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Toure 2021 3.0t (Toure 2021)

In recent years, in the domestic market, a large-scale hard-core off-road luxury SUV like Nissan Toure has fewer competitors as a whole, which is basically derived from Japanese mainstream models. At present, the brand-new Kia Barui is officially exposed, and the sword refers to Nissan Toure. The model is a standard large-scale full-size hard-core off-road SUV, which is matched with two new turbocharged V6 engines of 2.5T and 3.0T, and is basically sold at 400,000. Compared with Nissan Toure, the overall price level is more cost-effective, and compared with Toyota Overbearing and Toyota Land Patrol, it is not inferior in size and strength, so the new generation of Kia Bari is very competitive and advantageous. At present, the production models have been officially exposed, and it is expected to enter the domestic market after the year.

A new generation of KIA Bari

A new generation of KIA Barui has launched two versions of the car, black and white, which is also the main appearance color of the hard-core off-road sport utility vehicle in the domestic market at present. At the same time, the car provides a four-eye headlight design, which has a very high overall visual impact and recognition, and KIA has provided an independent logo for this full-size luxury sport utility vehicle, showing stronger competitiveness.

As a full-size large SUV, the new generation KIA Barui adopts a large-size front middle net and penetrating taillight design, and the model provides a four-wheel drive system, which has both the overall off-road capability and the comfort of urban sports utility vehicles, and the model provides four exhausts, which is attractive to the younger generation of consumers.

The new generation of Kia Bari adopts a large-size suspended central control panel and provides a standard seven-seat layout. The overall space performance and comfort performance are outstanding, and the overall rear row can reach the state of first class, and the model is equipped with two V6 engines, which also fully demonstrates its own strength.

Summary: A new generation of Kia Bari has become the largest SUV in Korea at present, and the sword refers to Nissan Toure, which is full of overall competitiveness and product strength, and has sufficient cost performance.

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