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Sekelon ra250 landing price (Sekelon ra250 motorcycle)

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This is an article about Che Xun, which is quietly located in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. Zhuangwei Locomotive has released an American cruise car named Wei Wei 250, and the price is 19,999 yuan.

Potential users who like American cruise cars are very picky about their face value, and if they don't look good, they don't want them. American cruise cars, which have been talked about many times before, have higher aesthetic requirements for designers. If they are identical, they are easy to be labeled as imitations, but if they are too free to play, they are easy to be sprayed. Not to mention, the original V16 of a factory in Chongqing a few years ago is a typical case, and the weird headlights and exhaust pipes make everyone rush.

Fortunately, the face value of prestige 250 did not make such a mistake, and it was neither deviant nor suspected of counterfeiting the cottage. To tell the truth, I even felt that it was quite good-looking. The whole vehicle was well coordinated, and the engine and frame were stuffed with a strong sense of quantity. The exhaust pipe designed by the company was simple and elegant, and in terms of appearance, prestige 250 did not lose points.

The prestige 250 should be the first water-cooled V-cylinder 250-displacement engine in China, designed by Zhuang Wei, with a displacement of 249cc, a maximum power of 14 kW/8,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 18 nm/6,500 rpm. The book data is really almost meaningless, basically not much different from the air-cooled machine, but for this cruise type of car, it is meaningless to simply compare the book data. The power output characteristics are suitable for most people's preferences, and the more important criteria are good running quality, durable leather and low fuel consumption, so it depends on the actual driving experience before we can draw a conclusion.

Headlights are the same as the design of Zhuangwei 400, with three peanut-shaped LED lens beads. It is reasonable to say that lighting effects will not be bad at night, but seeing is believing.

The fuel tank has a capacity of 18 liters, so it should have enough cruising range. The circular LCD single instrument is designed on the fuel tank, with traditional American cruise design style, fuel tank switch and compass on both sides of the instrument, chrome-plated metal processing technology, silver light and good feel.

The specifications of the front and rear wheels are 120/80-16 and 150/80-15 respectively. The diameter of the hub is slightly smaller than the 17-inch diameter of the streetcar, but it also has better steering flexibility. The front and rear braking systems are respectively four-piston opposed calipers with floating single disc and single-piston calipers with single disc and dual-channel ABS.

The front fork is inverted, the brand is unknown, and it may be made in Yu 'an, China. The rear shock absorber is double-gun shock absorber with adjustable preload.

The original factory is equipped with guardrail, side bag, backrest and handlebar rearview mirror, which saves the trouble of installing, and is not afraid that Uncle Shu Li will say that you are not F-modified.

The transmission system is horse brand belt transmission, which is a product provided by famous brand parts manufacturers. Durability and maintenance-free are the biggest selling points, and it also fits the positioning of the product itself.

The price of prestige 250 is 19,999 yuan, so let's count it as 20,000 yuan. This pricing is believed to be the result of careful consideration and comparison. For example, the domestic 250-displacement single-cylinder water-cooled engine cruise car Sekelon RA250 is 17,580 yuan, the flash 250 is 17,999 yuan, and the prestige 250 is 2,000 yuan more expensive than them, but it is a V-cylinder engine, which is more expensive. Of course, compare it with the domestic 300cc V-type two-cylinder cruise. For example, the price of Jinjila 300TCS version and Flash 300 is 23,880 yuan and 23,999 yuan respectively, and the price of prestige 250 is nearly 4,000 yuan cheaper, so the pricing of prestige 250 is a marginal ball, aiming at this price gap.

Weifeng 250 is a product of Yongyuan Locomotive. Yongyuan Group is a private enterprise that once built cars, and it also has certain R&D strength. At the same time, Yongyuan has worked in the motorcycle industry for many years. Qualified fans should remember the Leopard 250 of Yongyuan, which is quite famous in the domestic motorcycle circle. Now Yongyuan has cruise cars with 400cc and 800cc displacement for sale, and its products are exported to the European market, enjoying a certain reputation internationally. Motorcycle manufacturing is familiar. With the help of the mature and perfect supporting chain in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, it is actually not difficult for Yongyuan to build motorcycles. However, the brand awareness of Yongyuan has declined a lot over the years. I hope Yongyuan can spend more time polishing products, listen to the voices of consumers, keep improving, and make more efforts in the adjustment and quality control of riding experience, so as to gain a foothold in the domestic market with serious involution.

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