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The Fox trunk light is on and off (what's wrong with the Fox trunk light)

Now many SUV and MPV models will add an interior storage board behind the last row of seats, in order to increase storage space. If we usually need to remove the interior trim panel in the last row when we need to install large products, how should we remove the interior trim panel of the trunk lid?

The removal steps of the trunk lid interior trim panel are as follows:

1. The interior trim panel of the trunk is generally available for sport utility vehicles. First, we need to find two buckles next to the interior trim panel;

2. Then take out the interior trim panel from the buckle, so that the interior trim panel can move;

3. Some interior panels are soft and can be folded automatically, while some hard ones can only be removed and put in the trunk.

What's the problem with the locked trunk?

1, because the key is intelligent induction, if the owner is close to the car, the trunk will open itself.

2. It may be caused by the owner putting the car key in his pocket and pressing the trunk open button by mistake.

3. It is also possible that there is a problem with the lock hook on the trunk or the control system of the trunk. In this case, it can only be solved by replacing the lock cylinder.

Will the trunk light turn off automatically?

Yes. Now many models have trunk lights. When our vehicle is unlocked and the trunk is opened, the lights will light up by themselves. When we close the trunk, the lighting will be turned off automatically, without manual operation by the owner. Or we can turn off the lights in the trunk through the interior light control button.

The above is the little knowledge about the disassembly method of the interior trim panel of the car trunk brought by Zero Love Xiaobian. Welcome to pay attention and share different product tips every day ~

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