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Great Wall Black Cat Resumes Production (Great Wall Black Cat 2021)

Do you know why pure electric mini-cars are so popular?

It is nothing more than two reasons: it doesn't choose the audience and the price is cheap, because it can be bought and used by anyone. For ordinary consumers, it is still beautiful to buy a ride instead of walking. For richer consumers, it is not impossible to buy a tram for fun. After all, it is a new thing, but do you know? It is precisely because the price of mini pure trams is very low that some car companies have to "lay down their lives to accompany the gentleman"! Don't hesitate to run at the risk of "loss", but also sell the products. I think you know who I'm going to talk about next?

Yes, it is the black-and-white double cats owned by Euler. They are the only two mini-car products owned by Euler brand, even earlier than Hongguang MINI EV. Since it was revealed on February 14th this year that it would no longer accept new orders, it caused many netizens' speculations, but most of them were untrue. Later, Euler CEO Dong Yudong also posted on the official APP: "Black cats/white cats just stopped accepting new orders at present, not the suspension of production by everyone online.

So it seems that it is necessary for Euler to stop selling black cats/white cats, but it also shows that Euler black cats/white cats have little profit, so most consumers express regret! Recently, however, some media broke the news that Euler Black Cat/White Cat began to resume production! In response to this news, some relevant media specifically asked the manufacturer, but the answer was that the current state of Euler Black Cat/White Cat was discontinued for sale. Later, I also looked at the current sales status of the two models on major automobile platforms, which really showed that they were on sale, and it is worth mentioning that many media followed suit and said that their prices also ushered in an increase.

For this reason, I compared the price of the previous models of Euler Black Cat/Good Cat, and the price of the discontinued models was indeed lower than that of the models on sale, but I compared the time to market. The time to market of the models on sale was last August, which was not right, so I don't feel the possibility of a temporary price increase, and the official has not issued a definite notice.

What is certain, however, is that Euler Black Cat/Good Cat has the possibility of resuming production and re-selling. We also know the reason why they stopped selling before, so if we want to sell it and make consumers accept it better, then this node can only be at the beginning of next year, because the new energy purchase tax subsidy will be terminated at the end of this year, which means that the prices of almost all new energy vehicles will rise, so it should be the most appropriate time to take this opportunity to let the black and white cats come back again.

Write it at the end

As you can imagine, the mini-electric car has always been in a state of small profits but quick turnover, but it is still necessary for car companies. Do you know why?

Because as far as the market is concerned, it can stimulate brand activity, let more consumers know them, and it smells like brand communication! However, this kind of communication mode is likely to be adopted only by brands that focus on the low-end market. After all, it won't make such cheap cars in the high-end market. Of course, it is also a point that major automobile brands want to expand their product routes. Therefore, it is necessary for them to have miniature pure trams.

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