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Apulia gps 150 (does Apulia 150 have a global positioning system)

What is there to ride in 150?

From the attitude of riders, we can deeply feel that those who pay high attention will always have a large displacement, and those who respond to more interactions will also be when the car with a larger displacement will come out, as if the large displacement determines the higher pressure.

Paradoxically, the number one motorcycle camp in China is always focused on 150 displacement or even below, which is why everyone complains that foreign manufacturers are not honest and sincere and do not put products with larger displacement on the China market.

The answer is naked because of the profit-seeking nature of businessmen; Because riders represent only a handful of opinion leaders more often; Because the most ordinary people who use motorcycles and generations of entry-level novices need the 150 models with a class of 10,000 yuan most.

Fortunately, this time is different from the past. As the identity of motorcycles has evolved from tools to entertainment, more and more manufacturers have begun to devote themselves to research and development on small displacement. Today, I will introduce you to the 150 s that can refresh your cognition in the new era. Come on, new drivers' cars, get on the bus!

The most powerful performance

Yamaha 2017 R15 V3/Apulia 2017 GPR150

Set off a new wave of small displacement imitation race

Let's talk about R15 first. Since it was launched in 2008, it has gone through three generations of changes, each time it is cooler and stronger. Its performance is absolutely invincible at the same level of 150, and its actual performance can almost be compared with that of most 250 models.

↑Aprilia GPR150, the first national test, accelerated comparison of four cars in the same field for 100 kilometers

The second generation of R15 is currently available in China. In 2017, Yamaha launched the latest third generation product, which was listed in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam in the first half of the year. Equipped with a brand-new 155 ml single-cylinder water-cooled SOHC engine and a 6-speed gearbox, because of VVA variable valve technology, the maximum power output reaches 20 HP/10,000 rpm, nearly 3 horsepower more than the previous generation, and the maximum torque reaches 14.7 Nm/8,500 rpm.

The appearance of the third generation R15 has also been adjusted, and it is more murderous as a whole. Although the anti-lock braking device with high voice is still not provided, it is equipped with a rare sliding clutch, light-emitting diode light sources are used in many places, and inverted front forks and tires with a width of 100 in front and 140 in rear are adopted. Unfortunately, the third generation should not be introduced to China in the short term.

The third generation R15

Next, let's talk about GPR150. At the beginning of this year, Apulia GPR150 was officially listed in China. The new car was 2,000 yuan more expensive than the 125 models, but it was worth the money. It not only improved the displacement and power, but also got rid of the criticism of low output in performance, which greatly improved the rider's driving control experience in urban areas and increased the throttle linearity. In addition, instruments, chains, tires including exhaust sound have also been upgraded and adjusted.

Compared with R15, the performance of GPR150 is not lost at all, which is between the second generation R15 and the third generation R15. In other words, GPR150 deserves the strongest performance in the domestic sales level 150 on the premise that the third generation R15 has not been introduced into China!

Of the two cars, R15' s good temper is more suitable for beginners, GPR150 is more inclined to track positioning, and the violent core needs a knight with certain driving skills to control it. That unruly strength is also the biggest difference between the Italian locomotive and the Japanese two-wheeled. This difference is a double-edged sword, which not only keeps many ordinary knights out of the door, but also shows its own pure extreme. The strength of knights who can handle GPR150 with ease should not be underestimated.

On the whole, in the 150 class, in terms of performance and in the field of imitation racing, both cars are unparalleled kings. I would like to ask, such a 150, the performance easily drops most of the 250' s 150, do you dare to look down on it?

R15 specification sheet of the second generation on sale in China

Engine type: single cylinder water-cooled SOHC 4 stroke

Exhaust volume (CC): 149.8

Seat height (mm): 800

Length x width x height (mm): 1975×670×1070

Maximum power (kW/min): 11.1/8500

Maximum torque (Nm/min): 13.2/7500.

Braking mode: carbon-type hydraulic double-piston brake caliper.

Curb mass (kg): 134

Tank capacity: 12

Official guide retail price: 23,600 yuan

GPR150 specification sheet

Engine type: single cylinder, four strokes/four valves/water cooling/overhead double camshafts/EFI.

Exhaust volume (CC): 149.2

Length x width x height (mm): 1950×770×1100

Maximum power (kW/min): 13.3/9750

Maximum torque (Nm/min): 14/7500

Braking mode: 300 mm disc with [front] radioactive caliper and 218mm disc with [rear]

Curb mass (kg): 140

Tank capacity: 15.4

Official guide retail price:

20800 yuan

Smart car networking

It's sunny, like 150 degrees.

150 Smart Pedal Equipped with Nuoduo System

The whole people have entered the era of smart phones, and the concept of Internet of Vehicles has also become popular. Although many big manufacturers, such as German BMW Motor Works, have also launched mini concept cars, Guangyang is the first one to really mass-produce intelligent systems!

To put it simply, Nuoduo system is to connect the dashboard, handle control switch and mobile phone application by Bluetooth, and display the contents of mobile phone application on the dashboard by operating the handle buttons, such as digital speedometer, photos, dynamic clock, missed call notification, short messages, emails, etc.

In addition, the system is not limited to a single user, but takes into account the situation of group cycling in advance, and sets up global positioning system (satellite) positioning to get each other's position, design the dashboard by itself and share it in the cloud for others to download. Others, such as searching for the nearby Guangyang maintenance stronghold, or the gas station instructions on the way, are also very close to the actual user's needs. In this respect, Noodoe is more like defining a new social platform in the locomotive industry.

Make cycling interesting, advocate self-expression, and connect every user's world. Noodoe's car networking function is also Guangyang's new goal of "winning my heart". These designs are the results and functions brought by Guangyang's deep understanding of the knight's present/future and superficial/deep needs. In the latest news, Guangyang announced that it will add a new function-navigation by upgrading its application software to make riding more convenient, safe and intuitive. The new Noodoe navigation is expected to be officially released at the Tokyo Motor Show in March 2018.

Back to the car models, Guangyang didn't blindly pursue the intelligentization of large displacement. Instead, it included any 150 into one of the first three cars equipped with Nuoduo intelligent system. Through the displacement of 150, which is within everyone's reach, more people can see the power of technology to change their lives/ride, which shows that Guangyang attaches importance to the entry-level small displacement. So, as a consumer in the new era, should we re-examine and know 150? !

Anything like the 150 specification sheet.

Engine type: air-cooled, single cylinder and four strokes.

Exhaust volume (CC): 149.8

Length x width x height (mm): 1920×675×1125

Maximum power (kW/min): 9.8/8500

Maximum torque (Nm/min): 12.0/6500.

Braking mode: Bosch 9.1abs.

Curb mass (kg): 128

Tank capacity: 6.5

Official guide retail price: 18,800 yuan


Chunfeng NK150 ABS

The first 150 sports streetcar equipped with anti-lock braking device in China

Domestic level 150, Chunfeng NK150 has obvious advantages. Since its launch, it has become the first choice for many beginners with its family-style high value, high-end configuration, excellent handling performance, good workmanship quality control and suitable pricing.

However, the spring breeze didn't stop there, and further actively promoted the product update iteration, striving to meet the consumption needs of young people in the new era in multiple dimensions. In 2017, the version of anti-lock braking device was launched, which became the first 150 sports streetcar equipped with anti-lock braking device in China. In addition, the 295-mm large-size front drilling disk was paired with four-piston straight-bolt calipers, and the rear drilling disk was equipped with single-piston calipers, which refreshed everyone's understanding of the domestic 150 in terms of safety!

Performance is not the advantage of NK150. The single-cylinder water-cooled engine has a maximum power of 8.8 kW/8,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 10.7 Nm/7,000 rpm, which is considered as a medium level at the level of 150. However, based on the price of 13,580 yuan, the performance of the car in cornering control is quite worth mentioning. The strategic cooperation with KTM has prompted the manufacturers to design the frame in a brand-new and more compact way. The inverted front fork and the rear shock absorption system with the central inner airbag, together with the super braking system mentioned above, have won the title of the most maneuverable domestic 150, and the spring breeze NK150 can afford it!

NK150 ABS specification sheet

Engine type: four-stroke, single cylinder, vertical, water-cooled.

Exhaust volume (CC): 149.4

Seat height (mm): 775

Length x width x height (mm): 2025×770×1070

Maximum power (kW/min): 8.8/8500

Maximum torque (Nm/min): 10.7/7000.

Braking mode: hydraulic disc +ABS

Curb mass (kg): 142

Tank capacity: 10

Official guidance zero

Price: 13,580 yuan

High-end sports curved beam

Qianjiang Benagli RFS150 i

Four-valve water-cooled EFI three spark plugs in line with international standards

When it comes to curved beams, many people's impressions are still stuck on agricultural vehicles, which are ugly and ugly, and represent economy, fuel economy and durability. They are most suitable for mountainous areas, and most of them are middle-aged and elderly users. But looking at the international market, the popularity of underbone in Southeast Asian countries is obvious to all, and it is affectionately called "national car" by local consumers. One of the most fundamental reasons for the great positioning gap between underbone at home and abroad is that there is no good bent beam in China!

In this way, is 2017 the year of bending the beam in China? On April 19th, Qianjiang Benagli released a brand-new high-end sports curved beam RFS 150i at the foot of Mount Tai, the "top of the five mountains" in Tai 'an, Shandong Province, which received a warm response. In the face of the reality that the domestic bent beam market is constantly depressed and shrinking, Benali has the courage and confidence, because at the beginning of product planning, this bent beam is to wash the low-end positioning of bent beams in the domestic market for many years and break the consumer cognition of riders. Of course, it also proves that it has done it with its strength-unprecedented 150cc, four valves, three spark plugs, water cooling, EFI, LED/LCD, inverted front fork, front and rear. . . . . . With many bright spots, RFS 150i has undoubtedly opened up a new front for bending beams in China.

This is a car that represents the peak level of bending beam in China regardless of its face value, performance and configuration. It is also a brand-new product that is in line with international standards and is not inferior to the bending beam of ASEAN countries. In these countries, underbone has the same status as straddle cycling. Take Honda as an example. The engines of WinneR150 in Vietnam and Supra GTR150 in Indonesia are all transplanted from CBR150R;. Yamaha's Exciter150 in Thailand/Vietnam, Jupiter MX King 150 in Indonesia, and Y15ZR in Malaysia all use the same engine as the entry-level sports car YZF-R15.

Referring to the power data in the figure, it is not difficult to find that although the domestic version of RFS150i is only 9.8kw/9000rpm, the version listed in Malaysia in the early months has reached 11.3kw, which is the same as Yamaha and slightly inferior to Honda. That is to say, even if it is put on the international market, RFS150i will not lose.

In addition, considering that the compression ratio of RFS150i is as high as 11.25:1 and the peak power explodes to 9000 rpm, it can be seen that this is a high-speed engine, and the track is the best place for it to release its sports passion. The power output is higher than that of the domestic Japanese joint venture brand 150cc streetcar, with a lightweight body of 126 kg. Do you want to try the accelerated experience of RFS150i? For subversion, perhaps this is the ultimate mission of RFS150i in the domestic market!

RFS150i specification sheet

Engine type: water-cooled/single cylinder four-stroke SOHC/4 valve

Exhaust volume (CC): 149.8

Length x width x height (mm): 2010×675×1150

Maximum power (kW/min): 9.8/9000

Maximum torque (Nm/min): 12.5/7000.

Braking mode: front 240mm single disc brake and rear 220mm single disc brake.

Curb mass (kg): 130

Tank capacity: 4.8

Official guide retail price: 8980 yuan

Super luxury retro streetcar

Honda CB150R Exmotion/piaggio CR150

The great style of entry-level streetcar

Today's 150-entry streetcar really can't be underestimated. As the world's two-wheeled boss, Honda has given us a good demonstration.

Combined with the retro style prevailing in recent years, and in line with the consumption upgrading of young people, many equipment that used to only appear in middle and high-end models were listed as factory standard. In September this year, Honda released CB150R ExMotion in Thailand.

It is equipped with a single-cylinder water-cooled high-performance engine with double potassium hydride 4 valves, a six-speed gearbox and a water-cooled PMG-Fi injection system, with a power output of 12 kW. The body part is made of a diamond-shaped steel tube frame, a bottom-mounted exhaust pipe, a 41 mm inverted front fork, a Nissin four-piston radiation caliper for the front brake, and an ultra-wide specification of 150/60 for the rear tire. The LCD dashboard and the full LED light source are also equipped.

How can a bright-eyed configuration list lose the high-value appearance design? Retro and full of science and technology round lights, black main visual engine body and aluminum alloy primary colors embellishment, short and pithy split seat, and the finishing touch of local gold front fork, people really doubt that such a car with distinctive personality will be produced by Honda, which has always been stable and moderate.

According to the official statement, the developers of CB150R vehicles include engineers who have participated in the development of high-performance sports cars, RC211 of MotoGP, RC213V-S of commercial factory cars and other Honda sports cars. Obviously, Honda attaches no less importance to this entry-level streetcar than the top sports car. It is no wonder that a small 150 can have such a big style from power to configuration to appearance.

There are four colors of the basic model. In addition to the optional anti-lock braking device, Honda also played a limited modification of the original factory, and simultaneously sold the "wild coffee" version of the scrambler cafe, the "street coffee" version of the street cafe, and the Moriwaki joint modified version.

It is reported that Honda has also launched a challenge named scrambler creative modification in Thailand, attracting many local modification shops to participate, providing more choices for the personalization of new cars and trying to create a broader consumption space.

CB150R Exmotion specification sheet

Engine type: water cooling/single cylinder /DOHC/4 valve.

Exhaust volume (CC): 149

Seat height (mm): 795

Length x width x height (mm): 1973×822×1053

Maximum power (kW/min): 12

Maximum torque (Nm/min): Not applicable.

Braking mode: front 296 mm disc with four radial calipers and rear 220 mm disc.

Curb mass (kg): 125

Tank capacity: 8.5

Official retail price: 99,800 baht, about 19,700 yuan.

Compared with Honda's big spending in Thailand, Honda's product launch in China market is somewhat disappointing, but fortunately, we have piaggio.

A CR150, which was launched in piaggio in 2017, is also a high-performance retro streetcar route with a classical and elegant appearance. It is equipped with a circular instrument, a central double exhaust, a chrome-plated front fender and rearview mirror, and a spoke rim pineapple tire. The strong Italian style is also quite pleasing to the riders who have been tired of Japanese cars.

Equipped with double overhead camshaft four-valve water-cooled engine and Ma Ruili EFI system, the maximum power is 13.3 kW /9750 rpm and the maximum torque is 14 Nm /7500 rpm, and the performance output is even stronger than that of Honda CB150R. Using the same inverted front shock absorption, double-row rear shock absorption of airbags, front facing four-piston calipers and rear single-piston calipers as Goverment Public Relations, the configuration is not afraid. It is a luxury entry retro sports car that can compete with Honda CB150R and meet the needs of domestic riders.

One side of technology and one side of art are the best footnotes of these two 150 models, and they are also the attitude that young people should have as entry-level 150 models in the new era. Looking forward to the future, more and better 150 models will emerge that can refresh our visual and cycling experience! ! !

CR150 specification sheet

Engine type: single cylinder, four strokes/four valves/water cooling/overhead double camshafts/EFI.

Exhaust volume (CC): 149.2

Length x width x height (mm): 2025×737×1065

Maximum power (kW/min): 13.3/9750

Maximum torque (Nm/min): 14/7500

Braking mode: front and rear disc brakes

Curb mass (kg): 133

Tank capacity: 10.2

Official guide retail price: 19,800 yuan

When motorcycles are no longer just a means of transportation, 150 ml really can't meet the needs of riders, but for beginners, 150 ml is indispensable. Of course, which old driver was not Xiaobai today? Remember the 150 you rode in those years?

Nostalgia is popular recently. With the last generation of post-90s coming into adulthood, a large number of uncles and aunts recalled their 18 years old. By the way, at the age of 18, did you start cycling? How does 150 ml exist in you?

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