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Great Wall Tantok 500 picture quotation top with inner room picture (Great Wall Tantok 500 price)

Two days ago, Toyota's new generation of smooth road was officially released in the United States, which is the second non-loaded model based on tumor necrosis factor platform released by Toyota after the new generation of land patrol LC300. The new generation of Tantu mainly focuses on the North American market, and its competitors will be the top three pickup trucks in the United States: Ford F-series, Dodge random access memory (abbreviation of random-access memory) and Chevrolet Silverado. So what is the skill of the new Toyota Tantu, and dare to call it the top three pickup trucks in the United States? In order to answer this question, let's analyze in detail a wave of aspects about the new smooth road!

1794 edition

The appearance design of the new smooth road looks very exaggerated. The middle net almost occupies the whole front of the car, and the size of the headlight group using LED light source has been reduced. According to different configuration versions, the new smooth road also provides a variety of appearance versions. For example, the top version of 1794 uses a hexagonal woven mesh and a thick chrome-plated edging design. As a top model, the 1794 version looks more American, especially the shiny chrome-plated design, which tastes pure.

TRD cross-country edition

The TRD off-road version of the off-road shape kit uses a blackened mesh with matte silver edging, which looks obviously more sporty and wild. This version can be understood as adding a set of cross-country sports appearance kit on the basis of ordinary smooth roads.

Limited version

The middle and low versions of SR5 and Limited use a matte gray horizontal mesh structure with matte silver edging, which seems to belong to a relatively calm type.

Platinum edition

In addition, there is a high-profile Platinum version, which uses a small hexagonal chrome-plated mesh structure with bright silver chrome-plated edges on the outside, but there is no 1794 chrome-plated horizontal bar on the front bumper, which is a relatively individual type. It is this net shape that may cause discomfort to some people with intensive phobia. ......

There is nothing special about the side and tail design. American pickup trucks have now developed to a very mature stage, and there are not many designs that can be changed in the structure of the rear half of the car body. In terms of size, because there are many versions of pickup trucks like Tantu, and there are different sizes of cargo hoppers and cockpit specifications to choose from in the future, the official has not released the size data of the new Tantu. However, combined with its positioning and the general level of competitors, we speculate that the model with standard double-row four-door cockpit and standard size rear bucket should have a body length of about 5.9 meters, a body width of more than 2 meters, a height of more than 1.9 meters and a wheelbase of more than 3.7 meters. It is worth mentioning that the brand-new smooth road released by Toyota only provides four versions, and there are no two single-row versions.

As an American pickup truck, the new smooth interior design is very "American". This adjective may be derogatory for ordinary cars or SUVs, but it is definitely positive for pickup trucks. After all, except for some armed groups, I am afraid no one in the world knows pickup trucks better than American consumers! The new and smooth interior design takes a rough route of opening up and closing up, and all the details highlight a big one.

For example, there is a 14-inch large central control panel on the center console, which has built-in wireless Carplay and Android Auto mobile phone interconnection functions, and also supports the current mainstream car networking, and supports the WiFi hotspot function, allowing 10 devices to connect to WiFi. At the bottom of the screen is a huge volume knob, and on the right is the physical air conditioning control area, as well as the seat heating and ventilation buttons. In addition, there is a close USB interface at the bottom of the screen.

Depending on the configuration level, apart from the conventional mechanical pointer instrument, the smooth road will also provide a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument to choose from, and the display effect is very delicate, which is also the first step of Toyota tool car towards science and technology.

Practicality is the main theme in the center of the front row, there is a storage compartment on the right side of the handlebar, there is also a mobile phone wireless charging panel arranged vertically, and there are two cup holders at the rear. Then there is the central armrest box with a hollow design in the middle, which provides a very large storage space inside.

There is also a through storage compartment under the rear seat, which can store some tools, fishing rods and other items. As for the space, the standard double-row pickup truck of this level is very spacious, so you don't need to worry at all.

TNGA-F platform of land patrol LC300

The new smooth road is built on the same TNGA-F platform as the new land patrol LC300. As a new model, Toyota has also made many upgrades to the new smooth road in terms of body and suspension. For example, in terms of body materials, the new smooth road uses a non-loaded body structure, in which the upper part of the "car building" adopts an integrated frame design, which can improve the rigidity of the cockpit. In addition, the new smooth cockpit also uses aluminum alloy material on the transverse stiffening beam and other structures, which can reduce the weight while ensuring rigidity.

In addition to aluminum alloy and high-strength steel, a brand-new SMC material is also used in the new cockpit frame and tailgate. SMC, called "sheet molding compound", is a kind of composite material, which consists of special yarn, unsaturated resin, low shrinkage additive, filler and various additives. After one-time molding at high temperature, it has the advantages of high mechanical strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, long service life, high insulation strength, arc resistance, flame retardancy, good sealing performance, flexible product design, easy mass production, safe and beautiful appearance, all-weather protection function, meeting the needs of various harsh environments and places in outdoor engineering projects, and overcoming the defects of easy corrosion, short service life and poor thermal insulation performance of metal boxes. At present, SMC materials are widely used in telecommunications.

Thanks to the use of aluminum alloy and SMC materials, the weight of the new smooth cockpit is reduced by 20% compared with the previous generation. The lower girder is still made of high-strength steel, and the size of the frame beam is doubled compared with the previous generation to achieve stronger girder frame strength.

In terms of suspension structure, the new smooth front suspension still adopts double wishbone structure, but the angle of the vehicle kingpin is optimized, and the forged aluminum steering knuckle is used, which makes the front handling of the vehicle more excellent, and the roll can be reduced by 25% at most when cornering, and it has faster steering response.

The rear suspension has also undergone tremendous changes. Although the structure is still a very hard-core integral bridge, the new flat road has abandoned the leaf spring structure of the previous generation and used a multi-link and spiral spring structure that is more comfortable and maneuverable. The shock absorber adopts double-tube structure, triple oil seal and extended dust cover to achieve stronger reliability and impact resistance. Although the spiral spring structure is adopted, the load performance of the new open road has not weakened, but it has increased by 11% compared with the old one, and the load capacity has reached 880kg. Thanks to the more rigid girder and the more powerful power system, the towing capacity of the new smooth road has also increased by 17%, reaching 5443kg, which is very in line with the use needs of American consumers driving pickup trucks and trailers.

Power system is one of the biggest highlights of the new smooth road. This time, Toyota provided two sets of power combinations for the new smooth road, both of which were based on the 3.5T V6 engine. Among them, the ordinary pure fuel version is a 3.5L V6 twin-turbo engine with 10AT gearbox and part-time 4wd system, which can output 394 horsepower and 650N·m power, which is more powerful than the old 5.7L V8 engine.

In addition to the conventional pure fuel power, this new smooth road also launched a hybrid system called i-FORCE MAX. It is worth mentioning that this hybrid system is completely different from Toyota's THS hybrid system based on E-CVT planetary gear set structure. This i-FORCE MAX hybrid can be understood as a structure similar to Mercedes-Benz ISG motor. Between the 3.5T V6 engine and the 10AT gearbox, Toyota added an additional drive motor to realize auxiliary power. The battery pack still uses the Ni-MH battery commonly used in Toyota hybrid vehicles, with an output voltage of 288V, which is arranged under the rear seat. Thanks to the series-connected 3.5T engine and hybrid system motor, the whole hybrid system can output 443 horsepower and 790N·m power, which is 49 horsepower and 140N·m more than the fuel version. It can be said that it is the most powerful hybrid system in Toyota at present.

Whether it is the pure fuel version or the hybrid version, the 10AT gearbox is used in the new smooth road, but compared with the 10AT of the previous Land Patrol LC300 or Lexus LS500, the smooth road gearbox has been calibrated more pertinently. In addition to the normal automatic mode, the 10AT on the smooth road also has an up/down mode, which can achieve maximum torque output climbing by locking the gear, or realize engine braking when going downhill by locking the gear. In order to meet the towing demand of pickup trucks, TOW/HAUL towing mode is also standard on smooth roads. After opening, the vehicle will increase the traction at the start to drive the rear towing vehicle to start, and when braking, the speed of the engine will be increased by downshifting the gearbox. At this time, the throttle valve is closed, and a vacuum is formed in the engine cylinder to achieve the engine braking effect, thereby reducing the braking burden of the vehicle caused by inertia of the rear towing object.

It can be seen that Toyota's i-FORCE MAX hybrid system, which was launched on the smooth road, adopted a new idea. This hybrid system does not take fuel consumption as the first goal. Instead, the series motor is used to assist the vehicle, which can improve the power and reduce the fuel consumption to a certain extent. At the same time, thanks to the existence of 10AT gearbox, it is more suitable for all kinds of four-wheel drive systems, central transfer case and differential lock than the E-CVT structure of Toyota THS hybrid system. Not surprisingly, the i-FORCE MAX hybrid system will be adopted by the previously rumored hybrid land patrol LC300, the new generation lexus LX and the future hybrid Prado.

As a brand-new model released in 2021, Smooth Road has not fallen behind in scientific and technological configuration. In the off-road related configuration, in addition to the conventional part-time 4wd and rear axle mechanical differential lock, the new open road is also equipped with MTS multi-terrain selection and DAC/CRWAL off-road mode. Among them, MTS system is similar to Land Rover's all-terrain feedback system. In the face of different road conditions such as mud, sand, ice and snow, vehicles can switch power output characteristics in different modes and adjust the working mode of electronic slip-limiting system to achieve the best vehicle grip.

CRWAL/DAC is a common off-road creep+downhill auxiliary mode of Toyota off-road vehicle. After it is turned on, the vehicle will automatically adjust the power output, gearbox logic and electronic slip-limiting system according to the driving speed preset by the driver. When it is downhill, the vehicle can automatically control the speed, and when it is climbing, it can automatically move forward, realizing almost fool-like off-road driving.

Since the TNGA architecture is used, the new smooth road naturally has many bright spots in the configuration of security technology. This time, Toyota generously provided the whole system with TSS2.5 zhixing safety system as standard, which is the most advanced auxiliary safety system in Toyota production cars at present. The millimeter-wave radar, camera and ultrasonic radar arranged in the front of the car body can not only realize L2-level automatic driving assistance function, but also greatly improve the recognition ability for pedestrians and bicycles. When the road markings are not clear enough, or there are no obvious markings on the road boundary, the lane keeping auxiliary system of the vehicle can also work normally to ensure that the vehicle will not leave the current lane. It is worth mentioning that when the computer detects that the vehicle is in the trailer state through the trailer special interface, the computer will estimate the length of the rear towing vehicle and expand the scope of blind spot monitoring to ensure that there will still be no rear blind spot when the vehicle is towed.

Through the camera arranged above the rear windshield, the driver can not only check the status of the goods in the rear bucket at any time in the car, but also check the status of the rear trailer in the trailer state.

Students who have driven a trailer, or played "Ouka Simulation", should know that it is very troublesome for a trailer to reverse, because the angle of the front and rear cars needs to be considered, and Toyota naturally thought of this. Therefore, on the new smooth road, Toyota has introduced the trailer mode reversing assistance function through the rear camera and the computer system. In the dragging state, the system will automatically prompt the driver how to operate to ensure that the trailer and the vehicle are always in the same straight line.

At the same time, Toyota also provided an optional air suspension for the brand-new smooth road, which can not only improve the comfort and handling of the vehicle, but also automatically adjust the height when there is a load behind the vehicle, so as to achieve a relatively consistent horizontal height, thus ensuring that the front axle is allocated a reasonable weight and improving the grip of the front wheels.

It can be seen that the new smooth road is equipped with a large number of scientific and technological configurations to enhance the use experience, whether in off-road, safety or towing performance. As a brand-new pickup truck with a new structure, Toyota is really determined to "pile up materials" for the smooth road to challenge the three American pickup trucks that occupy the American market!

For fans who are pursuing more hardcore gameplay, Toyota has also launched a smooth version of TRD Pro. Compared with the TRD Off-Road appearance kit version mentioned above, TRD Pro is the version that is really upgraded in hardware structure! First of all, in appearance, TRD Pro uses a blackened mesh design, with a retro-style spelling of "TOYOTA" in the middle, rather than a bull's head. The frame of the middle net is designed in the same color as the car body, which makes the size of the middle net smaller.

As a hard-core off-road version, the height of the TRD Pro version is significantly higher than that of the ordinary version. The official said that the vehicle ground clearance has increased by 1.1 inches, which is about 2.8 cm.

Vehicle rims are made of TRD's exclusive 18-inch forged aluminum alloy rims, and the original factory is equipped with Falken Wildpeak all-terrain AT tires from Deng Lupu. Moreover, TRD Pro's rims and tires are designed with anti-drop-off, so even if the tire pressure is reduced to a very low level when crossing the desert, the phenomenon of drop-off will not easily occur.

The TRD Pro version adds a special aluminum alloy guard plate to the vehicle chassis, which can provide maximum protection for the structural parts at the bottom of the vehicle when the vehicle climbs rocks or jumps over soil slopes.

On the chassis suspension, TRD Pro version uses the off-road shock absorber from FOX, which has better shock filtering and impact resistance, and can ensure the normal operation of the shock absorber even if it continuously crosses bad roads with high intensity. In addition, the vehicle also added a thick anti-roll bar to improve the handling of the front of the car.

The rear axle still adopts the integral bridge structure, but it also uses FOX high-performance shock absorber to improve the ground clearance of the vehicle and increase the durability of the shock absorber system.

In the interior design, the TRD Pro version adopts the red and black color scheme that TRD often uses, and adds red embellishment to the steering wheel, gear handle and other parts. Even the accelerator and brake pedal adopt metal pedals with rubber anti-slip design.

The all-liquid crystal instrument is designed with a middle tachometer, which displays various information of the vehicle on both sides, including the pitch angle and roll angle of the vehicle, as well as the oil temperature, battery voltage and other information. Unfortunately, the TRD Pro version has not been upgraded in power, and it adopts the same 3.5T or 3.5T hybrid system as other versions.

Having said so many new and smooth things, is there any chance for this car to meet domestic fans? To tell you the truth, I don't think Toyota officials will introduce new roads, mainly for two reasons. First of all, the pickup truck model in China market is very different from the American market in terms of consumer attitudes and policies. American consumers buy this full-size pickup truck, which is really used as a daily scooter and tool car. China consumers buy this kind of pickup trucks, and most of them are bought by rich people as toys. Although this kind of pickup truck is counted as agricultural machinery when it is imported into China, there is no need to pay consumption tax based on displacement. However, the price of the smooth road in China is still around 500 thousand, and the policy of compulsory scrapping for 15 years is really unbearable for many people.

What's more, many cities in China have very strict restrictions on pickup trucks. Although they have been relaxed in the last two years, there are still many restrictions. This makes it difficult to get the same treatment as ordinary cars and SUVs when driving pickup trucks in China.

Therefore, whether it is Tantu, F-150 or Silveirado, the domestic sales are very low. Chevrolet Silveirado and Toyota Tantu have both withdrawn from the China market, and now only Ford F-150 is still struggling to support it.

In addition to the market environment, Toyota has to overcome the domestic national 6b emissions and the corporate double-point policy. It is said that the LC300 with the same powertrain is currently being verified by Toyota for national 6b emission, and it is expected to return to the China market in the future. If the land patrol LC300 can pass through country 6b, then the problem of smooth road is not big. However, it is difficult to solve the problem of negative corporate points caused by high fuel consumption of large-displacement vehicles. Faced with this choice, normal people will undoubtedly choose to "protect the land patrol and abandon the smooth road". After all, the land patrol can sell for millions of dollars in China, and its recognition is extremely high. The sales and profits of this pickup truck are not comparable to those of the land patrol, so it can only be sacrificed.

Of course, there is also a way now, that is, Toyota officially dominates parallel imports. Because of our national policy, a single parallel importer's SUV, pickup truck and other large-displacement and high-fuel consumption vehicles, with an annual accounting volume of less than 2,000 vehicles, can not do double-point assessment. Therefore, if Toyota finds a parallel importer, it will be verified by Toyota countries 6b and 3C, and then imported by parallel importers in small quantities every year, which will not only introduce the smooth road to domestic sales, but also prevent Toyota from being affected by double points. Just doing emissions and 3C verification also requires costs, depending on whether Toyota wants to eat this unattractive cake.

But on the whole, it is unlikely that the new road will be introduced into China. After all, the market demand is very small and the policy environment is not optimistic. Toyota, a prudent car company, actually does not do this kind of business without high profits.

Just like the new land patrol LC300 released by Toyota some time ago, it is not certain whether there will be a successor of pure fuel in the future based on the new smooth road of TNGA architecture. After all, its competitor Ford F-150 has already launched a pure electric version, and it is only a matter of time before Toyota gives up the fuel pickup truck. Therefore, whether you are a car fan or a prospective car owner who may start in the future, do it and cherish it. The next generation of smooth road, which will be launched in 10 years, may be called smooth road electric vehicle. ......

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