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Suzuki dl250 modified spoke hub (Suzuki dl250 modified widened tire)

To say that the most cost-effective model of motor vehicles, many people first think of Haojue Suzuki V-Strom 250, that is,

People often say that DL250.

In terms of appearance and structure, this car has many necessary configurations for long-distance motorcycle travel, such as: three very strong storage boxes, a handlebar with a higher position, an upright windshield, vacuum tires and a large-capacity fuel tank. The most important thing is that this car has a very good reputation. I feel at ease when riding it out.

But when it comes to DL650, the younger brother of DL250, maybe many people don't know. What are the differences between DL 650 and DL250? Does it have better long-distance motorcycle travel ability than DL250? With these questions,

Let's do a detailed analysis of DL650 today.

First of all, we all know that the DL250 is a small-displacement vehicle newly added to the Suzuki V-Strom family, so it is not difficult to think that the DL650 also belongs to the Suzuki V-Strom series. In fact, in addition to these two models, the V-Strom series also has a larger displacement model DL1000, which we will introduce separately in later articles. The DL650 to be talked about today came out in the first generation in 2004, 13 years earlier than the DL250, and it is still in production. It is an adventure motorcycle specially developed for long distance.

It has a very high position in the middleweight adventure car market.

The DL650 adopts a V-type double-cylinder water-cooled engine, and the angle between the two cylinders is 90 degrees. This design can not only reduce the width of the engine and reduce the engine vibration, but also provide a very wide range of torque output. Between 2000 and 8000rpm, the engine can provide sufficient power to ensure that the car can travel leisurely in various road conditions. The displacement of this engine is 645ml, but if you really want to run, the acceleration of 0-100 kilometers per hour can be completed within five seconds.

It is not a problem to reach 200 kilometers per hour.

The DL650 currently sold in China is the 2015 model.

It is also the second generation model of DL650. The first generation of DL650 models went on the market in 2004 and stopped production in 2011. In these seven years, many technologies have been updated one after another. For example, ABS is optional, the wheelbase is increased from 1539mm to 1554mm, the length of the rear swing arm is increased by 15.7mm, two spark plugs are used in each cylinder, the idle speed adjusting screw is cancelled, the generator is upgraded from 375W to 400W, the opening design of the rear swing arm is cancelled, the signal lamp is newly designed, and the ABS system is standard.

Compared with the first generation, the second generation DL650 has changed a lot, except for its appearance, many data are also different. The fuel tank capacity is changed from 22 liters to 20 liters, the height of the cushion is increased from 820mm to 835mm, the wheelbase is increased to 1560mm, the engine horsepower is increased from 63.5 to 66.2 horsepower, the maximum torque is increased from 55.9 Nm to 58.3 Nm, the rear shock absorption stroke is increased by 10mm to 160mm, the new instrument has average mileage, temperature display, the weight of the whole vehicle is reduced by 8.2kg, the ECU is added with anti-theft system and keys.

In addition, in 2015, DL650 also launched a cross talk/tone version, which has higher off-road capability. The "bird's beak" design was added in front of the front of the car, and the front and rear wheels were changed to spoke wheels, and the tires were still vacuum tires. Unfortunately, XT version has not been sold in China yet. If you like the cross talk version with more off-road performance, you can only modify it by the ordinary version.

It is also a pity that the 2017 DL650 has been listed abroad, but there is no news of the new listing in China. The appearance of the 2017 DL650 has changed greatly. The most obvious thing is that the classic double headlights are changed into the same "heart" single headlights as the DL1000, and the exhaust position is also reduced. From the appearance, it is very similar to the DL1000. Presumably, this design can reduce the manufacturing cost, and I hope that the arrival of the 2017 DL650 will give us some small surprises.

As a long-distance adventure motorcycle, DL650 has very high durability.

Even the common heat dissipation problem of the V-type double-cylinder rear cylinder has been solved.

Ultra-low fuel consumption can make the cruising range reach about 600 kilometers. Even in complex road conditions, the DL650 can guarantee the cruising range of 400 kilometers. In addition, the 90-degree V-shaped double cylinder has inherent advantages, which can provide a very good riding experience and long-distance comfort, so that you can enjoy the fun brought by long-distance crossing.

If you want to choose a medium-sized adventure motorcycle, there are not only European brands such as KTM and BMW, but also Japanese models. Are you tempted for a comfortable and powerful motorcycle like DL650?

Parameters of 2015 DL650:

Official guide price:

115,800 yuan

Engine form:

Four-stroke 90-volt double-cylinder water-cooled double camshaft

The displacement is 645 ml

Cylinder diameter × stroke:

81.0×62.6 mm

Maximum power:

49 kW /8800 rpm

Maximum torque:

58.3 nm /6500 rpm

Overall dimensions:

2290×835×1405 mm


1560 mm

Ground clearance:

175 mm

Seat height:

835 mm

Front tire size:

110-80R19M/C 59H

Backstage size:

150-70R17M/C 69H

Tank capacity:

20.0 liters

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Do you think it's worth spending more than 110 thousand to buy a 650 ml adventure motorcycle?

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