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How tall and high-energy Suzuki gsx250 is (Suzuki gsx250 height requirement)

At the 2016 Chongqing Mobo Fair, Haojue Suzuki motorcycles, which had been silent for a long time, finally brought a heavyweight product GSX250R, which appeared in the domestic entry-level sports car market like a blockbuster. In the increasingly competitive entry-level sports car market, power, price and brand are the three major factors that affect consumers' car purchase. Today, GSX250R, the protagonist of the test drive, is a dominant model. The newly adjusted 250 ml engine, the gold-lettered signboard of Suzuki GSX series, and the price of 27,880 yuan all make GSX250R a car that can't be fired.

Suzuki GSX250R appearance real shot:

Suzuki GSX250R continues the family-style design of Suzuki GSX River series, and with the classic white and blue version of Suzuki, it looks like a miniature version of GSX-R1000 from a distance.

Because GSX250R adopts the same frame as GW250, the wheelbase of both of them is exactly the same, which is 1430mm, but thanks to the lightweight treatment, the vehicle weight of GSX250R is 5kg lighter than GW250, only 178 kg.

The seat height of 790 mm is not too much pressure for the experiencer of 182cm in the picture. As long as the knight is over 170cm in height, he can perfectly control the GSX250R.

The GSX250R headlamp follows part of the design of GSX-R1000 and looks very murderous. When the switch is turned on, the LED daytime running lights on both sides of the headlights will automatically light up. Although the headlights use traditional halogen bulbs as the light source, the brightness can meet the daily driving needs.

The combination of cotton light-emitting diode strip and light-emitting diode lamp group is very amazing. At first, no one could have thought that Suzuki, who has always been conservative, would use such a cutting-edge lighting design.

The independent turn signal connected with rubber material can effectively prevent it from being damaged when reversing.

There are ventilation holes on the windshield with considerable area, which can reduce the impact area.

The vents under the headlights and the fairways on both sides of the car body provide good aerodynamic characteristics for GSX250R, which can reduce wind resistance and stabilize the car body.

The fuel tank shape of GSX250R is fuller than that of GW250, which can make the driver's legs fit the fuel tank better. At the same time, the fuel tank volume of GSX250R reaches 15L, which makes it have a longer cruising range.

The protruding parts on both sides of the taillights make the rear look more angular, and can also be used as handrails for passengers in the back seat at ordinary times.

The lightweight multi-spoke rim is visually eye-catching; The combination of spray disc and Nissin's one-way double piston provides GSX250R with good braking performance. In addition, it is reported from the manufacturer that ABS version will be released in 2017.

GSX250R uses two IRC RX-01F street tires, the front tire size is 110/80 R17 and the rear tire size is 140/70 R17.

The GSX250R is equipped with a re-adjusted 250cc long-stroke twin-cylinder engine, with a maximum power of 18.4kW/8000rpm and a maximum torque of 23.4Nm/6500rpm, which is slightly higher than that of GW250.

The exhaust shape has also adopted a family design. Compared with GW250, the single exhaust on GSX250R is lighter in weight and more sonorous.

In addition to the color matching of this test car, GSX250R has five colors to choose from, namely: Poseidon Blue, Glacier White, Starlight Black, Starlight Black and Transparent Red.

Suzuki GSX250R test drive experience:

Although GSX250R is an entry-level sports car that prefers to ride in the city, after getting on the bus, it is found that the driving posture does not have the feeling of imitating the racing car. Even after a long ride, the body has no obvious fatigue.

Because the handlebar position of GSX250R is high, it doesn't make people feel tired during this long-term urban road driving. The well-supported cushion and the pedal with moderate position create a riding posture that is biased towards street cars. However, the addition of the detachable handlebar makes the sitting posture of GSX250R very different from that of GW250.

The maximum torque of GSX250R has been increased to 23.4Nm/6500rpm, and it can be clearly felt that GSX250R still has good power performance even at a low speed, which is of course inseparable from the weight reduction of the car body.

GSX250R adopts an engine improved from GW250. By adjusting the camshaft angle and variable diameter valve, the data of maximum power of 18.4kW/8000rpm and maximum torque of 23.4Nm/6500rpm are finally obtained. In actual driving, GSX250R can feel abundant torque at around 3000rpm. As long as the speed exceeds 3000rpm, even the 6th gear will not be out of gear. In urban roads, 4th gear can take almost all sections.

The solid materials and workmanship of GSX250R are also well reflected in riding. The front and rear sets of Nissin calipers are properly retracted. Although there is no ABS, as long as the front and rear brakes are manually distributed, this braking system will only bring you a sense of security.

The vibration of the engine is well controlled by GSX250R, and the vibration at high speed will not cause discomfort. If the domestic Lamborghini 300 is compared, the vibration of GSX250R at 7000rpm is smaller than that of Lamborghini 300 at 5000rpm.

After the actual measurement, the 0-100km/h acceleration score of GSX250R is 9.26s, which is close to my previous psychological expectation data. As can be seen from the figure, the G value of GSX250R broke through 1.1g at the initial moment, and then entered a continuous decline stage.

Seven-segment adjustable central shock absorber feels stiff when riding alone, and it is not convenient to adjust because of the layout.

Because the design of multi-link or progressive spring is not used for subsequent shock absorption, it is impossible to provide different supporting forces in high and low speed bends, so low speed bends give people a feeling of being too stiff, and only in high speed bends will there be good supporting force performance.

The GSX250R car was transplanted from GW250. Some clues can be seen from the position of shock absorber, the form of rear rocker arm and the same wheelbase. It is precisely because of the combination of these factors that the GSX250R is not as flexible in handling as its competitors at the same level.

Overtaking is inevitable when driving on urban roads. When the body is depressed to the left and right during overtaking, GSX250R will produce a resistance, which makes the driver slow down in the process of overtaking. Later, I found the main reason for this phenomenon. If we simply compare the data, we can get the answer. The wheelbase of Kawasaki Ninja 250 is 1416mm, that of Honda CBR300R is 1380mm, and that of GSX250R is 1430mm. The long wheelbase is the root cause of this phenomenon.


As a new force in the entry-level sports car, GSX250R not only conforms to consumers' aesthetics in appearance, but also maintains the consistent standard of Haojue Suzuki motorcycles in workmanship, reaching the workmanship level of imported cars. According to the current entry-level sports car market, Kawasaki and Honda have carved up the market, and Suzuki's participation will make the competition more intense. After all, GSX2250R has mastered the absolute price advantage, and at the same time, it is paved with GW250, which is popular all over China. It can be said that GSX250R is the best choice for entry-level sports cars under any circumstances, and friends who are still struggling to buy Ninja250 or CBR300R may wish to make another choice.

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