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How much is Benagli 502 (how much is Benagli 502c)?

Motorcyclists, please listen to the questions:

Q: When Benagli Jin Peng 502 was first listed in 2016, its basic bare car got the price, and the value of the gift was thrown away. How much was it?

A.37800 yuan
B 33800 yuan
C.31350 yuan
D. obtuse angle

Some time ago, Benagli released the latest TRK502X. Compared with the old model, its biggest improvement is the addition of aluminum alloy rear fork and tire pressure monitoring. It has been 6 years since TRK502 came into the market. As the originator of domestic large-displacement adverbs, this car is really worth talking about.

In 2015, the domestic adverb market with medium and large displacement can be said to be unique. As far as you can see, there is only one Xinyuan X5. However, the combination of "single cylinder+Xinyuan" is really not attractive to domestic motorcycle friends, not to mention the assembly technology of Xinyuan has been very lame. At this time, the choices for domestic adverb lovers are actually only 70,000 to 80,000 Honda CB500X/ Kawasaki Exotic 650 and 100,000 BMW F700/800. However, there is no choice at the price of 30,000 to 40,000, and the purchasing power accumulated by motorcycle friends has nowhere to be released. Whoever can grasp this market gap will be able to firmly occupy a place in the future market share.

The clever egg occupying this gap is Benagli, who has done something as important as building a four-cylinder machine.

At the end of 2015, Benagli unveiled a motorcycle ——TRK502 at Milan Auto Show, which attracted adverb lovers all over the world.

The reason why it is enough to attract adverb lovers all over the world is that TRK 502, which appeared at the beginning, meets the needs of the following times.

The first is that the market really needs it.

There are not so many advanced adverb models in 2015, and the market demand is here. Whoever makes what users need first will make money.

Secondly, the gimmick is very sufficient.

At that time, the relationship between Benagli and QJ was not so clear. Most people were willing to believe that Benali was a serious joint venture, and Benagli's design department did remain in Italy, so TRK502 was regarded as the orthodox orphan of Benagli by most people. It is equipped with a 500ml engine with a maximum power of 35kw/8500rpm and a maximum torque of 45nm/5000rpm, which is a little brighter than Honda in terms of parameters. When we are not sure about the origin of this engine, this engine can be said to be highly anticipated.

Finally, it looks big enough and awesome enough.

Although TRK502, which was unveiled at Milan Auto Show, is only a 500 ml motorcycle, it has the body shape of a BMW waterfowl. TRK502 can attract the hearts of adverb lovers only by its design.

In addition to its huge size, TRK502 also gives people a hard-core feeling in configuration, especially the spoke wheel set with multi-functional tires and the thick inverted front fork, which makes CB500X and Exotic 650 only brothers in front of it.

In this way, TRK502, which is young and strong and slightly pretentious, turned over the audience as soon as it appeared. Benagli grasped the needs of users, and users were full of beautiful yearning for Benagli. In their hearts, everyone still felt that the skinny camel was bigger than the horse, and the car made in Benagli would not be bad.

Time came in 2016, TRK502 was released all over the world. In September, Benagli launched the subscription crowdfunding of TRK502 in the online shopping mall in Suning.cn, China. This crowdfunding was divided into eight stalls, namely deposit crowdfunding and full crowdfunding. The only difference between the two is that one out of every three users of full crowdfunding will get Benagli brand electric bicycles, and all motorcycle riders who participate in crowdfunding will get a Benagli gift package with a total value of 2,450 yuan.

From the exciting preferential activities in the above picture, we can actually find that Benagli has little confidence in the initial sales of TRK502. In order to make the users feel that the car is worth as much as possible, Benagli basically gave everything he could, and even took out his own licensed electric car.

Benagli's hard marketing, I think, has a lot to do with TRK502.

As a motorcycle that advertises itself as a European-style all-road-pulling car, TRK502 compares with Xinyuan X5 in terms of configuration, which is really very general and does not pull at all.

Fast damping before and after X5, unknown damping before and after TRK 502.

X5 front 21 rear 18 spoke wheels, TRK 502 front and rear 17 inch cast aluminum wheels.

X5 aluminum alloy rear flat fork, TRK502 steel pipe welded rear flat fork.

X5 kerb mass is 168kg, and TRK502 kerb mass is 227kg.

All of the above indicate that TRK502 is an out-and-out road station wagon, but it doesn't really matter for the motorcycle in 2016. In the era when Haojue Suzuki GW250 and Secco RX3 are the main models of motorcycle, as long as TRK 502 is double-cylinder and hard-looking, it will be fine.

Facts have also proved that Benagli's worry about sales volume is unnecessary, and Xinyuan X5 is no match for it.

TRK502 didn't sell well in China. Until the end of the pre-sale period on September 30, Suning.cn received a total of 41 million yuan from TRK502, exceeding the task, and a total of 23,218 people participated in this activity. This feat is unprecedented.

TRK502 soon became a beautiful scenic spot on the road of motorcycle, and at the same time, it also became a dream car for many people, with a minimum cost of 33,000 yuan. It is a Sino-Italian joint venture with large displacement and sufficient horsepower. For the "Enough Party", this may be the end of car play, and Benagli is really fragrant.

Since the official release of TRK 502, there has been a wave of adverbs of highway leisure in China. Companies such as Seclon, Chunfeng and Haojue Suzuki motorcycles have joined in this fierce battle. Unfortunately, except for DL250, adverbs of 650 metric tons and RX3S series have not caught anything in this competition.

650 metric tons is not bad, but compared with TRK502, it is inferior to TRK looking at the atmosphere in appearance.

RX3S is not very bad, but compared with TRK502, it has neither absolute advantage in price nor easy to be criticized in appearance, and the follow-up can only be put to rest.

Although no one can threaten the status of TRK502 in the short and medium term, Benagli himself knows that this car may not be able to continue the glory of the previous explosion in the future. Shopping malls are like battlefields, and the situation is ever-changing.

So in 2018, Benagli TRK 502X was born, and the dream of ADV lovers ushered in version 2.0.

There are eight differences between 502X in 2018 and 502x in 2016:

  1. 502X is equipped with steel spoke rims with front 19 inches and rear 17 inches, while 502 is cast aluminum wheels with front and rear 17 inches;
  2. 502X adopts airbag with adjustable preload for rear shock absorption, and 502 is ordinary rear shock absorption;
  3. 502X adopts high exhaust, and 502 has only one bottom exhaust;
  4. 502X has a big brace, 502 does not;
  5. 502X has engine chassis guard, 502 does not;
  6. 502X uses elephant brand multifunctional tires, and 502 uses Angel ST;
  7. 502X brake caliper is one-way double piston, and 502 is one-way four piston;
  8. 502X comes with three boxes, but 502 doesn't.

Of course, the price of the 502X, which has made a lot of progress, has also become amazing, reaching 44,800 yuan. Knock on the blackboard, this car doesn't have Brebo, Nissin and KYB…… ... It can sell the car at this price only by its own brand power, and Benagli is still awesome. Moreover, the upgraded TRK 502X is more in line with the status of the hard-core rickshaw in the public mind.

With high exhaust and spoke wheels, Benagli once again ignited the fire in consumers' hearts.

Even if it landed at 50,000 yuan, even if it didn't have famous brand accessories, and even if its curb weight was close to 250kg, the 502X still had a high market capacity, and users just accepted such a heavy ADV.

Just as Benagli is preparing to sit back and relax, expecting 502X to continue to achieve the same success as 502, 502X's biggest rival is quietly waking up, ready to annihilate the market where consumers believe whatever manufacturers say.

One month after the release of the new 502X, Excelle officially released the Excelle 500X at a price of 32,800 ~ 37,800 yuan.

Excelle 500X was a subversion to the market at that time. It pointed at the nose and scolded those motorcycles that claimed to be really pulling. I didn't mean 502, I meant everyone here, you are all XX!

We will elaborate on the awesome power of Excelle when we write about Excelle. In short, one year after Excelle released the 500X, the Benagli 502 lost its fragrance in an instant, and the public's thoughts have shifted from the car to the car to be awesome, so we should be lightweight! We want real unpaved passability! We want awesome spare parts!

The era belonging to 502 has been turned over in this way, which makes Benagli feel at a loss.

One year after the vehicle was released, Moto Friends' spontaneous views on these two cars.

However, in 2018, Benagli didn't realize what storm the little Excelle could make, and Benagli still upgraded the 502X step by step. In 2019, Benagli upgraded the emission standard of 502X and a set of quasi-vacuum tire wheels, and the price of 502X became 42,800 yuan without three boxes, and other aspects remained unchanged.

However, consumers don't buy this upgrade of Benagli. After all, you need stability, off-road ability and strong off-road ability, and our Excelle 500X is the best in the world.

This statement was the mainstream statement at that time, but it was actually not very objective, because when the sales volume of a car reached a certain level, its problems would appear by all means. Domestic cars that did not win by quality were all the same, such as Benali, Benda and Excelle.

However, no one can think of what will happen in the future in 2019. From the perspective of enterprises, it is not wrong for Benagli to think that he is better than Excelle.

Time soon arrived in 2020. There was no breakthrough in the sales of 502X in the past two years, but the voice of Excelle was gradually rising. Benagli suddenly had an epiphany-we can't be so negative anymore, we should cheer up and surpass Excelle 500X! As a result, TRK502 and 502X have ushered in major changes. Benagli said that the configuration you have in Excelle is definitely not worse than yours.

In this way, the 2020 502 went on the market, and the 502 and 502X were divided into two versions: standard and high-equipped, and the price covered 38,800 ~ 45,800 yuan.

The update of 502 and 502X focuses on the detailed configuration of vehicles. After two years, Benagli finally realized that the 502 should be equipped with KYB and Xihe to make the car look more awesome. There is a feeling that international first-tier enterprises should have, and Benagli can't do everything by itself.

At the same time, Benagli also provided sliding clutch as standard for 502 series vehicles. You can pay attention to the engine side cover of 2022 Benagli 502 series vehicles. Since this generation, the engine side cover has changed a lot, which is a little knowledge point for everyone to distinguish the model year.

Of course, the most important thing in this update is the LCD instrument, and Benagli began to take the "technology" route. At least our TFT instrument is better than Excelle.

Although the configuration of the 502 has reached the same level as that of Excelle, although the workmanship details of Benagli are better than that of Excelle, and although Benagli invited a special person to demonstrate the excellent non-paving performance of the 2020 502X in detail, consumers are still not satisfied. Because everyone knows that they don't have the professional skills of test drivers, the Excelle 500X you want can be met at a low price. Why should I buy TRK 502X at a high price?

I want you to fake Italy? Or do you want to sink?

What's more, people don't believe that 502X can really fly so high ...

So 502X is once again in a flat and faint situation. This story actually tells us that if consumers have formed an inherent understanding of your product, it will not help if you make a small change. The most effective way is to make a big change. If everyone wants you to be 180kg, then you have to find a way to make it 180kg. Unfortunately, the tonality of TRK502 is a road break, and no matter how it is changed, it cannot become the so-called real pull of some people.

In the whole year of 2021, TRK 502 did not move, and Excelle continued to be awesome 500 times.

In 2022, Benagli seems to have figured it out. I don't care about whether the rally is hard or not. My goal is to make the TRK502 the coolest road recreational vehicle.

So Benagli once again increased the quantity and reduced the price of TRK502-

Anti-lock braking device version 502 is priced at 35,800 yuan, and we give a home to motorcycle friends who like Yan value.

The high-end version of the 502X is priced at 45,800. The aluminum alloy rear rocker arm and tire pressure monitoring function are the highlights of this update of the 502X. Although we are unable to lose weight again, we can make up our attitude this time. If you want aluminum alloy flat forks, we will give you aluminum alloy flat forks.

As long as Yan value lovers can say that this car is really beautiful and genuine, then Benagli's goal will be achieved.

Although the number of new cars does not increase now, Benagli's operation has little effect on the second-hand price of TRK502, and the salvage value of the first batch of 502 is still 15 thousand+; In 2019~2020, the second-hand price of 502X is still hovering at 30,000+. No matter how you evaluate it, the second-hand car owner will definitely stop reducing the price. After all, the high-ranking receiver is me, and the car is not bad to ride, so there is no reason to sell it at a low price.

On the other hand, the history of Benagli 502, which became a hit in 2016, has changed from a motorcycle that was just needed to a supplement to the market segment in the adverb field. It can only satisfy a small number of consumers in terms of face value and size, which is somewhat bleak.


Is TRK 502/502X a good car?

As a road recreational vehicle, I think the 502 is a good car, and its good appearance is mainly reflected in its design. After all, its appearance is really excellent enough to satisfy vanity, which is also an advantage.

However, in terms of power, overall configuration and cost performance, the 2022 502 actually has no advantages. If these aspects are taken as the main body of evaluation, then the 502 can only be said to be average, and it is not as excellent as its classmate Xiao 500 cross-country version.

Who is TRK 502/502X suitable for?

Appearance party, large adverb lover, road motorcycle lover. The super-large appearance is the best business card of 502. It has a magic power, which can not only convince people who like it to ignore its shortcomings, but also make people who don't like it awe when they see it, leaving this sentence silently: Your car is really big and awesome ...

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