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Benagli 302 speed (how many yards does Benagli 302 speed get)

I am a title of generals in ancient times, welcome to pay attention!

Recently, Excelle Guanwei made a series of hype about its new car COBRA 321R, which was mysterious but shattered glass.

The official announced that this new model will be released on the 19th of this month.

Judging from the side and rear pictures released by the official, there is almost no change from the renderings sent by the media a few years ago.

Judging from the publicity pictures, there is a single rocker arm.

The engine may be a water-cooled parallel two-cylinder machine provided by Longxin. The actual displacement is 321cc, the maximum output power can reach 30KW, and the estimated curb weight may be about 175KG.

If the above data is true, then the NA with a speed of 180KM/H is really not blown out.

Counting Excelle's COBRA 321R, you can find an interesting phenomenon. Most domestic water-cooled twin-cylinder engines are concentrated in 400cc and above, and there are not many water-cooled twin-cylinder engines with displacement below 400cc.

Analyze one by one!

Benagli 302S is one, but it has a heavy weight and average handling ability. As a streetcar, it is not a big problem, but he can't provide it if he wants to handle it more skillfully.

Haojue DR300 has to be counted as one, but the price and scarcity, Haojue's focus is not on the ultimate control, but on the grasp of quality control. For those users who pursue excitement, DR300 is a bit dull.

Qingqi GV300 and Bendajingira also have 300CC water-cooled double cylinders, but the structure of V cylinder makes the body huge and light. The key reason is that the engine with this structure has high requirements for the frame, and it is basically impossible to use the ready-made frame, so you have to redesign it, which will increase the R&D and procurement costs of manufacturers, and at the same time, the design of V cylinder will also lead to a large space occupation, which will lead to the problem of difficult placement of other ancillary equipment. Therefore,

Excelle's COBRA 321R has a clear view of this market space, and the parallel two-cylinder engine is compact, light and easy to install. Compared with the V-cylinder, the theoretically squeezable power output is larger, and the overall layout is relatively simple. The most important thing is that Yamaha MT-03 is a ready-made teacher.

Therefore, Excelle's abacus is very simple. To make a streetcar with a 300cc water-cooled parallel two-cylinder engine with high power and handling performance, the market space is still quite large. With high-standard configuration, there is no big problem in quality control. After several waves of indiscriminate bombing in the media circle, do you think anyone will pay the bill?

Buy MT-03, you can't buy it, even a small-scale car is expensive. Now Excelle's small-row street car with the same performance is in front of you, and the price is more than half cheaper. Think about this temptation.

Ok, let's stop here for a moment. Welcome to pay attention to the development of the title of generals in ancient times. On the 18th, we will go to Chongqing to cover the Expo, and take dry goods to meet the needs of your readers.

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