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How about the Great Wall Black Cat Euler (Great Wall Euler Black Cat 2021 price)

How many provinces can new energy vehicles save? Many consumers may only have a concept of "cheap", and there is no specific numerical value to verify it. Recently, the company just mentioned a 2021 Euler black cat. We might as well take it as a reference to see how much the car cost of a new energy car can be. How much can you save compared with the same level of fuel vehicles?

Only 20 yuan for full battery life? Easily realize a week commute.

As a post-90 s teenager, Xiao Duan has been looking for his first car, which happened to catch up with the appearance of the 2021 Euler black cat and touched him at once. Euler Black Cat has a choice of up to 405 km battery life version, but the second top with deluxe version can also achieve 351 km battery life, which is enough to meet his travel needs. On balance, he chose a relatively cheaper version. After completing the formalities and licensing, the whole car cost about 80 thousand yuan, and the new energy tax exemption policy also saved him a lot of money.

Euler Black Cat Deluxe has a pure battery life of 351 kilometers and a battery energy of 33kWh, which means that it needs 33 kWh to fully charge it. According to the household charging standard, the unit price is about 60 cents, and the 33-degree electricity only needs 19.8 yuan, that is, about 20 yuan can realize the "conversion" from 0 to 351 kilometers.

Back to the life scene, the short commute time is 5 days/week, 50 kilometers round trip, and the mileage per week is about 300 kilometers. In the actual use process, basically 351 kilometers of battery life can realize its commute for a week, and you can go shopping on weekends with a little battery life.

In order to test its real endurance, we specially drove from home to the company at 8: 00 a.m., and finally got the test results: the cumulative journey of 26 kilometers, the power consumption of 31 kilometers when driving alone and turning on the air conditioner, the real endurance ratio is 83.87%; Moreover, considering that the actual car scene is Chongqing, the overall endurance performance is really good!

In terms of charging efficiency, the slow charging of household charging piles is plugged in every night, and it is fully charged when going out early the next morning. The official data is 0%-100% fully charged in 10.5 hours. Focus on fast charging, outdoor fast charging station test, the official data of 30%-80% power is 30 minutes, and the actual experience data is almost the same. The first 15 minutes can maintain a high power of about 40W, and then gradually reduce it to a safe value of about 10 W.

"The overall feeling of fast charging is very good. When you come back from a supermarket nearby, you will be basically fully charged!"

Xiao Duan is very satisfied with the experience of fast charging, which can basically charge more than 90% of the battery life in about one hour. As for the difference between electricity and household electricity, the daytime peak is around 1.6 yuan/kWh, and the evening time is about 0.68 yuan/kWh, which can be charged at around 20 yuan at a time.

What are the other costs? 7K a year is enough.

What are the other costs of an electric car besides the daily electricity consumption?

① Daily parking fee: Take a small section as an example. The monthly parking fee for renting residential parking spaces is 300 yuan, and there is no other management fee, and the annual fee is 3,600 yuan; Company parking is free, and the fee is 0 yuan.

② Maintenance cost: 5000 km first insurance is free; 15,000 kilometers of normal maintenance of the 4S shop to check the circuit, change the brake oil, etc., costs about 200 yuan.

③ Other expenses: daily parking, insurance, tickets, etc., about 2,000 yuan.

Furthermore, according to the mileage of 20,000 kilometers per year, the annual electricity bill is about 1,300 yuan, and the total annual expenditure is about 7,000 yuan. If this level is converted to a fuel truck, I'm afraid it will cost 1W+ just for fuel, not to mention other expenses such as maintenance, parking and damage.

"In addition to the low cost of use, the space experience is an unexpected gain!"

For a short paragraph, apart from being cheap to use, Euler Black Cat's performance at the spatial level surprised him the most.

The car length of Euler Black Cat reaches 3495mm, the wheelbase reaches 2475mm, and the wheelbase accounts for more than 70%. Coupled with the four-door design blessing, it completely belongs to the top-level representative of space at this level.

In order to test its real space performance, we also specially found two 180cm "strong men" to sit in the back row and complete the cross-legged action. There is more than one punch in the head space and more than one punch in the leg space, which is really amazing.

In addition, its rear seat supports full-flat reclining, which expands the maximum storage space to 872L, and it is also easy to carry large items occasionally. At this point, opponents at the same level are hard to match!

Write at the end:

"It's cheap to drive and comfortable to sit!" The short paragraph gave Euler Black Cat such an evaluation. For Euler Black Cat, it is indeed such a distinctive guy, with the most comfortable space in its class and long battery life to meet the needs of home transportation! What subway and bus are still crowded? Spend tens of thousands of dollars to easily take away Euler's black cat, and 20 yuan a week can easily realize the freedom of commuting. Come and fix it!

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