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Sekelon rt3 modified audio (Sekelon rt3 modified wide-body surround)

  • On August 3rd, 2018, which is my birthday, the gift I ordered for myself was Seclon RT3.
  • At that time, I wandered around like fans for a long time and didn't know what kind of big pedal to buy. At that time, Guangyang Rowing 250 and Silver Blade 250 were very popular, because RT3 was out of stock, so I had to book a car in JD.COM by crowdfunding. This was the first time I bought a motorcycle online, and I didn't know anything about it. I couldn't be deeply attracted by the appearance of Seclon RT3, so I made up my mind to settle down.
  • At that time, when crowdfunding waited in line for a long time, I forgot that I had ordered a motorcycle. Thanks to the dealer's call, I asked me to pick up the car and pay the final payment. I forgot how much it was. When I arrived at the dealer, the dealer said that you were the first Sekelon RT3 owner in Handan, and I was happy for a while. Then I led my friends to buy the same car one after another. According to my statistics, I ordered more than 100 cars online. The specific number was not too detailed. I know more than 30 friends around me, and I became a little online celebrity for no reason. At that time, I thought about the name for a long time. A brother gave me a little daddy's motorcycle, which represented poetry and happiness in the distance. I used this screen name from then on.

  • This is the first time to ride my big white mountain.

  • At that time, the rain in Wu 'an really penetrated my friend's raincoat. He was in the spring breeze and NK150 was covered with rain. My brother cast envious eyes. The only advantages of the pedal were that the windproof legs would not get wet in rainy days. The most important thing was to play for a day. Shoes and clothes were clean and I was not angry at that time.
  • The third RT3 in Handan met and met in 19 years.
  • Meet at home. This is fate.

  • This was taken on Kangda Road to record that it was driving about 5,000 kilometers at that time. Many netizens said that the first batch of cars loved to stall, and I did encounter it. Finally, it was good for the manufacturer to come and upgrade, but it was not true that the fuel economy of the first generation was not as good. At that time, it gave me the feeling that it was really awesome to take the train to help you solve the problem if there was any problem after the sale. Here, I am most grateful to Manager He, who told me patiently every time I had any questions, including minor ones, and now he has become a good buddy. thank you

  • This is the punch-in Yongnian Baili Gallery. The scenery inside is very beautiful. It is worth coming. At that time, it was almost 8,000 kilometers, and there was no problem at that time.

  • This is the first time that we punched in Linzhou to run a one-way trip of 300 kilometers. Linzhou Grand Canyon and Hongqi Canal are worth visiting. The scenery is really beautiful, especially after the light rain, the mountains are almost foggy like fairyland.
  • When I was in Linzhou, my car had an accident. When I went up the mountain, my car's auxiliary water tank leaked. The first batch of water tanks were really not durable, and many riders also responded to this. After upgrading and optimizing by the manufacturer, the water tanks are all right now, and I can't squat down on a bad road.
  • At that time, it was driving about 10 thousand kilometers, and the texture of the car was very good.

  • It's okay. We'll take the team out to have some air and relax. The total mileage of the car is about 15 thousand, and the car is in good condition. At that time, I felt that the handlebar was swinging from side to side, so the manufacturer directly replaced the steering column bearing for me.

    This is Tianxin Town in Wu 'an, please record it.

    This is Jiulong Mountain in Wu 'an. We have nothing to do. We punch in here to take pictures and practice cycling.

    Brothers are changing Rt3 one after another.

    This is Kang Ercheng Park in Wu 'an. The scenery is good and it is suitable for everyone to punch in together.

    When the epidemic broke out last year, it was popular to shoot planes. We went to the airport specially, and we didn't wait for the plane to come, so we had to face the sky for a few photos.

    Welcome everyone to come and play in Handan.

    • From August, 18 to January, 2021, it traveled about 30,000 kilometers. When encountering minor problems, manufacturers can solve them in time at any time.
    • So far, I haven't encountered any major problems, and the quality is still ok. Believe me, this car can bring you poetry and distance.
    • If you want to join our team and play together, you can leave a comment below.
    • Next time, I'll talk about what practical accessories I have modified Seclon RT3.
    • Let's call it a day! bye-bye

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