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Out of my love for pickup trucks, I almost finished watching every pickup truck at this auto show, when I felt that the pickup trucks at this auto show were very dull. Ford F-150 Raptor appeared in my field of vision. This encounter really shocked me, as if I had met true love!

Although, it makes me feel that I have met true love, when I see the price, I still feel that it is good to be a bachelor honestly. If I remember correctly, the Raptor should be the most expensive pickup truck at the Shanghai Auto Show, provided that the pickup truck gladiator of the jeep did not indicate the quotation.

Although the pickup truck of this jeep is also domineering and suffocating, I still think that the Raptor is the true love of pickup fans, which can be said to be the most domineering and expensive pickup truck at the Shanghai Auto Show. But the price as high as 550 thousand is prohibitive, which is the only concern when everyone wants to buy this car!

I still remember that when the sales lady came to ask me to do the questionnaire, she asked me very seriously whether I liked wild horses or raptors. I didn't hesitate to choose the tall and powerful Raptor.

But when the sales lady asked me what advice I could give their car. At this time, I was completely panicked and didn't know what to say, so I deliberately pretended to think calmly for a while. Then he said, "I think this car is very good, just keep pace with the times and add more new technologies that are popular now!" " Little sister also smiled and said yes.

Next, I will introduce you to this most domineering pickup truck!

Raptor pickup is a car with history.

When most of us first see this pickup truck, we will think that its appearance is very fashionable and avant-garde. There is no way to imagine that the prototype F-150 of this car has been selling well in North America for more than 40 years. After so many years of market test and technological innovation and accumulation, it has created a nearly perfect Raptor pickup truck.

The development history of this car for more than 40 years also tells us that the perfection of a nearly perfect car can only be achieved after years of tempering. If that manufacturer wants to create a nearly perfect product through just one R&D launch, it may be a plot that only exists in fairy tales.

The success of Ford Raptor also makes me want to give a suggestion to domestic car companies. If our products want to shine, they must make features like foreign products. Let everyone think of this brand and associate it with the specific products or meanings of this brand, which is an important step for an enterprise to enter the hearts of users.

Nowadays, our domestic car companies are generally too influenced by policies and can only build cars according to policies. There is a feeling that the development of a product is somewhat urgent, especially in the past two years, which seems to be very serious, and there are almost no brand features that are particularly popular among car companies.

This is a genuine off-road weapon.

Ford F-150 was originally developed for the purpose of developing "super-performance off-road pickup truck", which laid the foundation for the strong off-road capability of this car. This time, its engine, chassis and suspension system have been completely developed, and its power and handling have been comprehensively improved, and its space and configuration are also luxurious.

For the technical configuration of off-road performance, he is equipped with Ford's second-generation high-power 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine. In order to ensure power, he is equipped with a dual injection system and a dual turbocharged system.

The maximum power can reach an astonishing 310Kw and the maximum torque of 678 Nm, which makes people praise him, achieving an extraordinary combination of high strength and durability. With the automatic engine start-stop technology, fuel economy can be guaranteed, and powerful power can be freely retracted.

FOX Racing Shox suspension system is selected as the suspension system. The suspension stroke is 13.95 inches, which has stronger stability on uneven roads, which can effectively prevent the vehicle from overturning and greatly improve the safety.

The driving technology is a brand-new TOD four-wheel drive system, which can reasonably distribute the power between the four wheels, and the road condition implementation management system is equipped with six driving modes. It can optimize the passing performance of vehicles in ice, snow, mud and sand, and fully enjoy this off-road pleasure without restraint.

Finally, I would like to talk about a TORSEN differential equipped with this car. This differential, also called TORSEN self-locking differential, is the core technology of this car's full-time four-wheel drive. The core of this differential is the meshing system of worm gear and worm gear.

This is their mutual engagement and interlocking and the one-way transmission of torque from the worm gear to the worm gear to realize differential locking and effectively prevent the vehicle from slipping. There is no difference between normal driving and traditional differential, and it will not affect the difference of output speed of half shaft.

However, when the wheel on one side slips, the worm wheel and worm assembly play a role, and the power distribution can be adjusted very quickly through TORSEN differential or hydraulic multi-disc clutch. This configuration greatly enhances the ability of the Raptor to pass through complex roads.

He has a history and a trendy thinking.

When I first saw the raptor, I would have a question? That is, will this pickup truck with the theme of high-performance off-road be inferior to our domestic technology configuration?

However, when I got to know it carefully, I found that my worry was really superfluous. It not only had all the necessary configurations, but also had many configurations that domestic pickup trucks did not have.

Next, let's take a look at these things for everyone! First of all, I'll show you a keyless entry, which I haven't seen on other pickup trucks. This thing is really a good thing. If we buy this car, we don't have to bring the car keys anymore! Just remember your password and press it when you get on the bus.

The other is that Easy Fuel's uncovered refueling is a surprise. When we refuel, we only need to use an oil gun to directly open and directly fill the fuel. Maybe some card friends will say what to do if this thing is filled with the wrong oil, then I can tell you that you can relax a hundred times, because diesel and gasoline oil guns have different calibers, so oil guns with different calibers can't open the oil filler.

In short, this raptor has everything, and he has many configurations that many domestic pickup trucks don't have. It feels really dazzling. If you want to talk about it one by one, it is estimated that everyone will set out a small bench to listen to it all afternoon!

Concluding remarks

My favorite pickup truck for this auto show is the Raptor. At first, I was worried that it would come to this exhibition, but when I met it, it was really hard to hide my inner excitement.

Of course, our domestic pickup trucks are also worth encouraging, and the products on display this time have not let me down. After all, our domestic cars are more suitable for everyone in terms of price, and the practicality is not inferior at all.

At the end, I want to say that I sincerely wish everyone can drive a pickup truck as good as Raptor, and I also hope that domestic manufacturers are getting better and better, so that we can experience better products.

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