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Top ten mini electric vehicles (top ten brands of 315,000 electric vehicles)

Small and micro electric cars are the second car options for many families. Minicars have been on fire for two or three years under the leadership of Hongguang Minicars, but it is hard to say whether they can guarantee not to decline in 2023.

The following are the sales rankings of small and micro electric vehicles in January 2023:

  1. BYD Dolphin, 17,582 vehicles

  2. SAIC-GM-Wuling Hongguang Mini, 16,416 vehicles
  3. Chang 'an Lu Min, 4711 vehicles.
  4. Chang 'an Ben Ben E Star, 4683 vehicles.
  5. Chery instant messaging software ice cream, 2736 cars.
  6. SAIC Claiwei, 2,210 vehicles
  7. Great Wall Euler Good Cat, 1,148 vehicles.

  8. MG Mulan, 1098 vehicles.

  9. Chery Little Ant, 1035 vehicles.
  10. SAIC-GM-Wuling Ali Yves Clear Sky, 632 vehicles.

The three cars highlighted belong to small electric vehicles, and the others are mini-cars; If these three cars are removed, there will be T03 and 501 cars running at zero, 482 cars of Baojun kiwi EV and 362 cars made by BAIC.

There are only 67 cars with high hopes in Chery New Energy. It seems that this car with too serious traces of design imitation cannot be widely recognized by market users.

The sales of Hongguang mini-cars have always been very high in the first two years, and the monthly sales can easily reach 40,000 to 50,000, but the recent performance is quite different; Moreover, the sales of other micro-electric vehicles have also dropped considerably, which is really exaggerated compared with ordinary cars and sport utility vehicles.

Why is this?

It seems that micro-electric cars are suddenly not very popular.

In fact, it is not difficult to understand that the popularity of micro-electric vehicles in the early days was mainly due to the low penetration rate of new energy vehicles; To put it bluntly, there are not enough electric cars running on the road. Everyone wants to try new technologies and is worried, so they are more willing to choose low-priced micro-electric cars to try at the lowest price. However, last year alone, the sales of three types of new energy vehicles soared. The sport utility vehicle with the highest sales volume became the BYD Song series, a mid-range car with a green number plate. The Qin series cars also reached the top once, and even positioned the middle and high-end Han series kinetic energy to easily sell tens of thousands of vehicles a month. Secondly, there are a number of new power automobile brands with high sales. The hot sales of these cars make automobile consumers more confident in new energy vehicles.

At this time, it is not as good as "one step at a time" instead of choosing a micro electric car. Even the second family car can choose a dolphin with larger space, higher configuration and higher price.

The end of fuel-powered mini-car is the end of electric mini-car, and maybe 2023 will be its turning point; If the micro-electric vehicles headed by Wuling Hongguang MINI can't regain sales in the first and second quarters, maybe the Year of the Rabbit is the "farewell season for micro-electricity".

However, there will still be a monopoly in small electric vehicles, and BYD's sales are many times that of Euler Good Cat and MG Mulan. The sales decline of Euler Good Cat is expected, because it has experienced a price increase and a large extent. After the ordinary version was upgraded to the Mo Landi version, the starting price was once raised from 100,000 to even 150,000; This is equivalent to pulling a mainstream car into the mid-end market. Although the configuration has also been upgraded, the price set by such a predecessor ordinary scooter is indeed a little high.

The highest sales volume of the Euler brand is actually "Lightning Cat", which is a medium-sized coupe, offering front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive options; The face value is quite high, and the power of the four-wheel drive version is also good, so it is not surprising that the sales volume of 1283 vehicles can be achieved. But the key to achieve sales growth is the reasonable price, which is about 200 thousand.

Therefore, the compact front-drive "Ballet Cat", which basically coincides with its price, is basically uncompetitive, with sales of only 62 vehicles in January.

Figure 1: Lightning Cat

Figure 2: Ballet Cat

MG Mulan's unpopularity is mainly due to the weak influence of MG brand. MG and Roewe ended in complete defeat in BYD's tug-of-war for many years, both in pure electric and plug-in hybrid tracks. But this doesn't mean that MG can't build an excellent car. Mulan's car is actually very good! Because this car uses a rear-mounted rear-drive and dual-motor four-wheel drive drive platform, the vehicle has a quite good driving experience, at least in a hatchback car.

Mulan first adopted the rear-drive and four-wheel drive platforms, followed by a good cruising range, and the key point was that the power was not disappointing; Especially the four-wheel drive version, it takes only 3.8 seconds to break through! This is the hatchback with the fastest acceleration at present.

The starting price of this car is less than 130 thousand, and the four-wheel drive version is less than 190 thousand

Therefore, the competitiveness of this car is very strong. Dolphins and good cats focus on the home scooter market, while Mulan focuses on players who like to drive. It is expected that Mulan's sales will grow slowly, and the market share of Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus will belong to this car sooner or later; Golf sold 5142 vehicles in January, and Fox sold 1283 vehicles. Dolphins will gradually take away the share of Fit and Polo, with Fit selling 6160 vehicles in January and Polo selling 2135 vehicles.

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