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When will the new Yamaha Feizhi 150 come on the market (when will the new Yamaha Feizhi 150 come out)

Yamaha recently announced the launch of the 2019 FZ and FZS versions in India, and the Feizhi series can be said to be the master series of Yamaha Straddle in the domestic market. Besides the desire for power, the new FZ series released abroad is more in line with the sense of sports appealed by modern young people, and the consistent comfort and energy saving are the essence of Feizhi.

The new Feizhi has improved its appearance/comfort/safety performance. It is equipped with a 149 ml blue core single-cylinder SOHC air-cooled engine. The maximum power is 9.7 kW /800 rpm and the maximum torque is 12.8 Nm/6,000 rpm. Compared with the old Feizhi, there is not much improvement in power and torque.

67 mm single disc with double piston calipers, supplemented by Bosch ABS system,

In the aspect of braking system, ABS is upgraded, and double-piston calipers are used.

Gao Fancha liquid crystal display instrument with white characters on black background provides clear information for the knight.

At the same time, it has anti-lock braking device signal and ecological energy-saving lamp signal display.

The brand-new LED headlights provide excellent projection brightness and visual range.

The upper and lower split headlights also bring a little technological atmosphere.

In terms of tires, it is also raised to a tire width of 140 mm,

Center-mounted adjustable single-handed single-gun rear shock absorber.

Some new shapes have also been added to the front fuel tank.

Chrome-plated decorative air inlet, compared with the old Feizhi 150, it is more graded.

The shape of the exhaust has also changed, more concise and short.

the end

The old Feizhi is more like a daily commuter car, while the new one injects a youthful and sporty flavor into commuting. At present, the domestic Yamaha straddle-riding market depends entirely on the Feizhi 150, so it is very likely that the domestic market will update the new Feizhi 150. What do you think, reader? Xiaobian thinks the new model is not bad.

2019 FZ- Philippines /FZS- Philippines Specification Sheet

Engine form: air-cooled four-stroke SOHC single cylinder

Cylinder diameter x stroke: 57.3mm x 57.9mm

Displacement: 149 ml

Compression ratio: 9.5:1

Maximum horsepower: 9.7 kW (13.2 picoseconds)/8,000 rpm.

Maximum torque: 12.8 nm (1.3 kg m)/6,000 rpm.

Transmission mode: 5-speed chain transmission

Frame type: diamond frame

Front suspension: 41 mm fork

Rear suspension: single hybrid single gun shock absorber system (preload can be adjusted)

Front brake: 267 mm single disc, double piston calipers, abdominal muscles

Rear brake: 220mm single disc and single piston caliper.

Wheelbase: 1,330 mm

Seat height: 790 mm

Wet weight: 137 kg


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