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How to clear the fuel consumption display of Suzuki dl250 (how to adjust the fuel consumption display of Suzuki dl250)

Hello, everyone, after nearly four months of off-duty, our DL250 long test finally ushered in a new content. During these three months, due to the nature of the owner's work, we have been unable to spare time to cooperate with our test drive. After paying the price of three packs of spicy strips, DL250 finally got it and presented today's article for everyone.

The first two issues were static details and the experience sharing of urban commuting, and in order to fit the title of DL250 "Motor Travel Artifact", this article will focus on the performance of high-speed cruising and fuel consumption of DL250.

Long-term measurement contents of DL250 in the past:

The first long test of DL250, gradually understand how to play with the motorcycle artifact.

[DL250 Long Test Second Bomb] Exists in the city as a mediocre person to play with.

This short long-distance route is from Beijing to Gubeishui Town in Miyun District. The whole high-speed road is about 220km and the mountain road is about 30km, which is close to the weekend play of most motorcycle friends.

First of all, it is still necessary to spit out its widely criticized car weight. With the low center of gravity, the 205kg curb weight has no doubt about the tracking and stability during high-speed cruising, and the heavy feeling during straight driving is not even lost to the 600-class car. But in corners, this stability has become a burden.

For the dexterity of long-distance road conditions, we took off the two side boxes of DL250, but compared with our other long-distance measuring vehicle G310GS, DL250 is still a little clumsy in cornering, and it needs to spend more thought to change its traveling posture, and it needs to "compete" with it all the time when the vehicle leans around the corner to get the ideal cornering angle.

The DL250 is inclined to the upright riding triangle, and the stepped seat cushion is quite comfortable during long-term driving, and I didn't feel tired during the journey for more than an hour. However, the width of the handle is somewhat narrow, and the arm feels "curled up" inward. After two hours of riding, the cheap arm felt a little sore. A slightly taller motorcycle friend may be awkward.

In addition, the comfort brought by the front windshield and hand guards of DL250 during high-speed riding is still worthy of recognition. There is almost no interference from the oncoming wind on the hand, while the front windshield can filter out the oncoming wind on the chest and guide the airflow to the head and arms, which is a very practical configuration during long-distance and high-speed driving.

In the last urban road experience, Nirvana had already made full contact with the shock absorber and brake of DL250, but when changing to high-speed road conditions, we still have to nag about this configuration again.

Compared with the soft feeling at low speed, the shock absorber of DL250 has some tough feeling when maintaining high-speed cruise, and the support strength brought by acceleration and deceleration and rapid steering is greater than that when driving slowly on the street. In other words, with the increase of speed, the supporting force of this set of shock absorbers also becomes stronger.

And this Nissin brake system is still a vague feel, and it feels like gambling when you pinch it, and you can't figure out at which stage it will exert its strength. If you are used to it, but have not adapted to it, users will definitely feel guilty at the first contact.

In addition, after a lapse of more than three months, we once again got that the mileage of this long-distance car has reached more than 7 thousand kilometers, and the clutch feel has changed greatly compared with the last contact. The virtual position of the clutch horn has increased to a quarter, and the clutch plate is very abrupt. If you don't pay attention to it, you will jump forward. The initial analysis is that the clutch plate is worn due to the increase of mileage.

Let's talk about the high-speed dynamic performance of DL250. As a vehicle that focuses on long-distance travel, expressway is definitely an indispensable environment for daily life. The power output of the engine is biased to the high speed range, after all, it is a two-cylinder engine. After 5000 rpm, the power is gradually exerted, and there is continuous power output until 10000 rpm. However, after 9000 rpm, there will be obvious vibration in the handle and fuel tank, and driving for a long time will lead to numbness in the hands.

After the actual test, the display speed of DL250 is

136 km/h

After 100 km/h, it will enter the tail speed stage, and overtaking will be more difficult.

Finally, I want to mention the fuel consumption performance of DL250. After 50 kilometers' departure, DL250 and G310GS of the same company filled the fuel tank and cleared the short mileage. After the same road conditions, the same mileage, and the return exchange drivers ensure the same driving mode, they fill up the fuel tank again at the end of the work. At this time, the indicated mileage of DL250 is 199 kilometers and the fuel consumption is 3.4L/100km, while the indicated fuel consumption of G310GS is 3.7L /100 km.

G310GS meter shows fuel consumption

The DL250 has a short mileage of 199 kilometers.

DL250 meter shows fuel consumption

However, when refueling at the gas station, the gasoline level is also filled to the position of the fuel tank mouth, and G310GS is added.

6.09 liters

Oil, DL250 was added.

11.41 liters

The oil is only filled up, which means that the actual fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of DL250 should be

5.73 liters

Left and right, I wonder if it is an individual phenomenon of our car.

If you have similar problems in the process of using, you can discuss them with us in the comments section.

G310GS refueling volume

Fuel consumption of DL250

After passing the durable GW250 and the GW250F version which pays more attention to high speed and comfort, the DL250 will focus on how to build a motorcycle weapon, whether it is the original factory with three boxes, a more tensile beak appearance or a more comfortable riding triangle, all of which are prepared for long-distance driving. As a 250 ml two-cylinder car, in fact, our requirements for it are not as strict as that of DL1000, but judging from its actual performance, this entry-level "pulling car" is still quite practical.

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Bmw G310GS buys a car and tests it. The high-speed articles will be released tomorrow!

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