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How is Apulia (is Apulia of good quality)

April's new car, Tuareg 660, landed in the European market as early as last year, and now it has finally come to the China market!

The name of Tuareg 660 was inspired by aprilia's early classic off-road vehicles.

As early as 1994, the factory launched the Tuareg people's 50-125-250 ml rally series, and the Tuareg people also participated in the Paris-Dakar rally as Apulia's chariots. Therefore, the name of this resurrection is also very weighty.

The new Tuareg people use the same engine as RS660, but what's the feeling of using an imitation engine platform on off-road models?

Tuareg 50/125 and 250 tension versions

In the last week of November, the first large-scale test drive experience of Apulia new car in China was chosen in Jinzhai County, Lu 'an City, Anhui Province, where there is a China Hongling Highway comparable to the Sichuan-Tibet line, which is also known as the treasure holy land for off-road self-driving enthusiasts. TUAREG 660 test drive is chosen here, obviously to let everyone feel how wild this car is.

November 29th, 2022: The weather is rainy and snowy, and the temperature is 0~5 degrees Celsius;

Our self-driving experience route: Jinzhai County-Huaishuwan Qilichong-Nanxi Town Jiahe-Jinzhai County, the whole route includes: asphalt road, cement road, mud road and river beach. Rain and mud, this experience is full of BUFF.

  • Shape design:

The first thing I felt when I saw Tuareg 660 was

Very tall, and very slender, slender body, changing the tradition of spacious European cars, before the test drive

My heart is still a little uncertain.

Slim design

Externally, the design language of TUAREG 660 is simple, and the front part is made up of

Inverted triangle LED headlight

, plus aluminum shield air inlets on both sides, a fixed windshield, and most importantly, this ADV.

There is no uniform beak.

Instead, use the traditional street car fender!

The design without bird's beak makes people shine.

  • Lightweight frame+concentrated center of gravity

The frame of TUAREG660 is redesigned. According to the introduction materials of the factory,

The computer is used to calculate each welding point for many times, and the extremely lightweight materials are used, so that the rigid performance of the car body can reach zero strength loss in the extreme off-road simulation state.

The net vehicle weight of 187 kg is the lightest in the same level of market models.

Six engine fixed fulcrums are adopted. but

18-liter vertical fuel tank

Half of them are located at the top of the engine. This design is to

More concentrated center of gravity

, so as to get better control.

The distance between the engine and the ground is more than 2400 mm, and with the design of 1500 mm track, it has excellent passability.

About seat height

Although the vehicle seat height is as high as


But the seat is mainly narrow, so it is not difficult to ride.

After a small turn or two after getting on the bus, my first impression was that it was very easy to control and I was confident in an instant. Although the body is as high as


But Lu Qiqi, a young sister in the same trade,

Height is only 150cm.

It is also easy to control, which is attributed to the design of the frame.

The most important point is that if you feel stressed about the seat height,

TUAREG660 is adjustable,

The minimum can be reduced to 803 mm.

Body design with highly concentrated center of gravity

The TUAREG 660 special rear suspension system adopts

Design of link engine with push rod rear damping system

, so that the center of mass of the whole vehicle can be further closely integrated. The rear shock absorber is equipped with a regulator that can be directly adjusted. The 43mm inverted front fork, plus the industry-class 21-inch front and 18-inch rear.

Giant patent banner wheel hub

, and

Scorpion's pull tire

, providing the best all-terrain riding comfort. The front and rear brakes are Brembo brakes;

The net vehicle weight of 187 kg is the lightest in the same level of market models.

Design of narrow and long fuel tank

Engine guards are standard.

Kayaba single-tube spring tail shock absorber, two-way adjustment function and 240mm long stroke.

High ground clearance

Spoke hub of front 21 and back 18

Experience on the road

After hitting the road, at

Low temperature and light rain

In this case, the tire of TUAREG 660 is in good condition.

There was no slippage.


SCORPION RALLY STR tires are completely set for orienteering off-road.

In the preset

Urban model

Underriding, engine-driven

Power output is relatively docile.

, the overall linear, suitable for urban roads and multi-intersection road conditions.

When we got to Panshan Highway, we switched.

Exploration mode

, obviously

Power release more

It is much more powerful to speed up.

Switching driving modes is also very simple.


Just release the throttle and press a special button on the right handle.

, the switch is completed, so the riding process can be

It is very convenient to switch riding modes anytime and anywhere.

Therefore, it is a normal performance with both stability and comfort in the normal driving process of the highway. The power is slightly weak at high speed, and once the speed is too high, it will shake slightly, which is also the result of the lightweight body. The reason why the whole control is so smooth is the adjustment of this engine and the rich electronic control system.

Crossing Jinzhai high-speed railway station Tunnel

Crossing the river dam

High maneuverability on mountain roads.

There is no pressure when you cross a u-bend.

  • Electronic control part

Tuareg 660 uses a piece that was previously used.



The driving computer, embedded with differential altitude module, can quickly calculate the vehicle state at different altitudes and under different road conditions.

Provide the most suitable engine power.


Car adoption

APRC car body attitude control system,

Has four riding modes.

, two of which are completely customizable;

Equipped with ABS system, in addition to the normal function of closing the front wheel, increase


The function of closing the front and rear wheels at the same time in extreme road conditions;

In addition to the anti-slip ATC system,

It is also introduced for the first time in the same class.

Adjustable engine braking setting AEB;

In addition, it also has fixed-speed cruise and optional ASQ quick shift.

5-inch TFT high-definition instrument embedded waterproof USB interface

Here comes the highlight. Since the cross-country gene is in the blood, the only test for it is the bad road.

I came to the muddy road by the river beach. I had no cross-country experience before, and I also experienced it-switching off-road mode, unscrewing the throttle, and

Powerful low-twist output


Lightweight body is easy to handle.

Because of its unique characteristics, it is not difficult to walk on the mud road for hundreds of meters, but on the floodplain, as long as you unscrew the accelerator and adjust your posture, you can run casually, even if it is raining heavily, and it is no problem to rush to the river and wade. Finally, I also experienced the happiness of a mud guy.

The female rider also passed easily.

Climbing section of Niba Road

As long as you dare to go, TUAREG 660 can go! Such a powerful low-torque output is also attributed to the change and adjustment of the engine.

Wet pebbles

Those who are 150cm tall can easily cross the river beach.

The first experience of riding on the beach is very relaxing.

  • Power adjustment

The engine of Tuareg 660 is the same as that of RS660 and Tuono 660, with an actual displacement of 659cc and in-line double-cylinder water cooling.

The maximum horsepower is 80 horses and the maximum torque is 70 Nm.

Although it is the same engine, in fact, Apulia has made many changes for it. The difference between this engine and RS660 is that-

1. Two sets of lightweight pistons and five kinds of extremely lightweight connecting rods are adopted to improve the engine speed;

2. Brand-new camshaft design can generate maximum torque at 6500 rpm, which is 3000 rpm ahead of RS660; The maximum horsepower can be achieved at 9200 rpm, while the RS660 needs 10800 rpm to produce the maximum horsepower;

3. Enhanced design of oil pump-oil pan assembly

As the base of off-road vehicles. The whole engine is tuned to be a new engine.

In other words, Tuareg 660 not only attaches importance to low torsion, but also improves the speed, which can be well experienced during the test drive.

Tuareg 660 and RS660 exhaust valve-intake valve time and stroke comparison chart

The top and bottom of the cylinder are different.

At this time, I really felt the charm of this car. Even if you are a novice cross-country, there is no pressure to drive this car at all. It can be seen that April is very attentive. After all, two cars with different experiences can be tuned with the same engine.

With excellent push-to-weight ratio, extraordinary off-road performance, excellent chassis performance on paved roads and first-class electronic equipment, Aprilia Tuareg 660 really lives up to Tuareg's reputation.

The manufacturer offers three colors to choose from.

Retro blue

Red and black

Frosted yellow

After a day's test experience in the wind and rain, Tuareg 660 gave me the feeling.

It is a big toy that can be easily ridden and run wild. Its characteristics are light, easy to control and very high playability. Even off-road novices and female knights can easily get started.

The factory announced the selling price of RMB 119 before, starting from 900 yuan. Although it is not cheap, it is enough to compete with the small trade price at the same level, and comfortable control and stable output make you comfortable in all kinds of road conditions, which basically conforms to 90% of off-road settings, and the remaining 10% of highway settings allow you to drive from a comfortable city to a wild road and then indulge in wild activities. The only regret is that perhaps in order to lose weight, this car is not equipped with or can be equipped with an electric handle.

Motorists who want to experience it like me can go to the local dealership for a test drive. How about your experience? Please tell us in the message area.

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