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Accord Lighting Adjustment Video Tutorial (How to Adjust Accord Lighting)

Upgraded model: Honda 10th Accord

Accord headlights: low beam LED, high beam 9005 halogen lamp.

Upgraded configuration: Apa Conqueror S xenon lamp dual lens

Hello, everyone, our video tutorial on learning to change lights has inadvertently come to the fifth period. During this time, we have received the support of many riders and received many objective suggestions.

For example, in terms of content, in order to better conform to people's viewing habits, we hope to make the content more concise without affecting the quality of the course.

Therefore, we changed the original "fifteen minutes to learn to change lights" to "ten minutes to learn to change lights". I hope this modification can make the content more compact and smooth, and make the viewing experience more hearty!

Because I received many private letters from Accord riders some time ago, I hope we can make a video about changing the lights of the tenth generation Accord, but where can we find an Accord during the epidemic?

At the time of distress, everyone turned their attention to the old driver in the team, Mr. Chen. Mr. Chen just bought an Accord at the end of last year, and the original high beam is a halogen lamp. But, my god, Mr. Chen, you won't have this day long ago, will you? Choose your own products and change your headlights. This kind of welfare is not for everyone. I also took it.

Well, without further ado, I'd like to remind you that since the Accord and the English Poetry School are twin brothers, this video of the Accord's lamp-changing tutorial is also applicable to the English Poetry School.

This light change is different from the past, because the low beam of the 10 th generation Accord is to lead the way; Leading, unable to install lens. Therefore, we choose to upgrade the lens in the high beam position, and at the same time, in order to make the modified appearance more sharp and beautiful, we suggest that you use easy-to-modify parts to upgrade.

The original headlights of the 10th Accord are still unpopular with riders, which is why we need to change them.

There are many parts to be involved in taking down the headlight assembly of the tenth generation Accord. I hope you will watch this tutorial video patiently.

Please pay attention here. You should not use too much force when using tools to prevent the plastic bayonet from breaking.

All the buckles and screws at the bottom of the front bumper should be removed. Because of the light problem, it is recommended that you operate in a well-lit environment.

This disassembly assembly involves more buckles and screws than previous models, so I hope that when you disassemble it, you should pay attention to keeping it well.

It is best for two people to dismantle the front bumper.

There are still many details to pay attention to. Please see the wonderful video tutorial for more details.

This plastic plate will block the headlight assembly, so be sure to loosen it.

After loosening, you can easily break the cylindrical card point.

Pay attention to the details. Be patient when disassembling the assembly. Look carefully before you start.

Before heating the assembly, two layers of protective film should be attached, and the high beam and four fixing screws should be removed.

After heating for 10 minutes, use a screwdriver to pry the shell open gradually, and pay attention to the temperature of the shell. If the temperature drops, you should continue to put it in the oven for heating or use a hot air gun to heat it back and forth at the edge of the groove. Do not pry the lamp shell with brute force when the temperature is low, which will easily damage the lamp shell.

However, compared with the cold glue of Furuisi in the last issue, the headlights of Accord are relatively easy to disassemble because they are hot glue, so you can disassemble them with patience and care.

When using the No.10 socket to turn the lamp bowl screw, it will be easy to damage the lamp bowl if it is turned from one side to the other. Therefore, the correct rotation method is to turn the screws on both sides evenly back and forth, and at the same time pay attention to the change of the position of the lamp bowl.

How to take out the lamp bowl, please watch this tutorial video if you are not sure about it.

The low beam needs to be taken off and put together with the easy-to-change parts later.

Take out two plastic buckles and one metal spherical buckle from the original lamp bowl and install them in the same position of the easy-to-change parts.

Align the four holes of the lens and the bracket, and then tighten with four screws.

Replace the led lamp group.

After the lens clasp and xenon lamp are installed, the next step is to install the xenon lamp into the lens. You can watch this wonderful tutorial video for the correct installation method.

When connecting the lens to change the light, you need to make a patch cord.

Please see the picture for how to connect the H4 line group.

The high beam power supply and the lens variable beam are inserted to realize the switching between far and near beams.

The ballast power supply is connected to the H4 line group, and the battery is used to get electricity.

The triangle plug of the original H4 cable group cannot be directly plugged into the power bus of headlight assembly, so it is necessary to break the skin and take the cable for docking.

The connection mode needs to be connected according to the above picture. Please watch the wonderful video tutorial for more detailed reference steps.

There is enough space in the Accord cabin, and the ballast can be placed in an idle position.

As there are many buckles and screws, apart from keeping them safe, it is recommended to write down which holes these buckles and screws are installed in before disassembly.

When adjusting the headlight angle, just twist these two screw positions with a Phillips screwdriver.

The modified high beam effect, the standard Hella five-light shape!

A touch of blue daytime running light, blue classic.

The old driver is satisfied.

Well, that's the end of this video of learning to change lights. If you still don't understand anything, you can leave a message below, and we will answer all kinds of intractable diseases for you at the first time. Finally, thank you again for your support of "Learning to Change Lights in Ten Minutes"!

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