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Genie 1 is an intelligent robot (Genie 1).

As the first mass-produced model after the electrification transformation of smart brand, Smart Elf 1 has super-high product hard power, bringing more exquisite luxury life to the vast number of urban youth. Let's take a look at it today.

Smart Elf No.1 is built on the vast structure of Geely Sea, designed by Mercedes-Benz, and has an excellent sense of luxury. The suspended contrast roof of the inspiration ring has a different kind of charm. Cyberlight LED headlights allow technology and beauty to coexist. Although it is an A0-class car, it has a long wheelbase of 2,750 mm, and the interior space is spacious and comfortable.

In the interior, Smart Elf No.1 is equipped with an inspired smart cockpit, and the 12.8-inch suspended central control panel and 9.2-inch LCD instrument together form a minimalist T-shaped cockpit layout. The electronic arms have a full sense of advanced, and the leather multi-function steering wheel brings a wonderful touch. The seats are all made of leather seats, which are very comfortable to ride, and the rear seats have an adjustable distance of 130 mm.

It is worth mentioning that Smart Elf-1 has super-high intelligent driving strength, equipped with intelligent pilot's intelligent assisted driving system, which integrates HWA expressway assistance system, EMA emergency maneuver assistance system, APA automatic parking assistance system and BSD blind spot detection system to ensure the safety of users in all directions.

At present, Smart Elf No.1 is in hot sale, and the official guide price is 179,000 yuan-245,000 yuan. Does such an exquisite and luxurious A0-class car also arouse everyone's desire to buy a car? Go to the store for a test drive.

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