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Suzuki dl250 (Suzuki dl250 plus 95 gasoline or 92)

Spoiled DL250

Just the day before yesterday, on May 19th, Haojue Suzuki motorcycles released and updated two classic models of 2022-DL 250 and GSX250R. These two models with different styles are basically a generation of classics that everyone knows in the motorcycle circle. In particular, DL250 has been active in Xinjiang, Tibet and other western plateau areas in recent years, and has become a magic car widely recognized by the motorcycle industry. Today, Xiaobian takes everyone to look at the new DL250. What are the places worthy of attention?

As far as the overall appearance of this car is concerned, the shape of the whole car is still very atmospheric and calm. Unfortunately, the newly released 2022 DL250 has little improvement in the main core configuration, and still uses the old ones. Basically, on the basis of the old core configuration, the painting was changed. This is a bit disappointing for motorcycle friends. In the current market environment where major domestic manufacturers have introduced new products one after another, motorcycle friends have more and more choices. I really don't know if DL250 can keep its brand of motorcycle.

The front of the car still adopts the classic bird's beak design, which effectively reduces the wind resistance and can avoid splashing sand from hitting the headlights.

The classic round headlight design is still a halogen lamp as always. This car has been updated several times. Is it so difficult to change a light?

The 17.3-liter large-capacity fuel tank is four liters more than the GW250 fuel tank, and basically each tank can last more than 500 kilometers. It is very practical for long-distance travel, especially in the western region.

Specially designed hand shield can keep out wind and rain and flying sand and stones. It can also provide effective protection for the joystick when the vehicle accidentally falls over.

The newly designed extended high molecular material anti-ironing board has better heat insulation effect; The rising triangular barrel design can effectively improve the wading ability.

This car is equipped with an asynchronous in-line two-cylinder four-stroke water-cooled 250cc engine, which is said to be specially improved for motorcycle riding in China. The actual displacement is 248cc, and the vibration suppression and noise-to-noise ratio are all adjusted very low, so 92 # oil can adapt. The maximum horsepower output is 25Ps, the maximum power reaches 18.4kw/8000rpm, and the maximum torque is increased to 23.4N m/6500rpm. It has excellent medium and low speed power performance and can be used in complex road conditions.

Ergonomic triangle design suitable for motorcycle brigade, which increases the height difference between handlebar and seat cushion, makes riding sitting posture comfortable, and enables more relaxed long-distance riding. And the height of 795mm cushion can basically adapt to various heights and increase the landing performance; You can also choose to step on the gear or pick the gear configuration according to your usage habits.

The ABS braking system is equipped with front and rear ABS anti-lock braking systems, and with imported splash discs with front wheels φ Φ290mm and rear wheels φ Φ240mm, it can easily cope with various emergencies during the journey.

Equipped with vacuum tires with front wheels of 110/80-17M/C57H and rear wheels of 140/70-17M/C66H, it is basically suitable for most road conditions.

36W high-power power supply interface, and anti-theft device interface is reserved under the seat cushion.

Advanced negative LCD instrument, full of sense of science and technology.

The car-grade chip anti-theft system is creatively introduced into the 250cc class. Only by using the original chip key matched with the built-in ECU system can the motorcycle be started normally, and the anti-theft function of the whole vehicle can be improved, so that motorcycle riders can feel more at ease when traveling for a long time.

The three-box version is matched with a 23L tail box made of nylon glass fiber composite and a pair of 20L side-opened boxes. This three boxes is also a big slot. Who doesn't know that you will bring a lot of things on the road? And the 23L trunk is nervous to install a full helmet, let alone decorate anything else. It's not practical to open the side box sideways, and it's not easy to put a bunch of things here. When it's opened, it's all spilled out. I really don't know what Haojue Suzuki motorcycles is thinking. They really don't know what the tourists need.

The newly listed dl250 is still the same as the previous two versions. The official price of the standard version is 26,580 yuan, and the official price of the three-box version is 27,680 yuan. The price has not changed with the 21 models.

On the whole, the new release of Haojue Suzuki motorcycles surprised the majority of motorcycle friends. There was nothing new to update, just eating the old signs completely. I have to say that Haojue Suzuki motorcycles are spoiled by our friends in China. On the other hand, however, Haojue Suzuki dares to do this because of its stable engine technology and overall body work, so it dares to remain so capricious under the encirclement and suppression of major domestic manufacturers. When can domestic manufacturers be so willful?

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