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Fuel consumption of Secco rx1s2021 (how about fuel consumption of Secco rx1s)

Leisure travel is the best choice for urbanites to relieve the pressure of life and work. For motorcycles, it is convenient and fast, and the use cost is low. It is easy to take a trip.

With the liberalization and development of the motorcycle market, after thirty or forty years of progress, our domestic independent brands are not inferior to joint venture cars at all, even stronger. The price of two recreational vehicles is around 17,000 yuan. One is our domestic independent brand Zongshen Sai Kelon RX1S, and its design is also magnificent. The good thing is that the original car has three boxes after the front bumper.

It is equipped with Zongshen PY200 water-cooled engine. No matter whether it is long-term low-speed load bearing or high-temperature weather, there is no need to worry about the thermal decay effect of the engine in plateau areas, so as to maintain lasting and stable power output.

This point is superior to Wuyang Honda Mimo 190 air-cooled engine in power output, low-speed long-term driving, promotion and fuel consumption. This is also the reason why people choose water-cooled engines.

All-terrain wide vacuum tire, waterproof circuit design, universal serial bus charging port as standard, it is worth mentioning that OBD intelligent locomotive system provides global positioning system positioning and fault code prompt.

Another car is Wuyang Honda Fierce Three-box version. The advantage of this car is that the front wheel is equipped with anti-lock braking device and anti-lock system, which is safer. It matches Honda's PGM-Fi EFI system, which is much more expensive than Zongshen Seclon RX1S in 1000 yuan, but it is inferior to Zongshen Seclon in terms of power output and anti-theft.

For the current EFI car, the original data of EFI system has a great influence on fuel saving and failure rate of a car. To sum up, I think the three-box version of Wuyang Honda Fierce is more suitable for long-distance travel or transportation.

At the moment, how do you choose? Do you choose Meng Bi or Sai Kelong?

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