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Kulesler (Chrysler Kuwei)

Today's Mange is another gossip Mange. Isn't it because GAC Fick filed for bankruptcy these days that it was jointly defended by more than 20 dealers? Let's not talk about the incident itself. Let's gossip about Chrysler and brag about it and the "doomed love" in China market. In fact, it is possible for Chrysler to take the position of official car in China if the beautiful Chinese don't act like monsters themselves.

It is said that around the 1970s, the automobile industry in China just started, and the domestic cars were basically old Hongqi, old Shanghai and old BJ212, with poor mechanical quality and high fuel consumption. Later, in order to build an executive car that can be put on the table, FAW intends to replace the red flag. Since the replacement, the engine technology has to be updated. So I set my eyes on the United States, the world's largest automobile country at that time, and bought 488 engine technology and equipment from Chrysler. Therefore, under this opportunity, FAW would like to introduce the Dodge 600 with 488 engine into production by the way.

At first, Chrysler didn't seem to care much. After all, the Dodge 600 was already on the verge of elimination in the United States. So Chrysler made things difficult for FAW, saying that our car was going to stop production, which meant that all after-sales parts would be provided by you. But I don't trust the quality of your production, so I have to look at you.

So Chrysler sent a batch of old molds and galvanized steel plates to FAW. FAW was shocked when it received the goods. What the hell was this? Some molds were rotten and cracked, and even coke cans were pressed on the side. This is too bullying! However, FAW people are very sincere in cooperation, so I don't know how many people have been mobilized to repair those junk things first, and use the repaired molds and steel plates for stamping. At first glance, Chrysler people generally recognized the stamping level of FAW except for a few minor problems.

Seeing that business can continue to talk, Chrysler will become a demon. Hey, hey, FAW looks full of sincerity. It is estimated that he bought an engine production line and is trapped. He is eager to buy a complete vehicle production line, ok! Listen carefully, FAW. Although your stamping level is ok, there are still many supporting parts that you can't make in China for the time being and need to be supplied by me. In this way, you should book the spare parts to be used in the next few years.

When FAW heard this, it froze again. Wow! Isn't this a disguised price increase? At the same time, the German Volkswagen, which already has a factory in Shanghai, came to join in the fun. After all, this is FAW, the eldest son of the Republic! The public said, shall I help you? FAW in honest and frank said, "Sorry, we bought Chrysler's engine, so we have to cooperate with Chrysler.".

This reminds Brother Man of a scene: the spare tire said I'll let you rely on it, and the girl said, I'm sorry, you're a good man, and I've ... Let the people who eat melons play by themselves. Anyway, love rat always wins, and the spare tire always cries. That's beside the point. Although Volkswagen was declined by FAW, the spare tire didn't give up. Within a few weeks, it bought Chrysler's engine and successfully installed it on its own Audi 100, showing it to FAW, saying: Look, I have the ability to raise you and your belly ... bah, I have the ability to use your existing engine. Such a persistent spare tire spirit is really worth learning from Man Ge.

When Chrysler found out, it began to be a little anxious. Because the Dodge 600 is about to stop production, it will be worthless without the receiver. It seems that we can't bully honest people too much. So Chrysler said, you old man, don't listen to the public, it's very bad. In this way, I will sell this production line to you for a symbolic $1. Let's make a joint venture to make a big career and make a lot of money! Hey, don't go. Listen to me. I was wrong. I'm an asshole. Please listen to me. I won't do this again. Don't go, don't go, don't go!

FAW is gone, because Volkswagen said again, baby, I'll take the production line of Audi 100 from the factory in South Africa and give it to you for free for a few years. When it works well, it will be used as a part of the joint venture fee. If it doesn't work, just give me some money to send me away. Therefore, FAW was still moved by the public, so there was a story that FAW-Volkswagen was established and Audi became an official car.

Brother Man's gossip is not over yet. Later, Chrysler was acquired by Daimler and became Daimler Chrysler. Only the good times didn't last long. Daimler found that Chrysler was really a burden. For example, in the third quarter of 2006, Daimler earned $1.24 billion in operating profit, while Chrysler suffered a huge loss of $1.46 billion. And because of this burden, the sales of Mercedes-Benz in 2005 and 2006 were overtaken by BMW one after another. This makes Daimler have to consider finding a receiver for Chrysler.

Ironically, it was FAW Group that was rumored to be willing to take over Chrysler at that time. I don't know what FAW is going to do. Is it deliberately to stimulate heart breaker in those days? Of course, it didn't work out, and FAW couldn't afford the tens of billions of dollars that Daimler knocked out.

So back then, Chrysler didn't enter the China market in time, which should be quite regrettable. However, it should be fortunate for FAW, because if it is a joint venture with Chrysler, it may be FAW that regrets it. When negotiating cooperation at that time, Chrysler was extremely arrogant. For example, the project manager in Beijing flew to Changchun for an inspection in the morning, and set a time limit for FAW to start, and then flew back to Beijing immediately after the talk, unwilling to stay for a moment. For example, FAW sent a high-level delegation to negotiate to show its attention, but the boss of Chrysler showed no face and only sent a subordinate to perfunctory.

This is the same as love, unequal status, doomed to no good results in the future, it is better to say early in vain. Hey, why do I know so much?


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