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The main work of vehicle information officer (whether the salary of vehicle information officer is high or not)

Linyi Public Transport Group Co., Ltd. was established in May, 1970. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Linyi Urban Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. and the only state-owned company operating urban public passenger transport in Linyi City. Linyi Bus Group currently operates about 2,000 buses and has more than 100 bus lines in operation. In order to meet the needs of Linyi Bus Group's vehicle operation and development, combined with the line capacity planning and personnel shortage, through research, some bus drivers are now openly recruited for the society.

I. Recruitment Position and Qualifications

It is planned to recruit 2 bus drivers, with a total of 497 people. Please refer to the Bus Driver Recruitment Schedule of Linyi Public Transport Group Co., Ltd. in 2023 for the recruitment positions and registration qualifications. The specific recruitment arrangements will be determined according to the situation until the recruitment is full.

Second, the basic conditions of candidates

With People's Republic of China (PRC) nationality, abide by national laws and regulations, good political and ideological quality, good conduct.

Have a first-class or A3 driver's license.

The age of men is not more than 45 years old and that of women is not more than 35 years old. The age of women can be relaxed to 40 years old, provided that they have paid social insurance and can go through retirement procedures normally when they reach the legal retirement age.

Have junior high school education or above.

Physical and mental health, with normal physical conditions to perform their duties.

Other qualifications such as majors that meet the requirements of the recruitment position.

One of the following circumstances shall not apply:

Those who have failed in the "interview+practice" session for two times this year may not apply for jobs within one year.

Persons who have been subjected to criminal punishment and have been expelled from public office.

Suspected of violating discipline and law, being examined by relevant authorities, and no conclusion has been reached.

There is a serious personal bad credit record, which has been included in the list of untrustworthy persons by the court and has not been revoked.

In the recent three consecutive scoring cycles, 12 points of violation records have been recorded, which are proved by traffic accident crimes and dangerous driving crimes.

Laws, regulations and other provisions shall not apply for.

Third, the registration materials

One original and one copy of the ID card.

One original and one copy of A1 or A3 driver's license.

One original and one copy of the degree and diploma recognized by the state.

One original and one copy of the academic credentials such as the Online Verification Report of the Student Status of the Ministry of Education of China Higher Education Student Information Network.

Certificate of no criminal record issued by the local police station.

The traffic police department has not recorded 12 points of violation records in the last three scoring cycles, and there is no record proof of traffic accidents and dangerous driving crimes, and the quasi-driving type has changed.

A personal credit certificate.

Other certificates, honors and other materials.

Fourth, the recruitment workflow

Publish recruitment information. Through the websites of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Linyi City, the website of Linyi City Investment Group and the website of Linyi Public Transport Group, the recruitment brochure was released, and WeChat was promoted at the same time.

Registration method and time. The registration time starts from the date of announcement and ends at 17:00 pm on December 13, 2023.

Registration method: registration is conducted by on-site registration, and applicants must fill in the registration form and other relevant materials at the recruitment office of Linyi Public Transport Group with the registration materials.

Registration place: 500 meters north of the intersection of Qinghe South Road and Yizhou Road in Linyi City, in the East Yard of Linyi Public Transport Group.

Qualification examination. Qualification examination runs through the whole process of recruitment, and the qualifications of applicants are preliminarily screened, and examination notices are issued to candidates who meet the recruitment requirements.

Exam. According to the qualification examination of candidates, the examination will be organized in stages and in a timely manner. The time, place and related matters of the examination will be notified separately, and the applicants should keep the communication open. The content and form of the examination are conducted by means of interview and practical operation according to the characteristics of the employment position. At the same time, the qualification review is carried out, and the personnel participating in the qualification review need to bring the original ID card, driver's license and other related materials. According to the order of test scores, the personnel who enter the scope of inspection shall be determined according to the ratio of no more than 1:1. Those whose test scores are lower than 60 shall not be employed.

Investigation. The list of people who entered the investigation scope was publicized for 3 days, and those who had no objection to the publicity investigated their political thoughts, moral quality, professional knowledge, ability and quality, personal files and whether they needed to be avoided by consulting files and checking certificates. If it is found that the applicant does not meet the recruitment requirements or the information provided is false, his qualification will be cancelled.

Physical examination. The employing unit shall be responsible for organizing the physical examination of the candidates who pass the inspection, and notify the medical examiners of the relevant precautions. The medical examination expenses shall be borne by the individual, and those who pass the physical examination are the candidates to be employed. For those who need re-examination according to the regulations, it is not carried out in the original medical examination hospital, and the re-examination can only be carried out once. The result is subject to the re-examination conclusion. Applicants who fail to attend the medical examination at the specified time and place shall be deemed to have given up their application automatically, and those who fail to pass the medical examination shall not be employed.

Applicants shall not be employed in any of the following circumstances during the medical examination:

1. Deliberately concealing diseases and medical history that affect employment.

2. Colluding medical examination staff to cheat.

3. Ask others to replace the physical examination or exchange or replace the test samples.

4. There are other behaviors such as cheating.

Publicity and employment. Publicize the list of persons to be hired determined by the above procedures for a period of 5 working days. After the expiration of the publicity period, if there are no problems or the problems reflected will not affect the employment, the employment procedures will be handled after consultation. If there is no consensus with the candidates, the recruitment will be postponed or terminated. Those who have been subjected to serious problems such as criminal punishment or administrative sanctions and have been found to have solid evidence will not be employed. The employed personnel shall implement the probation system according to the regulations. Those who pass the examination after the expiration of the probation period will be formally employed, and those who fail the examination will terminate the labor contract.

V. Work place and remuneration package

The work place is Linyi City. The salary and treatment shall be implemented according to the relevant regulations of the company, and the five insurances and housing accumulation fund shall be paid according to the relevant regulations of the state.

VI. Others

Qualification examination runs through the whole recruitment process. Those who practise fraud will be disqualified once verified. Applicants who fail to participate in the examination, inspection and physical examination as required shall be deemed to have automatically waived their qualifications. Vacancies caused by voluntary abandonment, inspection and unqualified physical examination can be filled in equal amounts from high to low according to the test scores of those who enter the examination scope from the same position.

This recruitment is organized in the name of Linyi City Investment Group. Linyi City Investment Group and Linyi Public Transport Group form a special recruitment class, which is responsible for the recruitment work. Linyi City Investment Group and Linyi Public Transport Group have the right to adjust, cancel or terminate the recruitment according to factors such as changes in job requirements and registration. To determine the hired personnel, they must obey the unified work arrangement of Linyi City Investment Group and Linyi Public Transport Group.

The company will keep the materials and information provided by the applicants strictly confidential, and the application materials will not be returned. Unemployed personnel will be selected and included in the talent pool of Linyi Public Transport Group, and they can apply again when the position becomes vacant.

This recruitment does not charge any fees, and no organization is authorized to conduct training. In addition to the recruitment information released this time, no other personnel will be recruited, and no recruitment-related work will be arranged outside Linyi City. Please be vigilant and beware of being deceived.

If you have any other matters, please contact us by telephone: 0539-8313159, 19553956612.

Linyi Public Transport Group Co., Ltd. Bus Driver Recruitment Schedule in 2023

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