bottom, which are deliberately put in. When these chips are ground, they will make a hissing sound of metal friction, which tells the owner that the brake pads are almost gone, and it is time to replace the brake pads.
Please note that the difference is that the sand or the brake pads are almost gone, that is, the sound duration. If there is noise for a week or half a month, and it is getting louder and louder, it is the brake pad. Otherwise, there are other reasons. Don't replace the brake pads by mistake.


The sudden braking rattles and the brake pedal feels vibration:

Reason: In this case, the anti-lock function of ABS tire is started, which will happen in the case of sudden braking. This situation can be ignored.


When braking, there are two situations:

A, the weather is wet or there is water in the brake disc, and the disc is wet, which will happen at low speed.

B, when reversing, the brakes whine: usually, the disc friction is moving forward with fixed lines. When reversing, the wheels turn back, and the friction force of the disc lines changes, so there will be vibration and whine. There will be at slow speed, but not at fast speed.
There is a purring sound. Once you grind it several times, the grain changes and it won't appear again.


The car stopped for a few days, and it happened to rain. When driving again, there would be a bang at the wheel, and the car body would shake, and then there would be no more.
This is because on rainy days, the brake disc and brake pad stick together because of corrosion. Don't worry, it's normal. If the vehicle is parked in rainy days, a layer of rust will appear on the brake disc two days later. Never mind it. When you drive, you will have no brakes. No harm to safe driving.

The above is the most common abnormal noise in the car. However, the composition of the vehicle is complex, and there are many inexplicable abnormal noises, which can't be found without tools. Therefore, if you find an unidentified abnormal sound, go to the repair shop for inspection as soon as possible. Abnormal sound means that you should call the police in advance. If you don't pay attention to it, you may be thrown on the road and even affect driving safety. The danger of abnormal noise from vehicles should not be underestimated.

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