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Hyundai Motor Quotation Collection (picture of Hyundai Motor Quotation Collection)

On November 5, 2022, Beijing Hyundai Motor officially announced the official guide price of the new Fista Line.

Three new cars were launched, and the official guide price ranged from 138,800 yuan to 154,800 yuan.


Fista line listed.

car make and model

Official guide price

Line elite editionThirteen point eight eightLine deluxe editionFourteen point five eightLine flagship editionFifteen point four eightAika Auto Network Tabulation www.xcar.com.cn

A quick look at the highlights of new cars

Modern automobile "sexy sense of movement" design language

Add line sports kit

Exaggerated black sports tail

Bilateral four-outlet exhaust system

Double 10.25-inch screen

Intelligent network 4.0 system

New car introduction

In terms of appearance, compared with the current models, the details of the new Fista line have been adjusted accordingly, and the slightly greasy chrome trim strip has been removed from the middle net, which looks more concise and capable after blackening. In addition, the N-row sports kit has also completely redesigned the shape of the front bumper, and the fangs shape is very combative. The newly designed dot matrix mesh also reflects the designer's ingenuity in details. Four hexagonal daytime running lights are embedded in the left and right sides of the China Net, which, together with the sharp LED headlights, are like the extension of the headlight beam, with better visual effect and stronger recognition.

The lines on the side of the car are smooth and dynamic, especially under different light irradiation, showing the design aesthetics of combining rigidity with flexibility. The length, width and height parameters of the new Fista line are 4690mm*1790mm*1425mm, and the wheelbase is 2700 mm. Compared with the current models, the overall size of the new line is slightly improved in terms of body length. In the rear part, the overall shape of the new Fista line is more radical and bold. The layered rear of the car looks full and full of three-dimensional sense. The taillight part adopts penetrating design elements as a whole. To be precise, the lampshade part is penetrating structure, with LED headlights on the left and right sides, and the middle light belt only plays a decorative role and cannot be lit.

In terms of interiors, the improvement in the texture of the new car is eye-catching. The center console abandons the slightly dull design style of the current model and adopts an immersive cockpit design, and the center console as a whole tends to the driver's side, which is convenient for operation and highlights its sports attributes. The multifunctional steering wheel also adopts a brand-new four-spoke flat-bottomed design. In terms of functions, the left side mainly controls the driving computer, multimedia system, Bluetooth phone and voice functions; The right side is responsible for controlling the driving assistance function of the vehicle. It is worth mentioning that the car is also equipped with shift paddles, which can improve driving pleasure to a certain extent.

As for the vehicle, the new Fista N Line is equipped with the latest intelligent network connection 4.0 system, which can realize the linkage of multiple personalized application information and support the functions of S-OTA wireless upgrade, streaming media, voice recognition and navigation linkage. Simple hands-on experience, clear and delicate screen display quality, smooth interface sliding without jamming, and a row of touch buttons are designed below to facilitate quick switching of car functions.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 1.5T engine code-named G4FS, with a maximum power of 147kW and a maximum torque of 253Nm. The engine adopts the CVVD continuously variable valve duration technology pioneered by Hyundai Motor in the world, which improves performance and economy, and effectively reduces emissions. It is reported that the acceleration time of the new car is 8.2 seconds, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of WLTC is 6.15L per 100 kilometers. Matching the engine is a 7-speed DCT dry dual-clutch gearbox independently developed by Hyundai Motor.

Analysis of competitiveness

Fista N Line will directly face the competition from Honda Civic after listing. Compared with Civic, Fista N Line has obvious advantages in longitudinal dimension, and it is more attractive than Civic in terms of body length and wheelbase. In terms of power, the advantages of Fista N Line are also obvious. Compared with Civic 240TURBO, Fista N Line will attract more young consumers who have certain requirements on performance, regardless of maximum power, maximum torque or dual-clutch gearbox.

Dongfeng Honda Civic

Editor's point of view: As a mid-term redesigned model, the appearance of Fista N Line shows the sincerity of Beijing Hyundai, and the promotion from the inside out brings many surprises to young consumers. However, in the compact car market, in addition to the Civic, there are also models that focus on sports attributes like the Lexus 03, not to mention that each of them is not a good crop. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether Fista N Line can stand out from the tight encirclement despite its strong products.

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