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Land Cruiser lc300 Price Parameters (Land Cruiser lc300 Price Video)

Text: Understand the original Gao Shuaipeng of Che Di

A few days ago, we learned from domestic parallel import car dealers that a new generation of Toyota Land Cruiser will be delivered in China, which also means that the first batch of new generation Land Cruiser models introduced through parallel import channels will be officially sold after nearly two years in China. It is reported that New Land Cruiser can choose propylamine methyl thiophosphate and VX in China. Two rare models, both of which are Middle Eastern versions, can be simply understood as "low version" and "high version", and the price quoted by parallel imported car dealers is 1 million-1.4 million yuan.

The above picture shows the Middle East version of 2022 3.5t VX-R.

The new generation Land Cruiser code-named LC300 made its world debut in June 2021, and then the car arrived at domestic ports in August. Looking back at the previous foreign media reports, Toyota once said that the delivery cycle of the new generation of Land Cruiser is expected to be more than four years due to overlapping factors such as large demand and chip shortage, and even the price of the new generation of Land Cruiser in the used car market in Japan is already twice the guide price of new cars.

2022 3.5T VX-R Middle East Interior

High version of VX. Rarely equipped with 360-degree panoramic image

JBL stereo and front seat heating/ventilation in propylamine thiophosphate and VX. Rare models are equipped.

According to the configuration information provided by a parallel imported car dealer, the new generation of Land Cruiser to be delivered in China can choose propylamine methyl thiophosphate and VX. Rare two models, GR-SPORT model has not been mentioned this time. Specifically, the "Low Edition" VX model can provide LED headlights, 20-inch rims, 265/55 R20 tires, JBL stereo, front seat ventilation/heating, rear seat ventilation, 12.3-inch central control panel, 12 airbags for the whole vehicle, and car refrigerator. At the same time, a new generation of Land Cruiser "High Edition" VX. Rare in the configuration of propylamine methyl thiophosphate, 360-degree panoramic image, rear seat heating, red and black leather interior are added.

High version of VX. Rare cars use red and black color matching.

High version of VX. Rare with rear seat heating/ventilation function.

Equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo engine.

Matching 10-speed automatic gearbox

With tank u-turn, central differential lock, etc.

According to previous reports, the new generation Land Cruiser is developed by Toyota Tumor Necrosis Factor Platform, and the vehicle weight is reduced by 200 kg compared with the previous generation. The power system of this imported domestic model is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo engine with a maximum power of 415 HP and a peak torque of 650 Nm. The transmission system is matched with a 10-speed automatic gearbox. In addition, the new generation of Land Cruiser can also provide a 4.0-liter V6 naturally aspirated engine in the Middle East market, which has a maximum power of 275 HP and a peak torque of 385 Nm, matching a 6-speed automatic transmission.

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