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Fuel consumption of Suzuki dl250 (what is the fuel consumption of Suzuki dl250)

Fuel consumption performance of DL250

1680 km, refuel in 350 yuan, take people with you, and bring three boxes plus luggage. The overall fuel consumption is 0.23 gross per kilometer. From Huayin G310 to Jiaozuo Boai County, the road conditions are good and the car performance is very good.

Dynamic performance of Taihang Mountain

Entering Taihang from Bo 'ai County, the road was smooth at first, which was easy to cope with for sub-elevation. Entering the first village of Taihang, that is, starting to climb the mountain, was a little hard. After all, wearing three boxes and luggage also brought people. When I really entered Taihang Mountain No.1 Highway, the power was very silky, almost no different from walking on a flat road.

At the beginning of crossing the Taihang Grand Canyon, the power was a little hard, basically running around the mountain. There are high and low, and it is very uncomfortable to bring people down the mountain. In addition, the tap of the sub-liter has some swings.

The feeling of long-distance motorcycle travel DL250

This car is made for long distances. If a single person rides enough, the power is a little insufficient if you take people and luggage. The power output of the national highway is very good, and the power of running mountains and taking people is not very bad. You should learn to use the throttle, so that you don't feel that the power is not good. After all, it is a motorcycle trip, so why not do it?

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