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Case of sagitar modified wheel hub (perfect data of sagitar modified wheel hub)

Volkswagen sagitar, a sedan that many people buy, but few people will change it.

However, with the development of modification, it is even an ordinary "grocery cart"

It will not stop them from pursuing individuality, just like the sagitar owner who eats big dogs today.

"I bought this car in 2016. In fact, I didn't like sagitar very much at the beginning.

However, recommended by my family, I didn't think so much about it as a family car, so I just need to use it easily.


"After buying a car for a month, I joined a group of riders and was poisoned by various things. After being poisoned, I began to try to modify it. First, I changed it.

Headlights, steering wheel, navigation

Wait for something that is an original factory upgrade. "

"Later, I understood the truth that' a low cover is ugly, and a hundred changes are reduced to the first', so a set.

Bode's twisted teeth shock absorber

Arrange to get on the bus, and put on a set of wheels.

18-inch RAVIZE

, also arranged a set of brakes.


One of the three major parts has been modified. "

"After a period of time, I felt that the original champagne gold was a bit old-fashioned, so I changed into a suit.

Ferrari red body film


By the way, I carried a' schoolbag'

I am a lot younger in an instant. "

"Later, I felt that the texture of Bode's shock absorber was not good, so I changed it to a set.

Shock absorption of KW V3

, the body also stick a suit again.

Cherry blossom powder color-changing film

. "

"The wheel hub has also been replaced with a new set.

18 inch national forging BBS FS style

Yes, the brakes have also been changed.


Yes. "

"After keeping it for a period of time, I felt that although KW V3' s shock absorber was quite comfortable and textured, it couldn't satisfy me, so I replaced it with a shock absorber.

TEIN's twisted teeth shock absorber

At the same time, the hub has been changed again.

18-inch Star

, and finally put on a suit.

Electro-optic metallic black color changing film

. "

"After putting on the black color-changing film, I feel that the wheel hub is not very suitable and not enough to fight. So I put on another set.

18-inch national forged TE37-style wheel hub

. "

"After maintaining the above state for a period of time, I felt that the height of the car body was still not enough, and I replaced the shock absorber with a set.

LT twisted teeth shock absorber

, by the way, the hub is also replaced by a set.

18-inch Maishidun Goth 004

. After getting on the bus, the effect is two fingers lower. Sure enough, this state of "wringing teeth warrior" can satisfy me. "

"In addition to the appearance, this car has made a lot of efforts. In fact, the power has also been' hands and feet', which is not as simple as a pure gesture party. Have

200 molybdenum head section +RES full section exhaust, KN intake, Snow wine spray and STG 2-step program blessing.

. "

"At present, the modification state of this car is here first, counting those detours.

The cost of modification is about 160 thousand. "

"Since playing with cars,

My family thought I was taking drugs, and my wife almost divorced me because I played with modification.

. "

"Although there were many twists and turns along the way, after owning this car,

I am very happy when I wake up every day to see him, and I feel better when I drive him for a ride when I am unhappy.


"At last, the car felt that there was nothing to change.

Change the color and hub at most.

If you want to continue playing,

Will consider cutting the girder and lowering the car lower.

. "

Owner/vegetable dog

Photography/food dog

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