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New Great Wall Tantok 700 (New Great Wall Tantok 700 picture)

Hello, everyone. I'm Tinker Bell. Welcome to this issue of Tinker Bell Car. Some time ago, at the Shanghai Auto Show, the Great Wall launched a new model of its own tank, that is, the tank 700. Because it is a flagship product in the mecha technology, it also attracts many people's attention, so from the appearance, it is very domineering and tough, so the front face has this kind of horizontal line, which highlights its tough temperament, and the air intake grille also has this kind of line feeling, so the binocular double lights look very intense, and the square line seen from the side is also aggravated, which is a very three-dimensional feeling.

Then the logo of the tank protruding from the tail also strengthens the impression of the brand of the tank, which echoes the shape of the front face. There are four exhaust pipes under it, which should give people a very sporty impact visual sense, so the interior is also made of this kind of seat with fur turned over. It seems that this texture is also very good, all made of leather materials. Then the colors are warm, which looks very warm. The three-position steering wheel and the suspended central control, including the middle seat, look very delicate, which further highlights the exquisiteness of this car. Then the power is equipped with a 3.0T V6 engine equipped with a 9a gearbox, so there are many options for this shift, and more importantly, a system equipped with this p2 hybrid. Therefore, after meeting a tough demand for appearance, it is also very strong in terms of power. I don't know if you are interested in this car. You may wish to leave a message in the comments area to talk about your own ideas. We will be with you in the next program.

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