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Great Wall Tantok 700 Quotation and Pictures (Top Quotation of Great Wall Tantok 300 Pictures)






Therefore, in the first five months of this year, the cumulative sales volume of the two models, Tank 300 and Tank 500, was 39,836, which is not bad in terms of independent high-end positioning. We should know that even the lowest-priced tank 300 has a manufacturer's guide price of 19.58-30.80 million yuan, which belongs to independent high-end pricing and even reaches the starting price space of some luxury brands.

Previously, it was also reported that the tank 300 waited for nearly half a year, while the tank 500 waited for nearly one year. According to this production capacity, it is estimated that it is very difficult to achieve the goal of 200,000 vehicles. Now the arrival of the tank 700, I don't know whether the production capacity of the tank factory can bear it. From this point of view, tank 700 can also escape the price increase phenomenon at the beginning of listing, which will be another carnival moment for car dealers.

For tanks, "slow production and full sales" may be a good strategy, because the influx of a large number of the same cars at once is not only a test for sales channels, but also a big test for product reputation.

The arrival of Tank 700 is an attempt by Great Wall Group to hit the high end. The high price and urgent production capacity are also doomed not to become hot-selling products, but it does not prevent it from becoming a hot model. Tank 700 has fully entered the "hinterland" of luxury brands, and it is under a lot of pressure. Although it has a cost-effective advantage in the face of luxury brands, it is also challenging consumers' inherent impression of car selection. Of course, as consumers, I am also very happy to have more choices, especially self-owned brands with full cost performance.

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