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Rowing 250cbs and ct250cbs (rowing 250 and ct250)

Guangyang brand scooter has a very high market share in China with its excellent dynamic performance and vehicle stability. It has a number of small and medium-sized displacement models with strategic significance. As a pioneer in the field of scooters, Guangyang brand is not satisfied. After redesign, Guangyang officially released a more cost-effective CT250 scooter on January 9, 2019. The price of the car is 20,280 yuan, which is produced by Changzhou Guangyang. The vehicle engine adopts the power system of Guangyang's well-known scooter rowing boat 250, which effectively ensures the stability and power output of the vehicle engine. The novel vehicle appearance design, the design and application of the whole vehicle LED light source and straight pedals have greatly improved the cost performance of the vehicle, making it more competitive in the field of scooters of the same level.

Changzhou guangyang CT250 price list

car make and modelprice CT25020280 yuan Aika Auto Network Tabulation www.xcar.com.cn

Changzhou Guangyang CT250 conveys a sporty atmosphere to consumers in the design, and the matte color coating and the rising lines of the whole body make its texture stronger.

The design of straight pedals is the most intuitive performance given to us by the side of the car body. This design is rare in the scooter of the same class, and it is also one of the major selling points of the car.

The overall shape of the rear of the car echoes the front of the car. The application of thick exhaust pipes makes the right side of the CT250 full and tight, and the shape of the whole car is more coordinated.

The light sources of Changzhou Guangyang CT250 are all in the form of LED. The sharp width indicator lights are distinct from the far and near lights of the vehicle, and the sharp "eyes" are full of strong aggression. CT250 is the strongest in its class in terms of modeling and light source selection.

The taillight light source and headlight light source are both in the form of LED. The layout of the "arch-shaped" taillight and four-point brake light reasonably improves the rear recognition, which is enough to show that CT250 is extremely expensive in lighting application.

The front and rear brake calipers of CT250 are the same as those of rowing boat 250. The front brake is equipped with one-way three pistons, and the rear brake is equipped with one-way double piston calipers. The front and rear brakes are not equipped with ABS brake anti-lock system, and a lower-cost CBS linkage brake system is adopted, which is convenient for drivers to use without losing braking performance.

The CT250 adopts the integrated saddle design with different heights. The higher backrest can provide good support for drivers and reduce driving fatigue. The filler inside the saddle is full, uniform and not easy to deform, with moderate hardness and softness.

The rear shelf of the vehicle is made of metal, and the material is thick. Consumers can install the rear trunk of the vehicle according to their needs in the later period to increase the carrying capacity of the vehicle.

The CT250 adopts the front fuel tank design, and the change of the fuel tank filler position greatly increases the foot space of the CT250, which is beneficial to the convenience of drivers getting on and off, and at the same time effectively improves the vehicle's carrying capacity and driving comfort. After placing a helmet, the straight foot rest pedal still has a lot of room. The front pedal can provide the driver with a more stretched driving posture during cruising, effectively reducing fatigue.

The front and rear shock absorption system of CT250 is the same as that of rowing boat 250. This set of shock absorption can provide good support and rebound effect for the vehicle and improve the handling performance of the vehicle.

The rear fender of CT250 is divided into inner and outer sides. The inner fender can protect the motor and engine of the vehicle from dirt, and the outer fender can better protect the rear of the vehicle and the driver from mud.

The appearance of CT250 exhaust pipe is clear in color matching, and the shape is fuller. The stout exhaust pipe not only contributes to the appearance, but also plays an indelible role in reducing emission pollution.

Compared with the driver's foot rest space and comfort, the passenger experience is much worse. The redesigned vehicle appearance makes the CT250 lack the flat rear rest pedal and replace it with the more traditional "flying" rear pedal.

For the better aesthetics of the windshield, the lower fixing screw of CT250 windshield is hidden under Guangyang LOGO.

The shape of vehicle mirror is quite satisfactory and angular, and the design of hollow connecting rod between car body and lens is quite innovative.

Like the traditional scooter, CT250 also uses two kinds of vehicle support methods: large vehicle support and side support.

Through the test drive, it is found that the front windshield area of CT250 is too short, and the height of the experiencer is 174cm. The windshield height of CT250 can't provide the windshield effect for the experiencer's chest, so consumers can only improve the windshield height through later modification.

The height of the experiencer is 174cm, and his feet can completely land. The height of the car seat can meet the needs of most consumers. Putting his feet on the front rest pedal can provide considerable driving space for the driver, and the extension of his legs is excellent. However, when his feet are placed on the higher middle rest pedal, the handlebar will still touch the legs of the experiencer with a height of 174cm after full steering.

Another experiencer is 182cm tall. When his feet are placed on the front pedal, it can be clearly seen that his legs are not stretched enough and his driving comfort is insufficient. When he is placed on the middle pedal, the contact area between his legs and the handlebar is large after full steering, which affects vehicle handling. I hope that manufacturers can upgrade it in the later period to improve the driving experience of the vehicle.

Dealer: Beijing Qili Yongsheng Trade Co., Ltd.

Address: No.151, Xiaohongmen Road, jiugong town Old Palace Beili, Daxing District, Beijing.

Tel: 010-87967395

Changzhou guangyang CT250 appearance real shot

The vehicle instrument of CT250 is the same as that of Guangyang's explosive model rowing boat 250. The combination of pointer and LCD screen can not only provide the driver with the traditional speed, speed, fuel quantity, water temperature and time, but also display the current environmental temperature.

The picture shows the color LCD+pointer instrument of the new rowing boat 250 in the fourth edition of China. The display function is more comprehensive and clear than that of the CT250 and the old rowing boat 250 visually. The digital color matching of the middle LCD screen can better distinguish the display functions, and the color matching is slightly exaggerated.

The left and right handlebar controllers of CT250 have a turn signal switch, a power-off switch, a horn, a vehicle start key, a far and near light quick switch key and a double flashing warning light switch.

The CT250 adds a novel USB power interface in the middle of the handlebar. When the consumer lifts the central panel of the handlebar, the USB interface will appear inside. Moreover, the panel is also equipped with a wire clamping groove, which is convenient for the consumer to walk the wire without pressing the wire after closing the panel to reduce the damage to the charging wire and ensure the overall feeling of the handlebar.

The lower left of the handlebar is the front storage compartment of the vehicle, with a flat internal layout and moderate storage space.

The center position under the handlebar is equipped with a vehicle front hook to increase the carrying capacity of the vehicle, and the carrying weight of the hook is 3KG.

The front and rear brake handles of the vehicle are equipped with four adjustable functions, and the driver can make fine adjustments according to the length of personal fingers and usage habits.

The change of the position of CT250 fuel tank filler greatly improves its foot space. Consumers can open the plastic panel outside the filler with a key and lift the metal cover outside the fuel tank cover to rotate before opening the fuel tank filler. It is worth noting that the key socket above the metal fuel tank cover is an ornament, and the fuel tank cover can be opened without a key.

The internal space layout of CT250 bucket is flat, and a full helmet can be placed at the back. The flat storage space at the front makes it not high enough, so some small items can be placed as much as possible.

The picture shows the internal space of the 250-seat barrel of the new rowing boat of Guosi. Compared with CT250, the barrel space of the new rowing boat continues the design of the old model, and the excellent storage space is reserved.

In addition to the neat storage layout, the interior of the bucket is also equipped with an internal lighting lamp, which is convenient for consumers to sort things out at night. The end of the bucket is also equipped with a 12V cigarette lighter interface, which can charge portable electronic devices through the conversion interface, providing consumers with a better car experience.

The position of CT250 air filter is the same as that of rowing boat 250. Because of the redesigned side fairing of the car body, the operation of consumers when replacing the air filter by themselves will become complicated and the convenience will be reduced.

The vehicle water-cooled radiator is located behind the front wheel of the vehicle, which is easy to produce dirt in rainy season. It is recommended to clean the vehicle frequently to maintain good heat dissipation performance.

In terms of power, CT250 is still equipped with a single-cylinder 2-valve water-cooled engine derived from rowing boat 250. Although the technology of this engine is slightly old, it has high stability in use. Its maximum power is 16kW/7500rpm and its maximum torque is 22Nm/6500rpm.

The tire size before and after CT250 is 13 inches. It is not difficult to see that the ground clearance of CT250 is low and the passing performance is poor. The former tyre size is 120/70 R13, and the latter tyre size is 150/70 R13. The front and rear tires are brand new.

From the picture reference, it can be seen that the ground clearance of CT250 is low, and the vehicle's passing ability will be very limited when facing some special road conditions, which will easily cause damage to the lower fender of the vehicle.

Changzhou guangyang CT250 details real shot

There is a great difference between CT250 and rowing boat 250 in driving posture. The seat area of the driver's seat is obviously smaller than that of rowing boat 250, and the sitting posture is relatively fixed. The backrest of the vehicle can provide a good lumbar support for the driver, greatly reducing the driving fatigue, naturally stretching the arms and relaxing the riding state. CT250 can provide a comfortable driving experience for the driver in both daily commuting and short and medium trips.

The straight rest pedal can provide ample foot space for the driver, and the legs can be extended to the maximum after the legs are straightened, enjoying the comfort in cruising riding state, and the leg extension of the driver who is over 180cm in height will be limited.

The CT250 engine is the same as that used in the rowing boat 250, and the acceleration experience is quite satisfactory, and the speed rises rapidly. When it reaches 7500rpm, it will be obvious that the power transmission begins to turn gentle, and the vehicle vibration in the full speed range is even and reasonable, which will not bring uncomfortable feelings to the driver.

With the increase of the speed, the discomfort caused by the cold air transmitted to the chest is obviously felt. The lower windshield height can be competent in summer, and it has no effect at all when the temperature is low. Consumers are advised to replace it later.

During the test drive, I was deeply impressed by the braking performance of CT250. The front one-way three-piston caliper and the rear single double-piston caliper cooperate with CBS linkage braking system, and the CT250 will respond quickly to provide powerful braking performance for the vehicle, even if the front wheel brakes are locked. It is extremely easy for consumers who use CBS linkage braking for the first time to practice.

The lightweight body of CT250 is very labor-saving when cornering, which is the same as that of rowing boat 250. The driver can reach a good cornering inclination only by changing the center of gravity. The newly provided front and rear tires can still provide good grip in the cold north at this time, which makes the vehicle get twice the result with half the effort.

Continuously changing the center of gravity of the car body at medium and high speed, the performance of CT250 is satisfactory, the compact car body has no towing, and the directivity is very accurate. As a well-known motorcycle manufacturer, Guangyang has not disappointed consumers in the whole vehicle technology.

The center of gravity of the CT250 vehicle is low, and the body is very light when turning around at low speed. No matter whether it adopts positive pressure or back pressure, the handling performance of the CT250 is excellent, and it will not bring driving pressure to the experiencer at all.

Changzhou guangyang CT250 startup video:


The listing of Changzhou Guangyang CT250 once again enriches the product library of Guangyang's middleweight scooters, with excellent design, full LED light source application and a price of 20,000 yuan, which greatly increases the market competitiveness of CT250. In the eyes of domestic consumers, everyone is more willing to compare the CT250 with the rowing boat 250 of the same door. Even many consumers think that the CT250 is a reduced version of the rowing boat 250. This view is not difficult to understand, but after all, the manufacturers of the same company will not do this. The CT250 has a more dynamic and fashionable appearance and a lower threshold for starting. Although the rowing boat 250 has improved in space and configuration, it has improved in appearance design and lighting. The biggest selling point of CT250 is to reduce the seat height and price, improve the face value, maintain the consistent vehicle quality of Guangyang and capture the hearts of a large number of potential domestic consumers.

Changzhou Guangyang CT250 Test Drive Experience

Basic parameters of Changzhou Guangyang CT250

Engine TypeSingle cylinder water-cooled 2-valve displacement250 ml Maximum power16kW/7500rpm maximum torque22 nm /6500 rpm starting systemElectric starting Throttle structureact as a middleman Oil supply modeEFI Front shock absorption typeVertical hydraulic pressure Rear shock absorption typeDouble hydraulic spring Front brake typeOne-way three piston Rear brake typeOne-way double piston Rim typealuminium alloy Former tyre size120/70 R13 After tyre size.150/70 R13 seatingTwo Other features: such as human-computer interaction of traction control of anti-lock braking device.CBS Linkage Brake System Aika Auto Network Tabulation www.xcar.com.cn

Basic parameters of Changzhou Guangyang CT250

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