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Great Wall Euler Punk Cat Picture (Great Wall Euler Punk Cat Series Price)

[Pacific Auto Network Shopping Guide Channel] With the transformation of the Great Wall brand into a younger brand, the names of its new models are becoming bolder and bolder. Haval has a "big dog" and WEY has a "mocha". Now Euler directly opens a cat-cute big league. After Euler's black cat, white cat and good cat, at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, Euler brought its lightning cat, big cat and punk cat, which attracted the attention of many shovel officials. What are the differences between the six cat models of Euler? Let's take a look together.

How are the six cat models positioned?

I have to say that the changes of Great Wall Motor can be felt from the naming of new products, and it is really more and more necessary to be flexible to catch consumers' eyes in this ever-changing era. In addition to showing enough affinity, the six cat models of Euler are more in line with the requirements of young people for boutique personalized cars in terms of product strength. So what are the positioning of these six pure electric cat models? Let's take a look first.

Euler 6 pure electric cat models car make and model Subsidized selling price Mini car black cat6.98-102,800 yuan White cat7.18-106.8 million small carGood cat 10.39-16.09 million small family carLightning cat Not listed yet Punk cat Compact sport utility vehicleBig cat Note: Data sources Watchmaking: Pacific Auto Network

Except for Lightning Cat, Punk Cat and Big Cat, we can see that the price ranges of the other three cat models are all at A00-A0 levels, covering 60,000-160,000 markets, and the price echelon is obvious. Among them, Black Cat, as an entry-level model of A00, is also the first to be listed, with an entry-level of 69,800 yuan. White cats are both A00, the price is slightly higher than that of black cats, and the starting price goes to 71,800 yuan; The good cat is A0, and the top model is priced at 160,900 yuan. It can be seen that in fact, the emergence of these models is to enrich the layout of the Great Wall in this subdivision.

1. Euler Black Cat

Black cat highlights:

The 9-inch floating display of the center console integrates the voice control system of Iflytek intelligent cloud, and supports voice control of telephone and music. In addition, the new car can also remotely start the air conditioner, switch the lock, make an appointment for charging, and authorize the sharing of vehicles through the Euler Internet Super Application.

2. Euler White Cat

White cat highlights:

The white cat interior follows the design concept that less is more, and the decorative embellishment of contrasting colors makes the whole carriage lively and smart, especially the 23-inch conjoined screen, which adds a little more sense of technology. In terms of materials, this class of cars can't be covered with luxury soft materials and leather, but the surface texture of the white cat center console has also been treated, and the visual effect is not cheap.

3, Euler good cat

Good cat highlights:

Equipped with Mobileye Q4 autopilot chip, the sensing system is equipped with a camera of Agricultural Development and Consulting Service, 4 cameras around, 2 millimeter-wave radars and 12 ultrasonic radars, which can realize the functions of adaptive cruise of Air Control Center, intelligent cruise assistance of ICA and intelligent high beam assistance of HMA, and support L2-level driving assistance.

4. Euler Lightning Cat

Lightning cat highlights:

According to the official, the new car will adopt the layout of front and rear dual motors, with an acceleration time of 3.5 seconds per 100 kilometers.

5. Euler Punk Cat

Punk cat highlights:

In addition to the retro appearance, the interior of the car is also full of classic car style. The best place for the new car to create retro style is this three-piece spoke steering wheel, which is very retro. The interior is decorated with chrome plating in many places, and the air outlet with "turbine" shape is also eye-catching. In addition, the new car adopts circular design in many places, such as the central control knob, air conditioning outlet and accelerator pedal, which highlights the genetic inheritance of the brand as a whole and echoes the appearance of the vehicle.

6, Euler big cat

Big cat highlights:

Based on the pure electric structure of Great Wall Lemon Platform, it is the first A+ class pure electric off-road vehicle of Great Wall Euler. Officials say it is equipped with a dual-motor four-wheel drive system. In addition, this car also uses a cobalt-free battery.

Are their spatial performances in line with expectations?

Let's look at a set of body data first. There is no suspense. The first pure electric car good cat based on lemon platform architecture and coffee intelligent ecology has the most dominant size among the three cars. Because the black cat is an entry-level model, its size is slightly behind that of the white cat.

Black cat, white cat and good cat body size car make and model long wide tall wheelbase (of a vehicle) black catThree thousand four hundred and ninety-five One thousand six hundred and sixty One thousand five hundred and sixty Two thousand four hundred and seventy-five White cat Three thousand six hundred and twenty-five One thousand six hundred and sixty One thousand five hundred and thirty Two thousand four hundred and ninety Good catFour thousand two hundred and thirty-five One thousand eight hundred and twenty-five One thousand five hundred and ninety-six Two thousand six hundred and fifty Note: Data sources Watchmaking: Pacific Auto Network

Black cat spatial performance:

White cat spatial performance:

Good cat space performance:

Big cat space performance:

Specifically, in the actual space, we can see that in fact, four cars are more than enough for daily use as a means of transportation.

What is their endurance performance?

Black cat, white cat, good cat, pure electric cruising range car make and model Total motor power Total torque of motor Pure electric cruising range of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology black cat 105kW(143PS) 210N·m 301km/351km White cat 45kW(61PS)130N·m 305km/360km/401km Good cat 105kW(143PS)210N·m 401km/501km Note: Data sources Watchmaking: Pacific Auto Network

The black cat adopts ternary lithium battery pack, which is matched with permanent magnet synchronous motor. The maximum power is 35kW(48PS) and the maximum torque is 125Nm. In terms of cruising range, there are two versions of Euler R1, with a battery capacity of 30.7kWh and a NEDC comprehensive cruising range of 310 km. The model with a battery capacity of 33kWh has a comprehensive cruising range of 351kw.

In terms of charging efficiency, it takes 40 minutes to charge from 5% to 80% with fast charge, and 9.5 hours or 10 hours with slow charge. The high-equipped model uses 6.6kw AC ordinary charging, and it takes only 5 hours to charge slowly.

The parameters of the permanent magnet synchronous motor used by Euler White Cat are different in different battery life. The maximum power of the motor with 360 battery life is 35kW and the peak torque is 125 N m.

White Cat provides two interfaces: fast charging and slow charging. The official 360km version takes 40 minutes to fast charge from 5% to 80%, while the 401km battery life version takes 45 minutes, and the slow charging takes 10 hours to start.

Good Cat provides two versions of standard battery life and long battery life. The motor is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 105kW and a maximum torque of 210 N m. The battery pack is a ternary lithium battery produced by Honeycomb Yichuang, with a capacity of 59.1kWh. The transmission is still a common fixed gear ratio transmission.

In terms of charging, Good Cat also supports fast charging. The 501km model with the highest endurance can supplement the cruising range of 100km in 12 minutes, and the 20-80% fast charging only takes half an hour.

Full text summary

I have to say that the black cat, as a transportation product, still can't meet the long-distance trekking. There are ten good choices for daily travel, and the short-life version of the white cat is the same; White Cat Long Life Edition and Good Cat are actually more suitable for young people's first pure tram. After all, besides short-distance daily travel instead of walking, short-distance urban commuting can also be met. They are both more suitable for families who already have a fuel car at home or have a plug-in hybrid model.

On the whole, these six cat models seem to be the same, but they are quite different. Their appearance greatly enriches the layout of the Great Wall in this segment, and we also look forward to the listing of punk cats, big cats and lightning cats.

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